Live Video Stream on Veetle Remarks By Fr Christopher Heanue

30 Jun

Thanks were given to the 4th Degree Honour Guard of the Knights of Columbus and other Groups as Father spoke even of the Cloth used to wipe the Chrism from the Hands of the Newly Ordained Priest.

Vivat Jesus

M PGK 5103

Newly Ordained Priest Mass- Live Video Stream on Veetle

30 Jun

Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving offered by Fr Christopher Ryan Patrick Heanue at Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill NY in the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn.

Deo Gratias

Vivat Jesus


Thursday, I Go To Metro PCS

29 Jun

They are owned by and have the Strong T Mobile Network. T Mobile is where I started via the Old OMNIPOINT Network in NY, which has Fax Receiving and Relay as well as something few had in 1998, Text Messaging.
A Free Smartphone(Android)and unlimited 4G LTE Data, seals it for me. Plus there is unlimited Minutes and Text Messaging & one extra bonus:
I don’t have to keep going to Starbucks for Coffee. I can get a Good Cup of Coffee anywhere.
Of course, for bigger video projects, Starbucks is good because of Wi Fi, so they do come in handy, as Wi Fi handles large files better.
But other files and watching Catholic Apologists(Real Ones like Louie Verrecchio, Michael Matt, Christopher A Ferrara & John Vennari, as well as on occasion from Neo Catholic Michael Voris), will be much easier to do at 4G LTE Speeds than at 2.5 G Speeds.
Besides, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, don’t have that much presence.
I do keep my Mobile #. It is continuity. And that is great. I would rather be in the Fresh Air or somewhere reasonable when on the web.


5:00PM Is NO Priestly Offering 1st Time

28 Jun

NO simply means The Ordinary Form Mass, Commonly called the Novus Ordo, where Fr Christopher Heanue offers his 1st Mass as Administrator of Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens in the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY at 5:00PM Today, a Sunnyside Irisher if ever I have met one, from the Land From Whence David proclaimed the Tridentine Latin Mass as The Youth Movement of the Roman Rite Catholic Church(or was that Outside of Saint Agnes on E43rd Street in November, 2013). Today is the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, a changeover from Fifth Sunday After Pentecost.

It is quite literally raining on the 5th Avenue Celebration of the SCOTUS(US Supreme Court) Legalization of Gaytrimony. And it is Chilly Outside here in Manhattan, an Island which Worships at the Altar of “The False God of Liberty Called Liberalism”.

God Save The USA.

Vivat Christus Rex!

Vivat Jesus!


Fifth Sunday After Pentecost(Tridentine Latin Mass)

28 Jun

The Epistle is from The 1st Book of Saint Peter, Chapter 3, Verses 8 through 15.
There is a touch of the Beatitudes here and for people not to return Evil and Insults nor to speak Falsehoods. One must return from Evil and Do Good & revere the Lord Christ in one’s heart.

In The Holy Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 20-24, Jesus Christ is NOT all Warm and Fuzzy. He “Raises The Bar” and warns of being reconciled to One’s Brother or one will end up Fiery Gehenna(Not Miami at 12Noon on July 4th, but something worse).

On “Gaytrimony”, which may have Man’s Legal Standing but NOT GOD’S Grace, there may be(Will Be)a Time of Persecution of Christians, particularly Catholics. It can take any form, especially in the form of Homofascists hiring Unscrupulous Barristers.

Mass was at Saint Agnes on E43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan at 1100 EDT(1600 GMT).

Pray For The Pope’s Conversion and for those who are active Homosexuals.

Kyrie Elaison


Louie Verrecchio Is Vatican II An Integral Part of Tradition? What?

28 Jun

Share to Friends(So Much For Inculturation)

27 Jun


[Eagle Dance at Installation Mass for Bishop] [] (From APUS Browser – small, fast and clean. Try it:


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