7 Aug

“A-Rod, Clap Clap, A-Rod, A-DONE!”

This Friday Night, Alex Rodriguez will play his last MLB Game & Retire. 

He’s 41 & DONE. THE END OF AN ERA, comes Friday Night.


Olympian “Canadians”

7 Aug

It is that time again, where Americans near the Border with Canada, are finding that one of their viewership options does not include One Bob Costas. 

It’s CBC Olympic Switchover Coverage Time in the Northern United States of America. CBC is Canada’s Public Broadcaster on Television, Radio & The World Wide Web. And Yanks by the Canadian Border are avoiding NBC Sports like a Zika Virus outbreak. In the Metro Detroit Television Market, which includes A FOX O&O, Two CBS O&Os & a CBC O&O in Windsor, ON, CBET 9, once owned by RKO General, thus once a Sister Station to New York City’s WOR TV 9, will be more heavily viewed than the local NBC Affiliate in Detroit.

“Good Evening, I’m Peter Mansbridge & This is ‘The National'”, means that for Yanks by The US Canada Border, it’s Don Cherry & Not Bob Costas. Yanks along the Border, prefer OBJECTIVE Commentary to the “Rah, Rah, Rah” of NBC Sports, which is so Cloying, that Quick Excursions to Vomitaria are rather involuntary.

CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is carrying 24/7 Olympic Coverage. Most of NBC’s Live Coverage is on Cable & Satellite.

The Games have begun, live from Rio.


40th Anniversary of “Music You Stopped Your Ears From Hearing At NO Mass”

6 Aug

In short it is a “Bread Song.”

Forty Years Ago, The International Eucharistic Congress sponsored a competition for The Official Hymn of the Congress. 

The IEC was held in Philadelphia, PA, in America’s Bicentennial Year of 1976. The Hymn, an American “Bread Song”, so typical of The NO Mass, won the Competition.

The Hymn? A Syrupy “Bread Song” called “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, became the Quasi Official Anthem of The 1976 IEC.

I look at it as an OVERUSED FALSE ECUMENICAL “Bread Song”, NOT Even Distinctly ROMAN RITE CATHOLIC. I once heard a Latino Catholic Family, describe this song as “Awe Inspiring.” It must have been from the Caffeine ingested from one too many Lattes from Starbucks in parts of Forest Hills, Queens. 

For My Most Dear Friend, she finds Novus Ordo Mass Music to be utterly uninspiring, syrupy & nauseating. She had a Reaction to the announcement that “Gift Of Finest Wheat” was the Communion Hymn for The Feast of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. It was Unpleasant to say the least, since it is sung by Mainline Protestants as well as at Novus Ordo Catholic Masses.

Her Response? “I Heard this at Mass last Sunday. I HATE ‘Gift Of Finest Wheat.’ It is Treacly & does NOT Draw Inwardly.” The Modern Muzak of “Novus Ordo Land”(Credit Chris Ferrara for that phrase), gives her both Nausea & Rage.

It would NEVER work at The Tridentine Latin Mass. Trust Me on that one. The Music Director might have have Overripe Tomatoes tossed at him.

That Intellectual NeoCatholic, George Weigel, suggested a 50 Year Moratorium on playing “Gift Of Finest Wheat.” For once, George & I are on The Same Page.

And you wonder WHY I appreciate the Near Silence of a Low Tridentine Latin Mass? It is quite simple in that it is NOT “A Cacophony of Claptrap”(Odd Couple, Oscar Madison to Howard Cosell). It is Mystical & a Time of Prayer & Adoration to The Triune Godhead. It is TRUE Participation in The Mystery of Christ.

We are Roman Latin Rite Catholics, NOT PROTESTANTS.

Kyrie Elaison!


Making The Run To The TLM

6 Aug

I need something a LOT STRONGER than the NO Mass for the Tridentine Latin Mass is what is truly called The Mass. 

That is, if MTA NYC Transit cooperates. These Corruptos always have some project along the IND Queens Blvd Line every weelend. 

I can only take so much of the NO Mass. I tire of worn out Novelties & PROTESTANT Look & Feel of The NO Mass.

Hence, on The 1st Saturday, on The Feast of The Tramsfiguration, it was a Low Mass. I find Virtual Silence to be Awe Inspiring. I also find that when The Priest faces East, he truly acts “In Persona Christi.” He is NOT merely a Presider over an Assembly. This is Truly Catholic, not a Protestant Orientation. The Epistle of St. Paul & The Gospel According to St.Matthew, truly taught about This Great Miracle of Christ.

This IS THE CATHOLIC MASS, which explains that We are Catholics of Roman Latin Rite.

Deo Gratias!


 “The World Over – EWTN 2016-07-28 – Hall of Fame Baseball Catcher Mike Piazza with Raymond Arroyo” on YouTube

31 Jul

This is a moment we Catholic NY Mets Aficionados have waited for over the years.

Mike Piazza on EWTN? EWTN? I say “Yes” to that, with a Catholic elected to Baseball’s Hall Of Fame, quoting Pope Benedict XVI.

Enjoy This!

Deo Gratias!


I Now Know Why My Parents Despised JFK & LBJ

29 Jul

My Parents were Conservative Catholic Democrats(DINOS) in the Beloved Borough of Brooklyn, NY.

It was 1960. Neither Voted for John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Dad didn’t trust the Democratic Party because, as Dad put it “The Democrats are The Party of War.” He utterly DESPISED Lyndon Baines Johnson, who he called “A Warmonger & Whoremaster.” Of course he also used these names for JFK & his brother Bobby(Robert Francis Kennedy or RFK). 

Dad did NOT trust Joe Kennedy, or as he would call him “The Old Man”, because Old Joe Kennedy used to run around with Movie Starlets & hide Scotch on one of the Piers on Manhattan’s West Side. 

So when JFK became President, he learned a bit too well from “The Old Man”(If one remembers Marylin Monroe).

I am a Catholic Republican who is NO NEOCON. Neocons are Liberals who have moved rightward, but are Establishment Types.

WHY I would vote for Donald J. Trump:

He is Refreshingly New. He may be a Presbyterian but his position is much closer to Catholic Social Teaching. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT liked by me in THE LEAST. She is NOWHERE near Catholic Social Teaching. She is ESTABLISHMENT.

She, like her husband, Former US President William Jefferson Blye Clinton, are both FAKERS, both Amoral & Immoral. 

Yet, Pope Francis(Papam Bergoglio), who never met a Camera Crew & Microphone he didn’t like, once went off on The Donald as “Not a Christian.”

He has not weighed in on The Clintons. Then again, they are much closer to Papa Bergoglio’s Leftist Jesuit Philosophy.

Like my parents in 1960, I am not voting Democratic, in 2016.


Penance & The Storm

26 Jul

Ok, so we had a mild winter in the NYC Metropolitan Area with only one Snow Occassion(33″, nearly 3′). And that melted.

But the Summer of 2016 is one of Utter Sweat. Cleanse yourself with thoroughness, walk about 10′, and you will be rather hot & sweaty, as Humidity is of the sweltering kind. Add temeratures of 37° to 40°, both Celsius instead of Fahrenheir &, trust me, you will get the picture by seeking shelter in an Air Cooled Abode.

And so I went to St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street to confess sins which I had forgotten about over the years, which I am contrite and sorrowful over.

Do Good & Avoid Evil, because while a Heat Wave is Temporary, Eternity is not Temporary & One, I Pray, does not end up in a Blazing Hot Place away From God, denied the Beatific Vision.

And share what you can with others.

God did last evening, via the Great Soaking Storm, which gave some relief to others.

Deo Gratias!


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