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Sucktitude-THY Name Is The NY YANKEES

31 May

John Sterling:
“Well, Suzyn, I notice the Mascara is flooding this booth, with the Mets sweeping the Yankees. What do you make of all this?”
Suzyn Waldman:
“We’ll John, as Chris Russo is still a jackass & moron, Joe Girardi & his coaches are exhausted & in tears(Sniff, Sniff, Sniff), I just spoke with Fox Sports Tim Mc Cahvah, who gave a tear filled report on the absence of Derek Jeter(Sniff, Sniff, Sniff), while I am so out of it, about to be mocked by Dennis & Callaghan on ‘EEI in Boston, this is so disgusting. Back to You, John”.
That’s it, here are the Final Totals. For The Mets, 3 Runs on 14 Hits 1 Error & 7 Left on. The Yankees 1 Run, 6 Hits, 1 Error & 5 Left.
Yankees Lose- thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK.”

Sucktitude Part II-From Suzyn Waldman

30 May

Suzyn Waldman:
(In Tears)
“For What I could see, John, Joe Girardi & all his Coaches in tears tonight(Sniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle), it is one sad Yankmes Clubhouse. Philip just bought me a Stahbuck’s Coffee, my he looks like Derek Jeter. Oh, my Goodness, Goodness Gracious, Roger Clemens is motioning that he wants to come into my bawx. Oh, such heavy action here(Heavy Breathing). Such emotion!(Slaps Christopher Mad Dog Russo in Face), That Hideous Moron, Mad Dog Russo, you mocking little bitch. Oh, my Goidness Gracious.”

Sucktitude-The Name Is The NY Yankees

30 May

Possibly in danger of getting swept by a Team which is hideous, might I paraphrase John Sterlung?

“Yankees Lose-Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK.”

Three Games Played~NY Yankees Crushed By Lowly NY METS- Yes!

30 May

Perhaps the New York Print Media forgot that Games are actually played on The Field. Granted, The NY Yankees started in 1st Place. Granted, the NY Mets are not all that good. Horrible is more of an apt description.
But, Three Straight Games have been played & the NY Mets have won all Three Matches, 2-1 per occasion on Citi Field & by 9-4 at Yankee Stadium III. Perhaps, grievous weaknesses of the Yankees have been exposed. They might not be a strong as 1st believed.
Theory & Practice, well, Practice has won out.

The Comedic Video “Hipster Child At Foul Line” Is A Real Life Problem

30 May

Please! Just WHO was that Grandmother who warned me that the 2011 Long Island Final Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship has to be on You Tube? Hardly anyone even bothered to even look at You Tube. Even the Canadians paid no attention to You Tube. Perhaps, Rex Murphy talked some sense into them, to avoid viewing the competitions on a Steaming Pile of Goat Manure, which You Tube appears at times to be.
When Parents & Children, in this Era of Organized Everything, start whining about which Video Network should carry the “Heroics” of their little Charges, I do have a suggestion.. It’s quite simple- enjoy the moment.
Why not actually do something constructive , where everyone may learn something? Mass on Sunday is my favorite suggestion.
The Epistle, Gospel, Homily & Eucharist are something that can be done.
It is a Grand Idea.
This Video Is a Parody. Do enjoy The Irony. No Self Respecting Hipster would get caught dead using You Tube.

To That “Catholic” School Teacher Who Called The Eucharist “A Symbol “

30 May

To that Teacher Of The Catholic Faith, somewhere in Queens, calling The Eucharist a “Symbol.”:
Strange but you teach at a Minor Seminary, to help Boys to discern a calling to Priesthood or Religious Life. Are you SURE it is to The Catholic Side of The Ledger or to something like The Pentecostals?
Even Low Church Anglican seems to be the case here. As when I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus from 1996 to 1998, I listened to answers on The Corporeal Real Presence of The Christ In The Eucharist. Eighth Graders, by & large, could not answer this question(Unless They were Liturgical Servers). Please! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL OF MY UPBRINGING?
“Vox Populi, Vox Dei” needs to be spoken here. Almost 3 Generations of Cradle Catholics don’t know the answer.
But, with a Church Militant, which is truly MILITANT, the Truth will keep coming.

