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“HAPPY Feast Day To Anyone With The Name Michael, or The Feminine Version

29 Sep

In The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church, under The Extraordinary Form of The Liturgy, as we r do have  the Traditional Calendar which is valid, Today is The Feast Of The Dedication Of The Basilica of St. Michael The Archangel.

On our side of The Catholuc Church in The Latin Rite, Our Sundays still read “After Easter, after Pentecost  & After Epiphany.”
Let us just say thst Sunday is certainly not an Ordinary Day.
Sunday, in case you did not know,


Primary Live Streaming Video Networks

29 Sep

Ustream & Watchmypeer(Android Broadcaster).
Are the Two Web Broadcasters to be used here. will be used for quite wide shows of a Vatiety Nature, while The Android Broadcaster with Watchmypeer will be used extensively. will be used in conjunction with You Tube.
Both are free accounts. The Kong Show Live From Somewhere In New York will be on both & You Tube. Watch My Peer/Android Broadcaster, as well as alone, will be usrd for The Maestro Joseph Martin Concert Series.

“STREAMAGO” Added For Live Web Streaming

29 Sep

It will be tested with two Catholic Masses & a Street Fair on Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY. Coming Live.

The Drama Of My Very Dear Friend

28 Sep

Pray for her brother, George. The Lung Cancer has disabled him. He is in horrific Pain.


Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee, Blessed art Thou amongst Women & Blessed Is The Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners, Now & @ The Hour of Our Death, Amen.

St. Joseph,
Ora Pro Nobis,

FOX Sports Is In For It

27 Sep

The Android Hitler Parody App is WHY FOX SPORTS is in for it.
MLB On Fox, will never seem the same.

I Now Have The Hitler Parody App

27 Sep

Why Not! Some people deserve to be parodied.
Perhaps, because they’re showing a Pro Gay Position, the “Good People” @ FOX News may just get worked over. Why would these people abandon their core group following just to capture ratings in San Francisco’s Castro District or Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

You Have The Power Of Media Creation In Your Pocket

26 Sep

Once upon a time, one needed Fort Knox Gold to communicate across the World. And this was only up to a few years ago.
There were the “Big Three” Television Networks. At one time, they wete “New Media.”
But, Steve Jobs talked about “Digital Hubs.”
Apple came about because of this vision.
Now, with iDevices, Android & Windows, we can communicate with the World.
For on Saturday, 02/95/2011, was an Historic Occasion, as an event was produced wjth an Apple iPod Touch 4G, and sent to Cimputer Servers in NYC, Paris & San Bruno, CA, all without wires. The upload occurred on Sunday, 02/06/2011. The programme of a Sporting Nature, was transmitted via Wireless Fidelity to Dailymotion, You Tube & Vimeo. The Dailymotion Portion was rebroadcast from a Television Network’s Website in Brussels, Belgium. The Event was in East Glendale, Queens, NY USA.  It was produced using a pocket sized iDevice.
And it did not have the Budget of Major Broadcasters.
The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship was carried from a Catholic Parish in High Definition.
The New Wotld of Reaching the World was here.
It was in the hands of a Sporting Experimenter.
God gives us the way to share Him with The World.
Share The Great News.