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As For Two Missing iPod Touch 4Gs Of Mine

18 Jun

If You can’t get them to start, The Code Is Changed. Please return them to NYPD Transit Bureau District 20 at the Briarwood Van Wyck Boulevard E & F Stop.

If Not, please return to MTA NYC Transit Lost & Found at the W34th Street A, C & E Train Station.

Those are my Work & Communications Tools.


An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media

18 Jun

Worth Reading From Australia

Queen Victoria

Mac and WillDear Mainstream Media,

I know we haven’t exactly got along in the past, but I’m just writing to let you know the status of our relationship is now in an emergency zone. I’m no longer just pissed off. I’ve reached the point of contempt. It’s not like I didn’t already know you were a broken-record narrative, full of bias, inaccuracy and completely anti-balance, but now I have a fictional model of just how good you could be if you gave a shit. And this just makes the reality of your inadequacy even more obvious. Yes, I’m watching Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom and it’s completely depressing.

Since you probably haven’t watched Newsroom, and if you have you’re no doubt laughing it off just like your biggest defender, @sclark_melbs, calling it ‘fictional’ and ‘drama’, I thought it might be timely to let you know you could really learn something from this television…

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Maestro Martin’s Opera(The Kong Show On Blip)

18 Jun

Maestro Martin’s Opera(The Kong Show On Blip).


Maestro Martin’s Opera(The Kong Show On Blip)

18 Jun

I spend a lot of time thinking

18 Jun

It’s a favorite of Mine, Ashley

RCIA-How Much Of The Catholic Faith Is MISSED

17 Jun

A Dear Friend Of Mine, a Convert of Great Faith, came into One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church from Greek Orthodoxy. She came in via The Rosary & somkething called The Rite Of Christian Initiation For Adults.

She has a Great Devotion for The Holy Eucharist & is a Daily Communicant, but sOMETHING WAS missing. Though Baptised & Confirmed as a Baby in The Greek Orthodox Church, She was never raised in her faith.

She posed a Question to me, One which I found to be Most Unusual at 1st. It was the 1st Time that I was EVER asked this Question, whether Child, Adolescent or Adult.

The Question is “Is Sunday A Holy Day Of Obligation”, and I did find it most ODD.  Well, pursuant to CCC2081(Catechism Of The Catholic Church), Sunday, which is The Sabbath Day, IS a Holy Day OF OBLIGATION. The Saturday Vigil does cover the Sunday Obligation.

My Dearest Friend told me that RCIA didn’t cover Topics like Evil & Damnation. Strange how Instruction in Catholic Doctrinal Teaching has, Sadly, become, currently, “Watered Down Water.” As someone joked, there’s a new adult beverage called a “Sandy”, or “A Watered Down Manhattan.”

No Wonder There Are Entire Evangelical Churches made up of FORMER Catholics. It’s Watered Down Doctrine, which may not even be Doctrine.

Vox Populi-Vox Dei, there has to be some Sharp Teeth in the Teaching Of Catholic Doctrine, or else the Consequences will be a Moribund Faith. Worse, it’ll be Faith Going Through The Motions. It’ll be just like that “Sandy” Drink.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.


STAG E43/44

15 Jun

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