Louis Verrecchio and “The Gore-Tex”

21 Oct


Michael Voris, Meet Michael Kay-YES!

21 Oct

Let’s Just Say…: http://youtu.be/-nL_sADTFu0

I Watched Michael Voris’ “Brammer Culpa”

21 Oct

Pathetic! Michael Voris sounded like a Stooge. It was as if, according to the Legend of The YES Network, that George Steinbrenner stood outside of The Television Booth with an AK 47, aimed at the head of Michael Kay.
Voris sounded almost as if he was Michael Kay.
Church Millitant.tv, meets the YES Network.

M, Eh!

Feast of Saint John Cantius October 20th

21 Oct

I was at Holy Innocents R C Church in Manhattan for the 6PM Tridentine Latin Mass, offered by a Priest of The Pallotine Order who is a Native New Yorker. I did see two women I am familiar with, namely Michelle and Valeria. Valeria is part of The Queens Latin Mass Parking and Chowder Society of St John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens NY in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

Saint John Cantius was from Poland and was a Professor of Theology at The University of Krakow. Because he aided The Poor, his pockets were often empty.

For in The Epistle of St. James The Apostle, it is the “Faith and Works” Teaching, which sent the Apostate Augustinian Monk, Martin Luther, into denial over this teaching. Luther taught Scripture and Faith ALONE and Private Interpretation. 40 K Protestant Communities Later, for such teaching, shows how far Christianity has gone.
Faith Without Works is empty. Saint John Cantius lived both Jesus’ Gospel and Teaching. St. John Cantius did not hide his Faith under a Basket but allowed it to shine.

I spoke to Michelle, a 33 Year old woman of Asian Background, at Holy Innocents. I made mention of The Media Coverage of a Procession and Prayer Rally at Herald Square, which I had produced, impromptu and which went out live on the Web. Michelle knows how useful the New Media is in this day and age. While all sorts of Protestant Evangelicals use this, it is time for us to do the same thing, getting the Catholic Church Message across.

One usually has these conversations at The occasion of The Tridentine Latin Mass and the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. These conversations are Rare after a NO Mass.

Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!


Censorum Vorisum(Michael Voris Censored)

21 Oct

Michael Voris ran afoul of that Brammerian Rule, “Thou shalt not criticize Il Papa, even if he is a Heretic.” Mind you, Michael crossed the line in the Proverbial Sands of The Vatican, by broadcasting to the World that Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, my idea of a Real Loyal Son of The Church, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, that His Holiness Pope Francis I is harming The Church by manipulating of The Extraordinary Synod On The Family. Trust me, when one knows of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio in Argentina, one comes to the Conclusion that he is way less than Orthodox. Receiving “Blessings” from Pentecostal Ministers, says to The Catholic Faithful, that The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is only one of many paths to Heaven, despite the Sacred Doctrine of “No Salvation Outside of The Church.” That is part of The Philosophy of Freemasonry.

Marc Brammer, a Member of Opus Dei, is Michael’s Backer. Brammer is of The Opus Dei Philosophy that The Pope is exempt from Any and ALL Criticism. With The Threat to cut off Support for Church Millitant.tv, Voris caved in and that Voris News Report was yanked. Is Brammer looking for a Papal Knighthood? I suspect that he is.

So Michael Voris will sound like any Neo Catholic Video and Blog Service put together by some Teenaged Kid. It is a shame. Michael has much to say. Trouble is, he will appear like a Hypocrite 1st Class, especially when Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan is “RIPPED a New One”, on “The Vortex.”
And it will be on “The Vortex”, where Michael Voris will be “Trapped and Exposed.”

I have No Backers. And Opus Dei cannot do a thing. Brammer does NOT own me, nor does he own Louis Verrecchio, John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara nor Michael Matt and John Salza.We are Free to speak and write The Truth.

Kyrie Elaison!


19th Sunday After Pentecost(Byzantine)

20 Oct

It should be so noted that in the Byzantine Rite, as well as the Tridentine Form of The Roman Rite, that the Epistle and Gospel Readings follow a One Year Cycle, that is, everything is the same, year after year. There is no “ABC” 3 Year Sunday Cycle, nor “AB” Weekday Cycle.
This being the 19th Sunday After Pentecost in both the Tridentine Form and Byzantine Rite this year, it is also the 29th Sunday Of Ordinary Time on the Ordinary Form Mass Calendar. Fr. Robert Barron, to my knowledge, has not produced a Video Series called “Ordinary”, yet.
This is also called “Third Sunday Of Luke”, as St. Luke’s Gospel is being read and preached. In this Sunday’s Gospel Reading in the Byzantine Rite, it is the Gospel of “Love Your Enemies.”
There are 3 Types of Love and what Jesus is speaking of is called in Greek “Agapon” or Divine Love. The word “Agape” is derived from this. In short, do good for all, not just for your friends. If you lend money, don’t go after that person for payback.
I get this type of Homily at both the Tridentine Latin Mass and Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. I rarely, if ever, hear this type of Homily at the Ordinary Form Mass of The Roman Rite(Unless, I’m at St Agnes on East 43rd Street[Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place] in Midtown Manhattan).
These Ancient and Beautiful Catholic Liturgies of Eastern and Roman Origin, make me feel closer to The Lord In The Trinity.
Today, on the Byzantine Rite Calendar on the Julian Calendar, it is October 6th and The Feast of Saint Thomas The Apostle, who founded the Catholic Church in India and, possibly the Chaldean Rite.

In both the Tridentine Latin Mass and Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, the Readings are Epistle, Graduale(Psalm) & Gospel. This is the way I recall Mass before the imposition of The Ordinary Form of Mass, which has A Reading of Old Testament, Psalm Responses, Epistle, Alleluia or Praise To You Lord Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory and Gospel. I prefer the Byzantine and Tridentine Forms where it is Epistle, Graduale and Gospel.

Next Week on Byzantine and Tridentine Calendars, The Feast of Christ The King is celebrated. In the Ordinary Form, that is the Final Sunday In Ordinary Time.

Deo Gratias!


“Raymond, Meet Sviatoslav”

19 Oct

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke is American of Irish Descent and let it be known that I also share that Heritage, as does Michael Voris.
For Raymond, Michael and I also share in the Roman Rite, all of us lifelong practitioners.
But, according to the WordPress Blog, “A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics”, a Byzantine Rite Major Archbishop, who leads the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Catholics from Kviv(Kiev), was perhaps most clear in stating that Matrimony is between a Man and a Woman.
Lately, I being Roman Rite Catholic, have been partaking of Byzantine Rite Catholic Liturgy, so in the 4 Prayers for The Pope and Bishops in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Church), the Prayer also mentions The Major Archbishop, often acclaimed as Patriarch.
Both Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke and Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk have been unequivocally clear about the Teaching of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Neither of Them made a “Kasper” out of Themselves.

Deo Gratias!



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