The Ordinary Form Mass and How It Should Be Sung

21 Jul

Forget “The 4 Hymn Sandwich”, as in reality, this is not really allowed by The Church. Considering the Banal “Quality” of what is being sung(Or Ignored, which is most of the time), it is time to get rid of such songs(Hymns are reserved for worshipping God, Not SELF), which are filler. These songs do NOT constitute Actual Participation in The Mass. Rather, they constitute Distraction from the Mass. Songs like “Seed, Scattered and Sown” are simplistic as well as condescending, which is insulting to one’s Intelligence.
For My Most Dear Friend, She has a Rule of Thumb:
ANYTHING Written from 1965:onward, is simply not sung, as most of this is “Vomit, Barf and Puke.” For with the updated version of the 1962 Roman Missal, with permission to use Vernacular with the Correct Translation, there were Modernist Americans who took stately hymns and tried to wing it on guitars beginning in 1967, in order to reach a young demographic. Those Hymns are made for Pipe Organ and not Guitars and Tambourines which accompany the Guitars. So, Folk Music was composed, which turned Sunday Mass into “The Consecrated Karaoke and Campfire Music Hour”(With a Nod to Fr Joseph F Wilson, who finds this Music to be totally without Merit, for which I heartily concur with this Assessment).
The Four Hymn Sandwich is a throwback to the Tridentine Latin Mass “Low Mass” days.  In reality, actual participation in The Mass was and still is, reciting the responses and keeping silent at appropriate times such as Offertory and Consecration. Singing AT The Mass is NOT the same thing as singing the Parts of The Mass, such as Chants, Responses and Propers. So singing “Gift Of Finest Wheat” is not the same thing as singing the Nicene Creed or Gloria.  Besides, “Gift Of Finest Wheat” is of Dubious Eucharistic Theology. Anglicans, Lutherans and Methodists and Presbyterians sing this at Holy Communion, where their belief in Holy Eucharist is that of Consubstantiation instead of Transubstantiation.
“The 4 Hymn Sandwich” is actually an American Practice. And given that about 90% of the “Music” in anything published by Oregon Catholic Press, is not singable since most of the songs are Treacly Dreck, directed not to God but to SELF, it is time to go away from this practice.
The Muzak which appeared starting in 1966, is supposed to reflect CATHOLIC DOCTRINE, NOT “CHURCH OF NICE” Lack of it. The Bishops in the USA and Canada, have by and large not done this, so when you hear “Table of Plenty”, just assume that the Imprimatur came from Howard “Cardinal” Stern, whose Coat of Arms reads “Bababui”, in my attempt to Latinize it, to give it some sense of “Church of Nice” Formality. (“Wow”, exclaimed “Cardinal” Stern).
<So I went to an Ordinary Form Mass, where the Priest "Reads The Black and Does The Red", at St. Agnes R C Church on Archbp Fulton J Sheen Place(East 43rd Street, Lexington to 3rd Avenues on the cross) in Midtown Manhattan, which I arrived at on time, with no time to spare with No Thanks to MTA Bus for their damnable inefficiency. Mass began with singing of the Entrance Antiphon and Opening Hymn, which by the way, was the ONLY Hymn sung. The Kyrie and Gloria were sung. This was a "Plainsong" Mass, with Offertory Antiphon and Communion Antiphon. The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was in vernacular(English).
At Holy Communion Time, many knelt at the Latin Mass Altar Rail and received on the tongue(Latin Mass Style). Still others stood for Holy Communion (Byzantine Rite Style, minus the Gold Holy Communion Spoon)..
There are NO Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at St. Agnes Church. It is Priests and the Occasional Deacon, who distribute Holy Communion.
All that is needed is:
Singing of Entrance Antiphon;
Singing of Kyrie;
Singing of Gloria(Only on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation and Major Feasts);
Singing of the Responsorial Psalm;
Singing of Offertory Antiphon;
Singing of Nicene Creed(Only said on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation and Major Feasts);
Singing of Lord’s Prayer and
Singing of Communion Antiphon.
Confeitior is recited and so are responses.
No Hymns need to be sung, though a Stately and Beautiful Hymn may be sung(& Should Be Sung).

This would be a Properly Sung Mass in The Mind of The Church. What is sung, currently, seems to be more in the mind of “Cardinal” Stern(Wow).