To THE Most Loyal Viewers of The 2011 K of C Free Throw Coverage Viewers On You Tube, I Salute You

29 May

I Salute the People who view Television Networks called CBC, CTV, & CanWestGlobal. In short, the Competition’s real You Tube Viewers were NOWHERE Near The Borough & County of Queens, NY.

They were in such diverse places as St. John’s New Brunswick, Fredericton, P.E.I., Halifax, N.S. & St. John, Newfoundland, plus a scattering of viewers in Ontario & Quebec.

These are people who have a real Commentator, who is a True Snark Master, The Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, on CBC Television.

Forest Hills was watched, mostly in the Land of Screetch, Back Bacon, The Mac Kenzie Brothers, Peter Mansbridge, Amanda Lang, Wendy Mesley & Rex Murphy. No, I am NOT talking about the Far Reaches of Queens, where all the Self Proclaimed “Digital Media Experts”, profess to reside.

“Shielded By Valor Which Thy Faith Has Made Bold”, is the English Language TRANSLATION of a Certain National Anthem’s Ending. Let’s just say, their anthem, in French, begins with “O’Canada, Terre De Nos Aieux.”

In case that one is too intellectually addled, that Nation is called Canada.

Take care, Eh!


“Patriotism & Prayer”(The HD Video)

29 May

I Often Despise Following What The Crowd Wants

28 May

I hate playing the game of “Following The Dictates Of The Crowd.” More often than not, “The Crowd” will want something, based solely on what has been seen in a newspaper. The Crowd, more often than not, has no idea of what they are asking for.
If the 2011 Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Video Coverage was any indication, I would never have utilized You Tube in any way, shape or form. The plans for the Council Competition was to be carried in a new way, namely, replete with iTunes Download, with as Superfeed 1. This would have really been a totally new direction for Free Throw Broadcasts.
It was announced on the floor in regards to this concept. But one of the contestants is demanding You Tube, because everybody else is on You Tube. That has been my point all along, so why not head to a fresh source for K of C Free Throw Viewers.
Sadly, You Tube was ordered added, because of the need to keep a contestant & her family happy, as well as being part of the crowd. The idea is “Let’s Do What Everybody Else Is Doing.”
This I will say about Google Analytics-it is damn good, as it lets me know whether or not, all those Huge YouTube Stats are real views & not merely clicks. In most cases, the views are just short clicks.
The You Tube Forced Carriage is as the result of NYC Types, who have no knowledge of what it is to put together a broadcast. It is this type with the lack of knowledge, who have all the say where a broadcast is going to appear.
A dear friend of mine, who lives in Forest Hills, Queens, told me that pushy NYC Types, have moved up to the Albany Metro Area & now have all this competitive macho about local sports & everything including where on the web it is carried. Sounds a lot like people I had this misfortune of getting to know by their attitude, in regards to webcast coverage. Most have no idea as to how any of this works. They think that their “Foul Line Wonder” will get Justin Bieber Like View #s. it doesn’t work that way. For all the Bigmouths in Queens, who made my life one big headache, it wasn’t Queens People who watched the K of C Free Throw, but it was mostly Canadians who watched all this. New York View #s according to Google Analytics, were negligible at best.
We who produce & direct , who know a lot more about who watches this type of programming, should be left to where the Video Sharing Site is.
As for the macho programming experts who know next to nothing about You Tube, my suggestion to you is to shut up & let us pros handle the uploads. Your children were watched in more places, outside of You Tube.
Better Yet, Get A Life! Especially the Families of Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contestants, if you think that Video Network Placement is most important, Getting a Life In The Christ is much more important. Accepting Him as if a Little Child will Truly Change your lives. You won’t be whining like “Real Housewives Of New Jersey.”
Pax Dominum Sit Semper Vobiscum!

The Upload

28 May

“Patriotism & Prayer” took about an hour to shoot. At Barnes & Noble in Forest Hills, two attempted uploads took two hours. Neither attempt succeeded.
But at Apple 5th Avenue in Manhattan, it was comparably brief. 48 Minutes including upload & conversion to HD 720p, occurred. The 7:04 Video is up online at
More Videos are coming forth at 960×540 HD.

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