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Prayers Desperately Sought At This Time

31 Aug

You Tube & Dailymotion

31 Aug

If You Tube is where all the views are, then why is it when I put two videos of a Priest giving a Sermon, You Tube only has 24 Hits in 96 Hours, while Daily motion in only a few minutes time has nearly 5 Times that #?



For My Dear Friend, I Ask For Prayers

30 Aug


Her Brother was in remission of his lung cancer, but now a tumor is growing & may prevent him from ever breathing normally, abeit aided. Her Mom is quite aged. His wife is going through suffering from all this stress.

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee, Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women & Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray For Us Sinners, Now & At The Hour Of Our Death, Amen.
Saint Joseph, Pray For Them & For Us, Amen.

“Occupy Fifth Avenue”

30 Aug

A Liturgical Musical Revolution Is Not Too Much To Ask For

30 Aug

The Liturgical “Muzak”, currently played in most Catholic Churches of The Latin(Roman)Rite, is blase’, Insipid, Uninspiring, Nauseatingly Sweet Treacle. If Canada’s Leading Curmudgeon on CBC News-The National, The Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, who despised “Michael, Row The Boat Ashore”, when it 1st came out, he would, mist likely, blast to Smithereens, the current “Wreckovation’ Muzak, as “Blase’, Insipid, Uninspiring Trite Tripe.”

It is time to take this “Trite Tripe” and put a Blowtorch to it all. Mass is not time for “Lite FM.” It is for Prayer.

Gregorian Chant will do as our anthem.

It is Catholic & Our Identity.
Hymns written over coffee at Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, or Tim Horton’s WILL NOT DO IT.

It may be a better chance at Gregorian Chant , if the Liturgists had some of Tim Horton’s Coffee. Rex Murphy wouldn’t mind.


“Swan Songs”

29 Aug

A “Swan Song” means that the end is near. Actually. It is a “Last Hurrah.”
1st, a few weeks ago, I went to Mass at Our Lady Of Mercy RC Church on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. The Pastor Emeritus  offered a Sunday Mass. Then, because of Bad knees, he tripped in his pool & died from a freak accident.
Some weeks ago. While recovering from a fall, the Pastor Emeritus from Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church,  came out to offer 1
Sunday Mass. He received a huge ovation. After that Mass. he was not seen again in Public. His Funeral was 2 weeks ago.
This I can now say, is that the last appearance becomes a significant event. It is a time for memories & reflections.
This past evening, I was at a Healing Mass at Our Lady Of Mercy RC Church in Forest Hills. Queens. NY.
The Deacon assisting the Priest Celebrant, I was at his 1st Mass. This Saturday. He moves out to Arizona. This was The Deacon’s Last Mass. Now I can say that I saw him at the beginning before a packed church, and then I saw him working before a sparse crowd.
My Dearest Of Friends, based in Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in Forest Hills, received devastating news this past Monday. Her brother suffers from Lung Cancer & all the complications. Her brother returned to hospital, because a tumor is growing. I have been praying for his recovery. The Dear Friend is grateful that her brother was hone for the past 3 5 months.  She is grateful for his being home.  Prayers at Mass this past evening were offered by me for her, her brother & his wife.
Swan Songs are sad ones. Last Hurrahs are painful. But they remind us of how frail we are and how we depend on God for our lives.
He Is In Charge.

“Protect HOLLYWOOD?”

27 Aug

“The ‘Update’ Called ‘Wreckovation'”

25 Aug

New Media & Current Media

24 Aug

“City Of Treacle”

24 Aug

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