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Somehow, Despite MTA Bus, I Made It To The 5:15PM Mass

21 Jul

The MTA Bus Company, which is a legalized form of Torment, calls itself a Public Benefit Corporation, where anybody but the Public, Benefits. If the Q60 Bus is any indication, one should bring plenty of Peptic Bismuth. The ride today was utterly nauseating. Two buses failed to materialize on the schedule, while a 3rd one showed up late.
Well, so much for public benefit due to damned inefficiency on the part of the MTA Bus Company, who act as though NY Mets Ownership runs this outfit, which is not saying much, the 1st two buses never showed up according to the schedule and then Bus #3 shows up 3 Minutes Late.
Then, the bus is packed, but at 3 Separate times, wheelchair customers boarded. Three times at  5 Minutes each is 15 Extra Minutes added to the trip. Two disembarking sessions added another 5 Minutes each. This added 25 Minutes to the trip.
I left the Bus at Queens Plaza and Borden Avenue when I caught the R Train to Lexington Avenue and E59th Street and changed to the 4 Train to Grand Central Terminal.
For what should have been an hour and 15 Minutes was 2: 25. It was disgusting.
But, I made the 5:15 PM Mass at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street. I had the intention of not going to an Ordinary Form Mass where “Seed, Scattered and Sown”, which is just another “Bread Song”, was sung.

The Opening, Offertory and Communion Antiphons were sung in Latin. There was an Opening Hymn. The Kyrie and Gloria were sung. No closing hymn was sung. Holy Communion was a period of Reverent Silence. Many received kneeling and on the tongue.
The Homily on Wheat and Weeds, given in an orthodox manner. This is NOT a Parish of “The Church of Nice.”

This Parish “Reads The Black and Does The Red.”

Deo Gratias!


I Am Heading Westbound To E43

20 Jul

The Ordinary Form Mass on Venerable Archbp Fulton J Sheen Place, also called East 43rd Street, Lexington to 3rd Avenues on the Cross, is perhaps the Best Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite Mass in The 5 Boroughs, complete with Opening and Communion Antiphons chanted in Latin, Kyrie Sung in Greek, and Gloria sung in Latin, Stately Opening Hymn in English, Closing Hymn sung in Latin and the Beauty of Holy Communion in Silence and option of kneeling at the Holy Communion Rail.
No TREACLIZED Music is ever sung. This is the way the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is supposed to be offered, with no “Glad Tambourines From The US$.99 Store.”

St. Agnes in Midtown Manhattan, the Late Sunday Afternoon Mass of this format is at 5:15PM, ET.

Deo Gratias!


Tridentine Followed By Classical

17 Jul

The fact that I utterly DESPISE the Banal “Do I Not Love Me” Style of “Liturgical Muzak”, shouldn’t surprise ANYONE who reads these short essays. It should be noted that such “Music” inspires ANYTHING but Worship of The Triune Godhead. It does, however, inspire Brutal Critiques and Satirized Versions of the “Hymns”, to use that term rather loosely, which express my utter contempt for such Utter Nonsense, deserving to be blasted to Smithereens by that Great Curmudgeon, one Robert Rex Raphael Murphy of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Which is WHY that after Last Evening’s  “Missa Cantata”, that when I arrived at my abode, I proceeded to download two parts of Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Magnificent 9th Symphony.
There is “Ode To Joy” with Chorale in German. And there is the Overture of which I am so familiar with, conducted by the Magnificent Conductor, Maestro Arturo Toscanini.
If one is old enough to remember a News Programme in the 1960s called “The Huntley-Brinkley Report”, then you will remember The Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Closing Music.
Another Source of Classical Music is from the soundtrack of “A Clockwork Orange..”
Rather than relax me, this music ENERGIZES me.
I am getting set to head to the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, sans Music. This is a good thing. It is also my 1st Ordinary Form Mass in a week.

Pax Tecum!

The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel(7/16/2014 on The Tridentine Calendar)

17 Jul

Since Yesterday was such a stormy day, replete with heavy rain, Lightning and Thunder, until 11:00PM E D T, I was not afforded Freedom to Travel.
But, I was free this Early Evening, so I headed to Holy Innocents R C Church on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.
This, being The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the Tridentine Calendar, the 6PM Tridentine Latin Mass was a Missa Cantata or Sung Mass.

The Priest’s Homily will be put, succinctly:
“Penance, Penance, Penance!”

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum;


The Persecution BY “The Church Of Nice”

16 Jul

Mr. Michael Voris, the Fearless Leader of St. Michael’s Media and Church, coined the phrase “The Church of Nice”, because little of Substance occurs there.  The Liturgy is Banal and, perhaps too simplified. A Freestanding Altar, with the Priest facing “Liturgical West”, called in Latin, “Versus Populum”,  and the Offering Priest is often called “The Presider” or “President Of The Assembly”(Which sounds like a meeting being held at PS #3 in Long Island City, Queens, instead of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass).

