The K of C Free Throw-A Tiring You Tube Epic

19 Jan

It happens from Early January until Late March. It is THAT Time when the Annual Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship comes to Councils, 4th Degree Assemblies, Districts & States/Provinces, in The USA & Canada.
It is also the annual upload of various of these competitions to that Pile Of Steaming Goat Manure, passing for a Video Sharing Service, That Censorious Trap called You Tube, where creative expression is encouraged, the way Freedom of Expression is practiced in that Garden Spot called North Korea(NOT).
It is a case of “AOL-itis”. One remembers AOL as the place to be online, if you were able to get online, after several frustrating attempts in the Days of Dialup Service. Well, You Tube is just like that feeling. You upload a video to that service & hope that someone notices your work.
But there are ALTERNATIVES. The Alternatives are rather well thought out ones. Video Sharing has changed in the Past Few Years. One can thank “iSteve” for that, with the coming of the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad & Android & Windows Phone 8. Particularly on Apple’s “iDevices”, one could share one’s Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championships with the World. You Tube is NOT the Only Game in town. Far from it & your video will be seen.
Thwapr is one where your Free Throw Video will get views. VideoBam is another service. Both are free to join. One K of C Free Throw Video was seen on VideoBam & received 500 Views.
If you are a touch Mainstream, DailyMotion is a great site, as it is the World’s 2nd Largest Video Sharing Site. You will get views+not have to worry about the usual idiots passing unintelligible comments on You Tube.
If you’re artistic, Vimeo is a great place for your video. The audience there is more filmmaker types. No need to fret about stupid comments at all.
Choice is there. You Tube is greatly overrated. And you will like what you see.

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