Production On Micro-Budget

24 Jan

If anybody has been to a video, movie or television production set, often one is asked to sign a release form. Well, c/o the iPhone, one can create a release form on the cheap for $.99. If one is looking for a good Photo & Video Camera App, it’ll set you back by $1.99, both being from the US Apple iTunes App Store.
Model Release+ is US$.99 & can be used for Models/Performers to sign for your various Productions. It is a bargain, especially on a Micro Budget.
Kit Cam is known for shooting Video & Photo on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. It has filters so if you’re making that little “Film Noir”, then that US$1.99 is another great bargain.
If one is on a Really Tight Budget & you need a Video Editor App, Splice Video Editor has a free, ad supported app which does the same thing as the US$3.99 app. The paid app comes without ads. If you have a few extra $$$, then also spring for the iMovie App. Both of them work fine together.
You can run a production group with quality on a shoestring. If anything should be known, the 2011 Academy Award Winning Best Foreign Language Film, from Iran, was produced entirely on an iPhone, by a Director under House Arrest. That iPhone was wrapped up and smuggled out in a cake to someone using a Mac, where the DVD was made.
A Micro Budget Film winning the Oscar, being shot on an iPhone, shows just how far Film Production has come. Somewhere, “iSteve” must be smiling.
Splice Video Editor(Path36 LLC) actually made the production of 2011 Coverage of the Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship, look professional. That was shot on this iPod Touch 4G. I cut my teeth as a Producer during that coverage. Splice Video Editor helped to make that all quite possible.

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