If I am going to an Ordinary Form Mass on Sunday, I look for Solemnity and NOT TREACLIZED Liturgy. For I remember one such Liturgical Debacle which was part Circus and Part Protestant Revival, as If both were set in the Same Circus Tent.
For What I testily call “Gagorian Chant”, which is a Parody of Gregorian Chant, where Children are singing Half Latin/Half English Rhyme. “Agnus Dei, Who Takes Away”, rhymes but destroys the Beauty and Solemnity of The Mass. To me it is Entertainment and not very well done, mind you. This part is as if one is at a Circus Performance with Clowns. Mind you, it is “For The Children.”
The “Protestant Revival”, only interrupted by Holy Communion, was when a Parishioner spoke about a Sick Child for 40 Minutes after Holy Communion. The Presider, a validly ordained Roman Catholic Bishop, in Queens, led people in applause, which is another Liturgical Abuse which is common in the Ordinary Form of The Mass. I left Mass in a Hurry, rather in a Furious Mood.
The “Gold Standard” for the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in The Ordinary Form, is at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbp Fulton J Sheen Place) in Midtown Manhattan. It is from this Parish, where both the Redoubtable Venerable Archbp Fulton J Sheen, preached his Good Friday Sermons and produced some Episodes of his Television Show, “Life Is Worth Living”, seen 1st on Du Mont and Later on ABC. It is here that the Redoubtable Fr George William Rutler, he of television shows on Mother Angelica’s E W T N, also preached the Good Friday Sermon, as well as originating E W T N Specials from this Historical Parish, where Mum was baptised and where I went to High School. It is from this Historical Parish that the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal, came “Out of The Catacombs” in 1989. That Mass is offered every Sunday at 11AM Eastern Time .The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass at St. Agnes in the Ordinary Form is Truly Offered with Reverence and Grace, allowing for Awe and Wonder. The Entrance Antiphon is chanted in Latin when a Stately Hymn in English is sung, following the Antiphon. The Kyrie is sung in Greek, while The Gloria is sung in Latin. At the Offertory there is a chant sung in Latin. Sometimes the Sanctus is sung in Latin.
There is a Practice at St. Agnes at Holy Communion Time, where the Only thing sung is the Holy Communion Antiphon and it is in Latin. Also, since this is a Well Known Latin Mass Facility, many people take to kneeling for Holy Communion.
The Closing Hymn is sung in Latin, by the way.
This is WHY I call this Offering of the Ordinary Form of The Mass, “The Gold Standard”, as the Music Director and Cantor “Read The Black and Do The Red.” People actually participate, both by singing chant and by appropriate silence.

A certain Music Director in an Upper Middle Class Queens Parish, who often went to St. Agnes for Mass, knew the style and imitated it Brilliantly. Chant was sung. A Youth Group was set up, dedicated to the Promulgation of Classical Style.
The Liturgical Music attracted more people to Mass with more participation.
Sadly, not unlike St. John Chrysostom as Patriarch of Constantinople, this Music Director was subjected to Calumny and Despised by a Modernist Clique, who believe in “The Spirit of Vatican II”(Whatever that means).
Gone is that System of Beauty by Actions involving Calumny, by The Modernist Clique of Five. Their Leader cried about Latin being used in The Liturgy. Then why is this Rite called The Latin Rite?
Pass around The Peptic Bismuth, because “The Church of Nice” is in session.  It is ANYTHING BUT.


For A 2nd Night NOT In “The Church of Nice”

15 Jul

For on this evening, I was NOT in a “Church Of Nice” Parish. For the Joyful Mysteries of The Rosary were recited along with Commentary as to which Mystery was Prayed. It was NOT “Machine Gun Speed” Style of Rosary. There were two Mantilla Wearing Women who served as Leaders and Commentators.
And the Blessed Sacrament was Exposed for Prayer. The “Tantum Ergo” was sung, as were all the responses, in Latin.
This is also The Feast of St. Bonaventure, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Church, he also fighting the Protestant Heresy.
And the Mass, including Gospel and Epistle, were in Latin. Holy Communion was on The Tongue while kneeling.
An Icon of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was kissed while we knelt at the Holy Communion Rail. This was before Mass.
For I was at Holy Innocents Roman Catholic Church on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. For the Post Mass Prayers, one was for the Intention of Preserving the Traditional Latin Mass.
I thought I had lost my head gear, as it was raining hard in Manhattan. A Young Woman called Leah, Sweet and Asian, took out her pen flashlight and located the cap on the floor. I thanked her with a greeting in Latin, “Pax Tecum”, meaning “Peace To You.”
Another Sweet Young Woman, who is also into the Latin Mass, who is Black and who covered her head with a Baseball Cap, was also given the same greeting as Leah.

David Layne, who was there from Woodside in Queens, is right when he said “The Latin Mass is The Youth Movement of the Catholic Church.” I couldn’t Agree With Him More.

It looks like I will be at Latin Mass at 6PM at Holy Innocents R C Church. That would be 3 Straight Days without depending on “The Church Of Nice.”

Pax Vobiscum!



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