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“Kaffee Klatsche”

30 Jun

My planned Leftist Mockery. Just look for all those Starbucks Cups being tossed on the ground.

“Who Put The Asbach Uralt In Mrs Murphy’s Chowder”

28 Jun

Intoxication beyond the stage of “Mild Gaiety”, is an unpleasant feeling for the Imbiber & anyone who is being targeted for barbs.

Someone you have known for several years, subjects you to Insults of the nature of way beyond decency, crossed the line in aggressive form, all because  of what one Lavender Cassocked Monsignor called the consumption of “Hooch.”
I wonder if that person will remember ANYTHING after this two day session of Consumption.

“Like A Virgin(Mobile)I Have Gone Android”

27 Jun

For a good # of years,  I used exclusively Apple Products from G3 A-I-O through iPod Touch 4G.
I guess that it was time for a change, so I have decided to give Android a shot, via Virgin Mobile, a fun version of Sprint.
ANDROID is a UNIX Variant called LINUX . This flavor was developed by Andrew Rubin, a former Apple Engineer. ANDREW, like the Founder of Facebook, is from Westchester County, just North of NYC.
Apple now has more than Microsoft to contend  with. With Android around, Apple has to compete in the marketplace.
That is good for e everybody.
And Virgin Mobile makes it fun.

The Next, Future ,& Prior Grand Knight

26 Jun

Consider this fact & observation:
A Knights of Cokumbus Grand Knight returns to the Office he vacated just 2 years earlier. Who initially succeeded him but his Deputy Grand Knight. Thaf man serves for a grear two years  of accomplushments. Now who succeeds him but the one he succeeded.
This is being done to groom the next man.
This promises to be an interesting 2013/2014 Columbian Year
M(PGK 1996  1998)

Liturgically, It Was “Same To You, Jack”

25 Jun

The Modernists, who took the Latin Texts for “The New Order Of The Mass”(Often Derisively Known in Traditionalist Circles as The “Novus Ordo”), “Translated” into English the Assorted Prayers.

<<Et Cum Spiritu Tuo>>, upon examination of “Spiritu”, exudes “Spirit” & Otherworldliness, but The Modernist “Translators”, seemed to have an Eye for removing anything of “Otherworldliness” from The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass”, in The Vulgar Tongue. So “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo” was given this Humanistically Oriented Interpretation, which read “And Also With You”, which may have been said as “Same To You, Jack.”

The Era of “Bad Translation” was an orienting away from The Spiritual to The Humanistic. As I was to discover when I read the Actual Latin Texts of The Liturgy, which was so beautiful to read, One could actually wonder why the Modernists moved away from “TheoCentric” to “SelfCentric” Liturgy.  Why In “The Confetior”(I Confess) that “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa”(Through My Fault, Through My Fault, Through My Most Grievous Fault”), was left ENTIRELY out of the text in the “Translation”, which was NOT a Translation, but an Expression of what the Modernists thought that we should say, which is essentially what THEY Thought.

The Music which accompanied it was Banal & uninspiring. And One Wonders where the Crowds Of Faithful went to? When Someone I Know, decided to bring in a “Countering Offensive”, by bringing in Johann Sebastian Bach & Gregorian Chant, Attendance began to Increase severalfold.  But a Chorterie of People more noted for “Cheerful Acts Of Self Service”, through their Modernistic “Leader”, began a “Whispering Campaign.” That led to a return to Dreaded Period of a drop in attendance with a corresponding drop in “Wonder & Awe.”

Perhaps, they dropped away, or converted to something else.


To Guys Who Call Their Dates, “Bitches & Whores”

22 Jun

At 3:15 AM ET, on the Northbound Subway Platform of the MTA NYC IND F 6th Avenue Queens Express, I found a Sad, Weeping, Quite Lovely Young Lady, originally from Chicago, called Kate. She cried in my arms. You don’t know how sad that is, for both Kate & Me.

Words, when used in a certain, violent way, are “Weapons Of Social Murder.” What You did is NOT Right. She lives in fear of being labled. Calling somebody a “Whore”, is both an act of Violence & Social Murder.

Kate? I prayed for you, this morning. May all be right.


“Last Supper” For “Tony Soprano”(Please)

22 Jun

Having read the NY Post Headline “The Last Supper”, in connection with the Untimely Passing in Rome of James Gandolfini, I have these questions to be asked:

Where were the 11 Goombas & One Turncoat for Tony?

As this is “The Sopranos Version”, where were the “Goombatti” of 11 Goombas. Where was Carmella?

And where was Tony’s “Judas”?

The NY Post Is Wrong-D’is Ain’t No “Last Supper.” Since these were mobsters we’re tawkin’ about, Instead of The 11 Remaining Apostles who The Christ Had That Last Supper With, as the 12th Apostle did betray The Christ.

AsFor Mr Gandolfini:

Ad Aeternum Et In Paradisium. Amen


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