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“HAPPY Feast Day To Anyone With The Name Michael, or The Feminine Version

29 Sep

In The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church, under The Extraordinary Form of The Liturgy, as we r do have  the Traditional Calendar which is valid, Today is The Feast Of The Dedication Of The Basilica of St. Michael The Archangel.

On our side of The Catholuc Church in The Latin Rite, Our Sundays still read “After Easter, after Pentecost  & After Epiphany.”
Let us just say thst Sunday is certainly not an Ordinary Day.
Sunday, in case you did not know,


Primary Live Streaming Video Networks

29 Sep

Ustream & Watchmypeer(Android Broadcaster).
Are the Two Web Broadcasters to be used here. will be used for quite wide shows of a Vatiety Nature, while The Android Broadcaster with Watchmypeer will be used extensively. will be used in conjunction with You Tube.
Both are free accounts. The Kong Show Live From Somewhere In New York will be on both & You Tube. Watch My Peer/Android Broadcaster, as well as alone, will be usrd for The Maestro Joseph Martin Concert Series.

“STREAMAGO” Added For Live Web Streaming

29 Sep

It will be tested with two Catholic Masses & a Street Fair on Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY. Coming Live.

The Drama Of My Very Dear Friend

28 Sep

Pray for her brother, George. The Lung Cancer has disabled him. He is in horrific Pain.


Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee, Blessed art Thou amongst Women & Blessed Is The Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners, Now & @ The Hour of Our Death, Amen.

St. Joseph,
Ora Pro Nobis,

FOX Sports Is In For It

27 Sep

The Android Hitler Parody App is WHY FOX SPORTS is in for it.
MLB On Fox, will never seem the same.

I Now Have The Hitler Parody App

27 Sep

Why Not! Some people deserve to be parodied.
Perhaps, because they’re showing a Pro Gay Position, the “Good People” @ FOX News may just get worked over. Why would these people abandon their core group following just to capture ratings in San Francisco’s Castro District or Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

You Have The Power Of Media Creation In Your Pocket

26 Sep

Once upon a time, one needed Fort Knox Gold to communicate across the World. And this was only up to a few years ago.
There were the “Big Three” Television Networks. At one time, they wete “New Media.”
But, Steve Jobs talked about “Digital Hubs.”
Apple came about because of this vision.
Now, with iDevices, Android & Windows, we can communicate with the World.
For on Saturday, 02/95/2011, was an Historic Occasion, as an event was produced wjth an Apple iPod Touch 4G, and sent to Cimputer Servers in NYC, Paris & San Bruno, CA, all without wires. The upload occurred on Sunday, 02/06/2011. The programme of a Sporting Nature, was transmitted via Wireless Fidelity to Dailymotion, You Tube & Vimeo. The Dailymotion Portion was rebroadcast from a Television Network’s Website in Brussels, Belgium. The Event was in East Glendale, Queens, NY USA.  It was produced using a pocket sized iDevice.
And it did not have the Budget of Major Broadcasters.
The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship was carried from a Catholic Parish in High Definition.
The New Wotld of Reaching the World was here.
It was in the hands of a Sporting Experimenter.
God gives us the way to share Him with The World.
Share The Great News.

