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George Scott, Slugger Who Boomed ‘Taters’ in Fenway, Dies at 69 –

31 Jul


29 Jul

Not enough Doctrine is taught. It was my Very Dear Friend who said it best, is that The Life Of The Church, Centres Around The Eucharist & It Must Be Frequently Received.
As for Sin, the Wee Children of “Catholic” Education, by the 12th Grade, won’t know enough of The Faith to properly defend it.
As you may have figured, I do slightly predate Vatican II by a few weeks. I do remember 11 Masses on Sunday. Many of these Masses were Packed with The Faithful.
By the end of 1st Grade, which is when we made 1st Holy Communion, we knew the Doctrine & Disciplines of The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar. I also remember kneeling at The Altar Rail with Reverence to Receive The Body of Christ. We were taught that The Body and Blood were so Sacred that ONLY a Priest, Deacon or Bishop could touch the Sacrament, as their hands were consecrated in The Sacrament Of Holy Orders. We received Communion on The Tongue.
Sadly, today, we queue up while standing to receive The Body Of Christ, by Hand or Tongue. It is a potentially dangerous practice.
On One Easter Sunday some years back, there was a Latin American Woman who received by Hand & attempted to walk away, as if to possibly use the Consecrated Host for OTHER than reception of The Sacrament. A # of these people also practice a Pagan Faith called “Santeria”, which utilizes Icons & Sacramentals in Pagan Deity Worship. A Statue of a Saint often corresponds with a Pagan Deity. But, in the Case of The Body of Christ, it may be profaned in a Satanic Ritual. I made the woman stop in her tracks and made her consume the Consecrated Host in my presence. This often takes place on Halloween(All Hallows Eve) Prior to All Saints Day.
GRIEVOUS Sin is often committed in Connection with The Eucharist, which needs to be safeguarded. Removing the Reception of The Sacrament in The Hand is a 1st Step.
My Dear Friend is Right, as Evil & Damnation never see the Light of Day in Teaching The Faith in these days.

I Now Use mVideoCut As A Production App

29 Jul

It stores video in the cloud & puts together the video when you need it.
YOU TUBE is also a great online video editor. I never thought I would ever go back to it, but,a Church Video looks just so very nice.
What is it with Vimeo & Android?

Watch “Cure Des Ars St. JOHN VIANNEY OLQM NOVENA” on YouTube

29 Jul

I Am About To Say Something Amazing Again

24 Jul

It is about Vimeo:
Are they Android Unfriendly?
If so, like their iPhone & Android Apps, Vimeo must then SUCK.

11 Year Old Girl In Yemen on Forced Marriages

24 Jul

Watch “On The Village Square (Created with Magisto)” on YouTube

23 Jul