In The Case of The Easter Vigil

16 Apr

Since I have been worshipping across Catholic Church Rites, in the cases of The Latin(Roman)Rite and the Byzantine Rite, I know that in the Latin(Roman)Rite, the Alleluia is not sung nor recited in Lent.
Yet, Alleluia is chanted during Great Lent in the Byzantine Rite.

The Latin(Roman)Rite is what I grew up with. Hence, a deep emotion overcomes me when Alleluia is chanted. Tears flow freely down my Face, for He Is Risen.

Tomorrow Night at The Mass of The Lord’s Supper, beginning The Easter Triduum, “Gloria In Excelsis” is sung. But, it is there that bells stop ringing.  We mourn that The Lord is entombed, because He was Crucified. But, in the Evening of Saturday, we chant “Gloria” & “Alleluia”, for He has come back to Life.

For The Christ Is Eternal and He is with us in Thick and Thin. It is on Good Friday that Heaven’s Door reopens. Redemption is at Hand.

Deo Gratias! Lumen Christi!


It Is 0°C In NYC, Or The Winter Which Doesn’t Want To Go Away

16 Apr

Yes, it is Cold Again in NYC. Two days Ago it was 71°F.



Holy Thursday Live Broadcast Test Run City Line, Brooklyn

15 Apr

It will be at a closed Catholic Elementary School, closed due to Greed on the part of those who ran the school.
Due to pipes breaking, building is rendered as useless.

Network Feed is going to be


67 Years Ago Today At Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place A Man Wore #42

15 Apr

The Brooklyn Dodgers had their Home Opener at Ebbets Field.  Jackie Robinson played his 1st Game.
A child who would later own the Chicago White Sox, one Jerome Reinsdorf, was at this historic game.
Baseball’s Colour Line was broken.

Yet, it was 1972, 25 Years after Jackie’s Historic 1st Game. For the 1st of “The Boys Of Summer” had passed on. Gil Hodges was a Member of the 1955 World Championship Brooklyn Dodgers as 1st Baseman. In 1969, he managed the World Championship NY Mets.
For a greying man of colour was exiting a vehicle outside of Our Lady Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church on Avenue M in Brooklyn. He was going through Blindness as he exited the vehicle. This was in April, 1972.
#42, Jackie Robinson was seem. A frail and seriously ill man, a far cry from the Player who stole Home Plate in the 1955 World Series, he needed help to enter the Parish Church, where Gil Hodges Lay In State. The Brooklyn Dodgers decamped for Los Angeles, 15 Years Earlier.
#42, Jackie Robinson died in October, 1972, 25 Years after his 1st Season and 1st World Series.

And he is remembered 67 years later, on a rainy, chilly day in the 5 Boroughs.

By the way, the Robinson’s Babysitter, built a monument in Jackie’s Memory, as part of a new stadium, located adjacent to where Shea Stadium used to be.
The new ball park, called Citi Field, is an exterior replica of Ebbets Field, with a huge Rotunda at the entrance.
The Rotunda, which replicates the Ebbets Field Rotunda, is a multimedia tribute to Jackie Robinson and named for him.

The Babysitte? Fred Wilpon, Principal Partner in the New York Mets.

Missing from this ball park is the trolley line which ran by Ebbets Field. An elevated line runs by the ball park now, called the 7 Train.

Strange, but Ebbets Field was once served by a Rapid Transit Line called the Franklin Brighton Line.
It was also
called The 7 Line.

Remember this day for Baseball and life changed.


A Most Dear Friend NEEDS Your Prayers

15 Apr

I have been known to talk about My Most Dear Friend on this blog. She has aided me during my personal ordeal of 2013. I could not have asked The Lord for a Better Friend.

But she has not been herself. In fact her voice drops off. She makes herself present and helpful. She has also splashed me with Holy Water to keep Demons away from me.  But, she appears on the verge of tears.
Pray For My Most Dear Friend to be Healed. She Needs to be Healed. Since her younger brother died on Sunday, October 27th, 2013, on The Feast of Christ The King on the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Calendar, she has not been the same. That is WHY before  she NEEDS to help Heal someone, she needs to Heal Herself.

Do Pray For Her. Never have I known anyone like her. Thanks!

Pie Jesus, Pie Jesus!


Spy Wednesday Ends Lent In The Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form Calendar

14 Apr

This Is The Day When Judas, Son of Simon The Iscariot, Betrayed Jesus for 30 Pieces of Silver, the Price of a Slave.
On Holy(Maundy)Thursday, The Easter Triduum Begins. During The High Mass of The Lord’s Supper, “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” is sung and bells are rung, then The Church Falls Silent. There’s no Final Blessing. This is the Procession of The Body of Christ to a place of Repose, signifying the Beginning of the Parts of The Three Days of The Christ in The Tomb.
On Holy Saturday Evening, the Church is in Total Darkness. Candles are lit. Readings of Antiphons and Epistles are done here. The Proclamation of Easter is Chanted. The “Gloria” is Intoned.
Just before The Gospel is proclaimed, the “Alleluia”, for the 1st Time in the Latin(Roman)Rite, is chanted. Easter begins at this point.
Catechumens are Baptized and Confirmed and will later receive their 1st Holy Communion. Others who received valid Baptism will receive Confirmation and Holy Communion. Those coming from Orthodox Churches, who received Baptism and Confirmation, called Chrismation, but not receiving Holy Communion, will Make a Profession of Faith and Receive 1st Holy Communion. Those Orthodox who did receive Holy Communion in the Byzantine Rite Orthodox Churches, will make a Profession of Faith. My Most Dear Friend made both a Profession of Faith and received her 1st Holy Communion at this Easter Vigil in 2012.
For on Easter, it is not the Bunny. Rather, The Christ Is Risen.

Deo Gratias!


Palm Sunday Via EF Form

14 Apr

Please Note that I am not talking about MTA NYC Transit Subway Lines called EF, as the IND 8th Avenue Local , the E Train, runs express on Queens Blvd. The IND F Train operates as express on Queens Blvd and then via 63rd Street Tunnel to the 6th Avenue Line. “EF” is a Liturgical Abbreviation for Extraordinary Form, which is the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962.
Now the OF is the Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form of The Mass. Various nicknames include Novus Ordo & The NO.
Fr. Daniel Champoli offered the Palm Sunday Mass. He is one of the Regular Celebrants of The Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962.
The Last Time that I was at Palm Sunday Mass in Latin, was in March, 1964. It was Sunday, March 22, 1964 @ St. Sylvester R C Church in City Line, Brooklyn, in the days before the Saturday Vigil, which came into discretion of the Latin(Roman)Rite Local Diocesan Bishop in 1970, with the Mass of Paul VI, now called the Ordinary Form(OF).
At the beginning, the Priest comes in wearing a Red Chasible. He heads in procession to the Altar with the Servers, who in this Mass, are all Boys, hence the old term Altar Boy. Hr says introductory prayers in Latin.
People come up to the Altar Rail and kneel at the Rail, kissing the Palm, 1st Proceeding to their Pews. From there a Procession occurs around the Church, either in the Nave, or around the Church, as was the case today at St. John Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens.
People return to their pews. Antiphons are chanted or sung by the Choir, called s Schola. The Gospel is proclaimed. Later, the Passion According to St. John is proclaimed in English. Then the Mass Prayers proceed from there.

This is intense. I will be at Mass this Morning. Holy Week is right now. More prayers to be offered.



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