Parte VI, Addendum II, From Saturday. 1/7/1995 To Sunday, 9/15/2013

20 Sep

I found something strange about being Grand Knight of a Knights of Columbus Council, in that WHY would an Official of The K of C Supreme Council in New Haven, CT, totally bypass the Grand Knight & speak to a Deacon, who is not even a Member of The Order & swear that Deacon to Secrecy, not to reveal who this Official is. On the surface, the story was awfully strange.
The Official Certificates were destroyed. The Deacon asked instead for 15 K of C Certificates of Merit.
Seven were awarded & 8 never saw the light of day. The Deacon never revealed what happened to the other 8 Certificates. Thirty Two Altar Server Awards were destroyed by orders of that “Supreme Council Official.”
A nice party was had at Sacred Heart at the end of the Mass. It was informal. The ONLY Thing which was not so nice was the Deacon tossing me a broken microphone. He hurriedly departed the room for the 11AM Mass.
The 7 Certificates were awarded. One of The Families to come up for the presentation, in fact the last family, were the Parents of The Cantor. Her brother was the last server awarded.
If I had known THEN, what I know NOW, there might not have been a ceremony at Sacred Heart in East Glendale.
A question was asked of my Financial Secretary. Now a Council Financial Secretary exists as a Direct Link between Supreme Council & the Local Council. This does not confer the title of Supreme Council Official. The Council Financial Secretary, a Past Grand Knight from the Late 1980s, responded with “We don’t want those people to expect this.’ His son, a Past Grand Knight from the Early 1990s, acting as the Advocate(Council Attorney), concurred with his father.
A few minutes later, suspecting that Suspicious Activity was in progress in East Glendale, as to WHY People were being sworn to Secrecy, I asked the Financial Secretary as to when he was an Episcopalian, if he was ever a Member of The Masons. He stated that he WAS, but took a Demit, which means that he had resigned his membership to come into The Catholic Church at a the Easter Vigil in 1974.
Only thing was, I was STILL Suspicious. . This should not be a feeling to have, but I had it. And there was more to come. As to WHY this 1st Hit on Council Parish Operations occurred in the Council’s Home Parish, the Answer would actually take approximately 12 Years to find out, from 1998 until 2010. or in Mac OS Versions 8.6 until OS X 10.7.
Now on the Server Awards at OLQM, things went well from 10:51AM to 11:23AM on 2/22/1998. I was tired though at the end. There was a group photo on the Main Steps. One of The Servers, David James, now coordinates the Servers. He actually received The Actual Award which read “As We Pray With You For Your Vocation, So Shall We Pray FOR You.”
This was never seen by The Sacred Heart Servers, receiving the Certificates Of Merit. This was INTENTIONALLY Done, so that the Knights of Columbus would not be able to get across the Message about Vocations to Priesthood or Religious Life. This Award Ceremony is used in connection with promoting Vocations. Somebody was desperate enough to keep this from occurring.
The Month of March, 1998, was a BRUTAL One. When it was announced that the OLQM Soloist, who was also an Altar Server there, desperate action was taken. The Cantor from Sacred Heart, who as it turned out, was a Bratty, Snooty little Smart Arse, whined like a Banshee over this plan.
The Absolutely UNTHINKABLE occurred. Some woman, sporting Catholic Charities, Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Credentials, showed up at OLQM with a Teenaged Girl in tow. This was done to discredit my K of C administration, as well as to ruin the reputation of both my administration & a certain Girl Scout Council Official. The purpose of this visitation was to cut all Knights of Columbus Links with OLQM Parish.
The Girl, well coached by this Catholic Charities Group Facilitator, stated that I stalked her at a Girl Scout Meeting in Richmond Hill, Queens.
This Sick, Deranged Plan worked. The Council could no longer do business at Queens Blvd. Never was I so devastated in my entire life.
The Cantor ran up to me & told me that this sick plot was that of The Girl Scout Council Official. It made me heartsick. But I still had my suspicions. The Council Advocate at that time, in a stuttering & effeminate manner, told me that “You have perverted Sexual Feelings for that little girl. Everybody knows that.” Except that this guy was seen in a breakup with his 1st Gay Lover on Council Property in 1990. He should talk.
On Council Awards Night in 1998, I had the Opportunity to thank those who worked closely with me, in what one could call a “Reunion/Reunification” of Sacred Heart Parish & Msgr Sherman Council. An Irish Holy Ghost Father, who ran the Appalachia Fund to send young people from East Glendale to help build homes for the Poor in Appalachia, was honored. Also honored with this Special Grand Knight’s Award were the Couple who aided this Priest(Now Home in Ireland).
But that evening, I had no idea who my betrayers were, which caused some tears for me. When all the ceremonies ended. It was time for a party. For I spoke from the heart. Not knowing what would occur next, with some NewTestament inspiration(I was a Stranger & You Welcomed Me).
Very Strange Words were spoken softly by the Woman. Those words are “I wonder if Michael would have honored us if he knew what we are doing to him.” That is the strangest thing I heard at any time from 1996 until 1998. It made me think about things until March 15th, 2000.
The K of C Free Throw in January, 1999, which I chaired, was hit. The event lasted 3 Hours. Why did it take that long?
Somebody didn’t believe in cooperation, so ground rules were mysteriously changed in the Name of Reform. That purpose was to force move the competition to a Parish in Ozone Park, to create havoc in another Council’s service area. Also, my name was cursed to that new region.
