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Big Pharma, Doctors & Broadcast Cable Networks & The Gun Tragedies

25 Feb

When was the LAST Time one saw an actual gun advertisement on Cable or Broadcast Television? If you cannot remember, frankly, neither can I. But, the last time you saw an advert for “Depression” & “Overactive Bladder Syndrome” & chances are, you saw it on a Sporting Event like the Super Bowl.
In days of up to 40 Years Ago, if a child misbehaved in school, the kid got a good whack on his/her Duff. Then, the child got one at home. If you can’t remember any of these children having put a school under siege for misbehaving, you are not alone.
It’s when the Psychiatric portion of Medicine stepped up to the plate. Drugs like Ritalin were developed to help supposedly inattentive children be focused. But, like any drug on the market, particularly Psychiatric in nature, there are Side Effects, anywhere from Dry Throat & Headaches, to Mood Swings & thoughts of Suicide.
Whatever happened to Dietary Modifications? Surely, Sugar, a sweet tasting Neurotoxin, has a role in Behavior. But, that might not do well with The Profit Margins of Big Pharma. Perish THAT Thought. Sugar is not known as something which has a Calming Effect.
After years of prescribing Antidepressants for school children, we are seeing the effects of Long Term Use of Psychiatric Drugs on the young & for that, the tragedies of Columbine & Aurora in CO & Newtown, CT, have occurred. So much for a Placid, Medicated Society!
The Spanking(Corporal Punishment) actually worked & there was no stigma of a Psychiatric Episode. Yet, using so called Nonviolent Intervention, utilizing a so called “Team” approach,,involving Psychologists, Doctors, Teachers, Administrative Types & other consultants, the primary unit, the Family, is being usurped for someone’s handsome big payday. Common Sense, which is uncommon these days, is tossed to the wayside.
All this bloodshed for big bucks!
This is NOT about Guns, but about True Medical Malpractice. Guns aren’t the problem, as they existed long before this Psychiatric Extravaganza of Mass Medication.
Not only that, but Broadcast Media is an enabler here, as Medical Advertisers do pay the way for the Networks. Gun People don’t. One hand washes the other. And the Tragedy continues unabated.
Too Many Consultants with their hands out, is THE Problem, here. And THE Payoff is good only for THE FEW. Everybody else is screwed. Medicated America is a Farce.

There Is Simething To Prayer/Mmeditation

24 Feb

Prayer is talking to God, while Meditation is listening to & for Him.
After such session this afternoon at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills, Queens, where the prayer/meditation is right(Darkness Punctuated with Light), I went with my Petitions & Prayers.
I then crossed Queens Boulevard to the Forest Hills Branch of Queens Library, where I gained Web Access via a Public Computer. I went over to, where I had to write 10 Pieces on Forest Hills, Queens & it’s known Landmarks.
I did so, clearheadedly. I found that the Prayer/Meditation Session, cleared my head to get the job done.
Thanks, Lord, St. Anthony Of Padua, St. Jude, & Holy Mary Mother Of God, for your intercession.
Deo Gratias!

Who Needs To Carry An Office

24 Feb

Let me see this:
Presentation in school or work;
Your office is portable;

I see this every day. People carrying Notebook Computers, which weigh a # of pounds. They carry papers. All this adds up to a backache, neck injuries & such.

With today’s cell phone PDAs & Tablets, the Office just got lighter, only weighing a few ounces.

Apple has the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & iPad Mini. They make it possible to be productive without all that potential pain. Ditto, Creative as well. My iPod Touch 4G, serves as my mobile office and production centre. It’s all in my pocket. And with iOS 6.1.2, this machine can operate just like a Notebook or Desktop.

The Future is here. I do like it. The Post PC Era is here.

Photo Project 26 Photos

10 Feb

Via Craigslist, from a Woman in Flushing, Queens, that project is DONE.
I can’t complain.

Halfway Point On Photo Project

9 Feb

12 Photos to go out of 26 Photos as part of a Photoshop Edit. This will be done by 9:00AM.

The Relaxation Response & Transcendental Meditation

8 Feb

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced a technique of Mantra Yoga, called (C)TM or Transcendental Meditation to people in the United States, during the Early 1970s. I can recall the introduction of this technique, with announcements on Public Transport. The ads promised that one would learn a simple technique for health enhancement & deep relaxation. Noted Avant Garde Director David Lynch, noted Musician, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, among others, are practitioners of this technique. David did a short film on the subject of TM, showing the benefits of regularly practiced TM in schools.
It was a period from 1973 into 1975, where Dr Herbert Benson, MD, from Harvard University, conducted tests on subjects who meditated regularly.
Dr. Benson wrote a Best Selling Book called “The Relaxation Response”, essentially demystifying Transcendental Meditation. One need not head to the TM Foundation to learn the technique. One can use a Focus Word(Mantra), whether it be from Prayer to any syllabic combination. Just find a quiet place to be seated & begin meditating. Do this for ten to twenty minutes per session, twice per day.
This morning, I used the Prayerful Phrase “O God, Our Help In Ages Past”, using breathing, which started out with deep breaths, which became shallower over 30 Minutes. I will be doing another session a bit later. I will state that I do feel a bit energetic, after this 1st Session. And I do feel relaxed.
Do read “The Relaxation Response” by Dr Benson for information on the tests given to meditators in the TM Program.
Relax! It works.

Good News About Msgr Funaro

8 Feb

He is being sent Home from Hospital, today. He was there for observation.
Feel Good, Monsignor! Feel Very, Very Good! You were missed.

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