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5 Vignettes Forest Hills Back To Normal After Irene on Vimeo

31 Aug

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Forest Hills Known For Tennis Greatness on Vimeo

31 Aug

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Technologically, Viddler Is a Great Video Sharing Network

30 Aug is a great little Video Sharing Service. When Videos are uploaded, they are encoded quickly & running.
I have experienced how quickly videos upload & are ready. I cannot say that about YouTube, which renders videos like crap & it is slow.

You Tube’s Video Player May Still Suck

30 Aug
Like The NY Mets, but the Canadian Viewer Response to K of C Free Throw Coverage from Forest Hills, Queens, NY, has been Quite Robust.
The Latest Coverage Alignment, Video Sharing Network-Wise, is as follows, as of Wednesday, August 24th, 2011:
Preliminary Round Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage from Woodhaven, Queens, NY, will be webcast on the Technically Excellent, which is located in Bethlehem, PA. The Upload Time is a thing of beauty, & videos are quickly uploaded & rendered.
Champagne Palumbo, a OneTime NY Disc Jockey & Radio Host, recommended Thanks, Champ!
Viddler can be viewed on the SkyFire Browser for iOS, as my Viddler Account is Flash Based, & iPhone is where Flash Videos cannot be seen, so the SkyFire Browser works with those videos on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, & works nicely.
During all coverage Rounds, will be Home to Interviews & Replays.
The Rest of The Video Sharing Services are HTML5 Based & viewable on all Mobile Phones, on Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Android & iOS(Apple).
There has been a switch in coverage on the Video Sharing Services. YouTube is being restored to Network Feed Status & will carry the Council Coverage Round, w/ as overseas Aggregator+domestic on Syndicated from YouTube Page to tumblr, Blogger & WordPress.
Quite Simply, there will be just this one YouTube Coverage-The Canadians are our biggest audience at this point in the coverage. Most viewers on YouTube, as experience has taught, view only the one competition on a particular network, so YouTube Coverage of a Round will take place here+feed to & other in Ireland. YouTube serves as both the Where To Tune Channel & The Free Throw Snark-Humor Moment, during All Free Throw Coverage, with as aggregator.
The District 28 Competition Coverage will be on the Network where it had the 1st HD Coverage & that will be on There will be some commentary in a couple of other Languages. will be syndicated via Posterous App. Views were quite good during District & LI Final.
Queens County Competition is in for Really 1st Class Treatment w/the Home Network of Production & Post Game, Vimeo, Lead Network of The Long Island Final. Coverage, from Pre Game, to Competition To Post Game will be here. will have The Long Island Final & be fed via Posterous App.


30 Aug
The Institutes of The Intellectually Challenged.

AJ Burnett Does Do Something Right

30 Aug
Quite Simply, his pitching utterly SUCKS!

Why Viddler?

30 Aug
Viddler has the quickest upload & conversion time, allowing for rapid deployment of the competition. M
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