This was in 2000. Other plans included cheating contestants from Our Lady Of Mercy on Kessel Street.
But what occurred at Sacred Heart in January, 1999, followed the pattern of the Altar Server Awards at Sacred Heart. The sick punishment for honoring someone’s Archenemy, would continue. This was in The Vendetta Stage. I was banned from running the competition by the Deputy Grand Knight, who was Grand Knight from 1999 until 2001.
This was an Era of Destruction & Harassment. Somebody was passing information to my job. which became a hostile place for me to work. This was like insanity. Certain Characters in the job were somehow linked into the World of Council 5103. Then, I thought about it for awhile and wondered if there were a few Freemasons inside the Council. “Double Agents” is what one would call them. A # of Colleagues were members of “The Craft.” The members of The Craft in the job were Catholics.
A second K of C Free Throw was moved to Sacred Heart over my objections. I was banned by a Rumor Campaign,, laced with Sexual Innuendo, in 2003.
Then it hit me. In 1999 my friends with the daughter who was The Cantor, suddenly were making plans to move to Mesa, Arizona. I wondered why. Then it hit me, that this Holier than Thou Couple weren’t even married & that they were a couple of cohabitation frauds. I was quite upset about this.
Their whole goal was to have the daughter elected to the Franciscan Chapter of The National Honor Society. To say that it was an honor to be part of this Girl’s chase to that election would have been nice, but I had some misgivings about the whole thing. Something didn’t look right, nor feel right. I began to wonder as to whether or not this family was honorable. Too many occasions of sabotage occurred with this family around. I was asked to be a signatory of the daughter’s application. I decided to sign. After signing, I asked for when I should send the supporting documentation.
I did not like the attitude of the answer. The mother answered “We took care of that.”
I began to wonder about what went on that application under my signature.
My dad was ill, having suffered a mild stroke in September 1999. He was in hospital. I had a lot on my mind.
The Wake Of My Father In Forest Hills:
Everybody showed up on Metropolitan Avenue, either from East Glendale or City Line-Cypress Hills as well as Forest Hills for this Occasion. In this group included the Masterminds/Betrayers of My Trust during the 1996-1998 Administrations & Work Colleagues. The Mass of The Resurrection was Concelebrated at Sacred Heart in East Glendale on Saturday, 02/18/2000. At least my father, of all his brothers & sister, made it into a year beginning with a 2.
On Monday, 2/20/2000, the District K of C Free Throw was held. A 12 Year Old Girl called Christina, was cheated out of the next round by a girl who was discovered to be 14 going on 15. I immediately requested a Birth Certificate check. The Grand Knight intervened. He told me that it was none of my business & that was done in connection with our “New Alliances.” This was becoming strange. Another K of C Free Throw being hit, is a cause for alarm. I protested this act, to which he remarked “F–k her, we don’t need Mercy.” By this action, plans were being made to eliminate another Parish from the Council’s .network.
On 2/25/2000, The Queens County Championship was held at the Immaculate Conception Centre in Douglaston, Queens. By the way, the “12 Year Old” actually lost to an Actual 12 Year Old. I was relieved by that loss.
But, on that day, a Priest who I knew, was moving into Immaculate Conception Center, which was the Former Cathedral College. He is a Pastor Emeritus of OLQM. It was just good to see him.
The Ides Of March, MM:
Shakespeare wrote this about Julius Caesar, who faced betrayal & being whacked by Brutus & Cassius on The Ides Of March. Actually, this is Thursday, March 15th, 2000.In this case, between 71 Rd & 72 Avenue on Queens Blvd, I met that Priest again. I received a message from him that I was not to trust members of my entourage of this time.
Let me put it to you this way, as that family that was moving to Arizona was really close to me at Sacred Heart in East Glendale, it was time to put a huge distance between the family and me. But, I would do it so niceky that they wouldn’t know what hit them. After all one can catch more pestilence with honey than with vinegar.
It hit me that The Altar Server Awards at Sacred Heart, The 1999 K of C Free Throw at Sacred Heart, and the Smack Down of the K of C 5103 Relationship, were as the result of this family interfering in Council Operations. The use of Sexual Innuendo was a Weapon of Choice by this Sinful Family. It was at the Fourth & Final Appalachia Fund Mass/Breakfast that the Darling Daughter, wore a Cheshire Cat Grin, bragging about how useful I was to her cause. Saying slowly and softly to this little darling, I made my point, that “Be proud of Your Achievements and Never take credit for someone elses achievements for you’ll sleep better.” She panicked, telling her mom that I found out about their sick little game. Their Perfecf Crime Scheme, came to an end on Queens Blvd. Like Shakespeare once said “Beware The Ides of March.”
In 2006, a Former Masonic District Deputy revealed the fact thaf there are Three Pasf Grand Knights in K of C 5103 who are active Freemasons. But it was in 2010 that the puzzle was solved when it was revealed that the Head of That Treacherous Household, now in Arizona, named Vito, is indeed a Freemason. It explains as to why anything Catholic in East Glendale was eliminated. He feared that the truth about his daughter & embezzling Girl Scout Troop Funds, was coming out of Forest Hills. If was his Common Law “Wife”, who showed up with their daughter to scare a Catholic Parish out of doing business with the K of C .
The Masons have secrets, but they have been revealed. They hate The Church & that is NO Secret. This Nightmare can happen to Anybody.

