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Thank Goodness For ShoZu

30 Nov
Coverage of events expanded to the point where more outlets will carry events.

What Happened To The “You” In YouTube?

30 Nov
As for YouTube , their world is a Commercial Broadcast. When a Portion of a Catholic Mass or other Catholic Liturgy is being carried on YouTube, they look at liturgical music to see if Copyright is being violated. Hence, coverage of such event would be safer on the Non-Commercial, Artistic, Hence, no more coverage of K of C Free Throw on, as I don’t need a Catholic Event to be treated as if it is some Rock Concert.

Rebel Coverage

29 Nov
From what I gather here, tumblr is a Potential Native Network for K of C Free Throw Coverage. Ditto, VideoBam! In event of 3 Preliminary Events, Vimeo is PostGame on all Three, Exclusive on One. VideoBam & tumblr would carry mainline coverage. If in event of NY State Final of K of C Int’l Free Throw from US Military Academy in West Point, NY, a Super Feed will be Done. During coverage on, the Super Feed is in effect. This includes iTunes Store, Facebook, Twitter, Kenmore Corona Report, & Vimeo+. In the case of the Handoff from to Vimeo, there is a Handoff from Vimeo to tumblr & ShowYou. also has a handoff to VodPod. VodPod also feeds to Facebook & Twitter. The Dailymotion Feed from ShoZu will hit to new feeds from that app. This, too, is a Superfeed. Vimeo has own feeds. Flickr will carry the Vimeo Feed, as will tumblr. The Kenmore Corona Report will take Vimeo Feed via Posterous App. There will be segments of competition coverage on as well as The feed may be fed to, for Council Round ONLY. Vimeo PostGame will be fed there as well. YouTube Informational Feed will be fed via Facebook, Twitter, ShowYou & tumblr. No other Competition Coverage will be served via YouTube. I do NOT need whiny Parents & Contestants, manufacturing views by clicking the Segment page for about two hours, building up so called “View” #s, just to keep coverage on that pile of steaming goat custard. The reason for the YouTube Informational Channel is because K of C Free Throw Coverage is synonymous with YouTube. However, the current rebel style coverage is everywhere but YouTube. I am A Rebel.

That tumblr is Great For PostGame

29 Nov
tumblr will simulcast K of C Free Throw Coverage from ShowYou will also simulcast Vimeo Feed.
Dailymotion coverage will come via ShoZu App & simulcast on tumblr.
tumblr might also work well as own network feed.
YouTube Informational will be fed to ShowYou & Posterous Feed.

Vimeo K of C Free Throw Relay

29 Nov
Vimeo K of C Free Throw Coverage will be carried on Facebook, ShowYou, Twitter & tumblr. This will dispel the notion that YouTube is the ONLY Place for K of C Free Throw Coverage. The #s have been both REAL & Good, outside of YouTube. M

Posterous-tumblr Users “War”

29 Nov
I am finding the Posterous-tumblr War to be ridiculous in that both apps have their purposes. Posterous is great for micro blogging & networking, while tumblr is great for community. Therefore, I like both a lot.

Uniting Apps

28 Nov
The great thing about Posterous is that it links my blogs & video services together, which is a Great Thing, instead of extra individual apps, which take up extra Megabytes on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. This also transmits Video to Currently, I also have the ShoZu App, which links also to & Dailymotion, as well as to various other blogs & Social Networks including Facebook & Twitter.

“XX” Preview Of The 20th Anniversary Documentary of The Msgr Sherman Council Sponsorship Of The Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship

28 Nov Feed Shut Down

27 Nov
They shut themselves down. They got tired of Spam & phony IP Addresses.


25 Nov
The Planned 20th Anniversary Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Retrospective is tentatively called “XX”, & will be seen in its’ entirety on It will be shot in 1280x720p High Definition. It will cover everything from the 1st Competition until the present, technology uses & the story of the City Line, Brooklyn Competition it is descended from. Certain Controversies will also be covered. It will be an interesting video special. Sometimes when one does the good deed, certain people with agendas get in the way, creating chaos. Some champions from prior years will be interviewed. The memories will be interesting. It may be run on the other two networks, & Dailymotion. Viddler is another possibility. YouTube is completely out of the question, except for announcement purposes. With, an iTunes download will be available. M
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