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“For The Team? Whose Graft Am I Cutting Off?”

31 Jul

It was in 1996 when Three Of Us appeared on Time Warner Cable’s NY1 News Channel. I appeared as the NYC Department Of Consumer Affairs Vendor Enforcement Expert. I explained the duties of the Unit to the Television Audience. I had also mentioned that as trained professionals that we are Peace Officers with Powers of Arrest & Summons.
I received a load of pats on my back for my performance on television. BUT, this ENRAGED Certain Individuals, namely those who spend their time preferring to operate at a lower level of performance, as Slackers With Agenda. They prefer the Status Quo of a Lower Level of Performance while sucking up to Political Types.
If ANYTHING I Have learned about these people is their definition of the word “TRUST.” In their world, which operates like The Underworld(Organized Crime), Trust means that one operates in an underhanded manner. In short, only those who are dishonest types can be “Trusted.” Let’s just say that Truly Honest People stand as much chance as a Snowball in Miami in July. People who can be easily coerced or worse, BLACKMAILED, have a much better chance than the really honest people.

This is NOT your Father’s Graft. If one remembers one Mr Frank Serpico, he was a really honest Uniformed Member of The Service in the NYPD. Hence the tag “Boy Scout” is applied to him. Serpico fought crime & detested Graft, even free sandwiches. The Culture of NYPD in his time, well, was utterly corrupt. He even took a bullet for it. In Frank Serpico’s Time, Corruption was OVERT(In The Open). The Work of Serpico, Lt David Durk & Whitman Knapp(Later A Federal Judge), caused for the End of OVERT Corruption & Graft.
Now there is a new form of Graft, but it is COVERT. I know that this sounds a lot like the CIA, but this is a new form of Graft. It looks perfectly legal, but it has the same consequences as the OVERT Graft. It is summoning an offender with very vague details. ONLY CERTAIN LANGUAGE is allowed to be used on this civil summons. The language was prepared by a Lawyer, one who eventually quit & went into the business of defending clients against these summonses. The Official Excuse for the language on the summons was that the Official Tribunal called The Environmental Control Board, authorizes only this language on summonses for certain offenses. Thousands of these summonses have been issued in this manner, only to be dismissed.
Yet, somebody with expertise in the laws governing these offenses, offers a different, competing system & has success in correcting the offenders. Fines are actually imposed & the conditions warranting such violation issuance, are actually corrected. But those defenders of the repeated failure of a system, bemoaned the loss of Productivity, consisting solely of numbers on a spreadsheet. Their Philosophy & Practice is that of Numerals on a page are the Goal. Spin replaces Truth. Have 100 People tell the same story &, therefor, it must be the truth.
The concept of Coercive Conformity is at work here. The Coercers are, more often than not, Submissive People with no real leadership skills. Their so called leadership is dependent on the pleasing of another submissive type. They “Play The Game”, pleasing the political mood of those in power. And one wonders WHY Nothing ever seems to get truly accomplished.

Often, the price for those who challenge a fraudulent system, where people don’t really pay much attention & conform to whatever is popular, is ostracism. One loses privileges & often goes through Sanctioned Harassment, often in the form of being required to go through the paths of Psychiatry via coercion(Condition of Employment). The idea is to “Blacklist” an individual, to keep his/her ideas “On The Fringe.”

THIS IS GOVERNMENT, TODAY. The Soviet Union is their model of conformity. And today’s Governmental Conformists operate in the Soviet Model of Coercion, in that Violence may be utilized to force those whose actual working model is superior to their model of falsity. Bearing of False Witness is common. The Honest Person will suffer these consequences, but that Person’s conscience will be clear. The others will rationalize that their actions are what “Everybody Does.”
Be SOMEBODY-Do not be EVERYBODY-You will be the one who has the true accomplishment. Because the “Everybody” Crowd, is too busy looking over their own shoulders, shuddering at the thought of being caught & punished for their deeds, as their Consciences are NOT clear.
Pax Vobiscum!

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Vimeans? Disregard Last Message. Thanks! M

30 Jul

As I went to the Pinterest App on the iPod Touch, it turns out that this You Tube Glitch may be originating at Facebook. On the Pinterest App, Vimeo is acknowledged.

Vimeans? If You Pin A Video on Pinterest

30 Jul

I pinned 3 Videos from Vimeo on Pinterest & got a strange result:
My videos suddenly without explanation, became You Tube Videos.



“This Is NOT Your Parents Teen Mass”

30 Jul

Eastbound From Forest Hills Noire

30 Jul

Eastbound From Forest Hills Noire

Remember When A Mobile Telephone Was For Making Calls?

29 Jul

At 1st, Mobile Telephones were big boxes operating on Analog Frequencies, as if radios, from vehicles. The signals are relayed from cellular towers. Analog signals are not the clearest signals.
Then, here in the New York Metropolitan Area, a totally digital phone company called OMNIPOINT, began radical new, totally digital service, including SMS(Two Way Text Messaging), FAX Mail & Headlines plus short email. No one else had these services. And Voice Service was crystal clear. The Digital Service was clone proof, as this was not Analog, where phone #s were cloned.
Mobile on other carriers were Analog except for Sprint.
OMNIPOINT was way ahead of their time. They also had the 1st Internet phone(Nokia Communicator).
It was a start.
Now, one’s mobile phone, thanks to Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 & Google’s Android, is a Mobile Computer.
But, phones have changed. The Office is so portable.

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