Parte V From 1/7/1995 To 9/15/2013(Addendum)

18 Sep

If ever I have heard of an order of Men, dedicated to the Deification of Men, it is called Freemasonry. I know of NO MAN, who could create a tree out of NOTHING. I KNOW OF NO MAN, who has walked on water. nor turned water into wine. I have known of plenty of men who have turned Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea, into Wastewater & the flush following that conversion.

What is sad is the incredible LACK of Catechisis in The Modern Church. Many Children are taught that The Holy Eucharist is a Group Meal like a Pizza Party. Many are taught that the Eucharist is Symbolic. Imagine making your 1st Holy Communion without a sense of Sin. Often, the Sacrament of Penance(Reconciliation sounds so Modernistic) is given a year after 1st Holy Communion. Is there something wrong with this picture?

I recall a conversation with two Past Grand Knights, who as I found out later, were & still are Freemasons. One stated that the Teaching of The Faith is so much BETTER than it had been. For the Masonic Bottom Line, this lack of Authentic Catholic Teaching is leading to membership in this “Man Is God, You Are Your Own Pope” Organization. There is Something Wrong With This Picture.

I once witnessed an entire class of schoolchildren being taken to Confession. Of the 30 or so in Church, only 3 actually went to Confession. This I found strange by the standards of the Early 1960s. Do any of these children know what Sin is?

I know about the Fury of Freemasons who are Catholic. Trust me on this, as one will undergo Suffering of Spiritual & Psychological Kind. It is brutal. These People are Bullies. If they don’t want something Catholic in a Region, Psychological Warfare is their tactic. It wears one out. Rumor & Sexual Innuendo is most often part of Psychological Warfare. That version of The Warfare is most brutal. This is when the Perpetrators make themselves out to be very moral people, even when they are far from it.

There was this Couple in East Glendale in Queens, who tended to organize events in their local Catholic Parish(Latin Rite). On the surface, they seemed like the Ultimate Christian Couple. They had their feet washed on Holy Thursday for two consecutive calendar years. But, there was something deeply wrong with these two. Outside of a NEED to control everything Catholic within the Parish Boundaries, there were other things which were wrong. Now, WHY, when a question was asked about Matrimony, did the woman break into a Cold Sweat & started stammering? Why did the Man state “It must’ve slipped my mind”? This was the 1st of a good # of questions.
Their Daughter was a Cantor. She was not the greatest in the world but she appeared to be doing things with a kindly heart. But, what I did not know was that other talented girls were bumped from assignments through the bullying tactics of her father & the rumormongering efforts of her mother. This I learned about from various people inside that Parish. From K of C 5103 in East Glendale, when I was Grand Knight, this girl was asked to sing at certain special occasions involving The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass on Council Property.
When the Daughter was honored by my administration, in October, 1997, a Girl Scout Council Official who was her troop leader, was present. I soon got to know her via the 10AM Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs(OLQM) in Forest Hills, my 1990s Base of Operation. The woman headed the Family Mass Committee. She worked with me rather nicely. She had us host a practice run of a Young Soloist’s Preparation for her Christmas Eve Solo, by the Soloist singing The 11/11/1997 Council 5103 Memorial Mass for Deceased Members in the Council Chamber. That worked out well as she received an 11 1/2 Minute Standing Ovation, replete with chants of “Bravo”, “Bravissimo” & “Encore.”
However, this did come out. This East Glendale Family was not only insanely jealous, but that Girl Scout Leader was said to be an “Archenemy” of this family. I was added as Archenemy #2, for doing business with Archenemy #1.

On Sunday. February 22nd, 1998, The Historical 1st Ever Msgr Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards were held after the 10AM Mass st OLQM. It was the last Sunday before the beginning of Lent. A # of Servers were there, including the Soloist. 64 Names were called for Altar Server Awards. Then there were 8 People who were of help to my administration. The Soloist was the Last Name called.
She received another invitation to sing the next Mass, that of The Appalachia Fund at 5103.
(End of Parte V & Addendum I, with Addendum Ii in Parte VI, Next).

Parte IV From Saturday, 1/7/2995 to Sunday, 9/15/2013

18 Sep

Normally, Fr Joseph F Wilson offered this Sunday Traditional Latin Mass. . I picked up a copy of the morning Mass Sheet containing prayers & hymns. But the usual name of Fr Wilson was not there.
The name of the Priest Celebrant was known to me.
He was no longer a 7th Grader nor a K of C Free Throw Contestant. He was not playing an organ at Mass.

Reverend Father Daniel Champoli.

The Mass of The 17th Sunday After Pentecost.

He offered it as Celebrant & Alter Christus..

Deo Gratias!