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THE SAWX Party Continues Here In Brooklyn, NY

31 Oct

I must toast my Red Sox Champs in my Native Land. I am talking about Brooklyn, NY, which in History, had a team in October, 1955, defeat Da Fahkin’Yankees in 7 Games. I know this as that team now calls Fruit & Nut Land, in LA, Home.
Approximately 4:15PM EDT, at the Centre of Manhattan Avenue by Messerole Avenue in Greenpoint, a short distance from Williamsburg, two Red Sox Fans high fived in the Middle of Manhattan Avenue. I was one of those two fans.

Keep The Beards, Sawx & I don’t care what the NY Daily News says. It is only Made In New York Fishwrap, full of Yankees Treacle.

I Hate Treacle, just like My Most Dear Of Friends.

M(In Greenpoint Brooklyn NY)

Now Back To The Regularly Scheduled CATHOLIC Purpose of This Site

31 Oct

Catholic Commentary from A Thoroughly Orthodox Standpoint, will continue here. Often, some Snark will be used to drive home my points.

As my Most Dear of Friends would put it rather bluntly, “No Treacle.”


On The BBC World Service, More Sawx

31 Oct

The Bearded World Champs were quite the topic on The BBC World Service to North America.

Do Tune In.

M In Queens, NY, USA

Hail To “The Smith Brothers”Style Of The Boston Red Sox

31 Oct

You may remember when you were wee ones, the box of throat drops with two bearded men called The Smith Brothers, with their beards.
Meet “The New Smith Brothers”, the 2013 World Series Champions, The Boston Red Sox.
Keep The Beards Flowing & Jonny Lester’s Pitching Going.
As for “The Last Idiot of 2004”, Papi Ortiz, congrats on a 3rd World Series MVP.

M in Queens.

On “FAWX” Last Evening, Tim Took His Final Bow

31 Oct

James Timothy Mc Carver, often known by Red Sox Nation, was paid Tribute, as he worked his 24th And Last World Series On Television. Since the 1980s on ABC, the Early 1990s on CBS, and since 1996 on FAWX(South Boston Pronunciation of FOX SPORTS), James Timothy Mc Carver has called 24 World Series.
He called Pitches for such St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Legends as Bob Gibson & Steve Carlton, as a Catcher.
But, something is missing here, as Tim, I believe, was Miscast.
From 1983 until 1998, there was a Time, when Tim entertained NY Area Audiences on NY Mets Telecasts on Satellite Superstation WOR(WWOR)TV Channel 9 and Sportschannel NY, as a Most Excellent Play By Play Man.
You have read me correctly-Play By Play Man in The NY Mets Television Booth. He was oh so entertaining.
Yes, Tim was elected to the Broadcasters Wing of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, often on the votes of those NY Mets Fans, who heard The Real Tim.
Tim was part of Baseball History, on field in 3 World Series, 16 Seasons with Baseball Hall of Fame Slugger Ralph Kiner in The NY Mets Booth & the last 18 Years with Joseph Francis Buck, on FOX.

Tim will be missed A LOT.

M(In Flushing, near the Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, in Queens, NY).

The Site Of Game 6 Of The 1986 World SeriesSeries

31 Oct

It Took 95 Years But The Sawx Did It In Home Sweet Home-Boston Strong

31 Oct

OK, it was on September 11th, in 1918, when Babe Ruth was used as a Defensive Replacement, so The Red Sox won their 5th World Series.

86 Years later, a World Series Sweep.
95 Years Later AT Home Finally.
The Boston Marathon Tragedy is Past with the 3rd World Series Title in 10 Seasons.

As Tim Mc Carver once said:

“Baby, You Gotta Love It!”

And Red Sox Nation Sure Does.

As Big Papi David Ortiz has said

“This is our Fahkin’ City.”

And so it goes.

Go Sawx!

M(A Short Distance From Citi Field In Queens).

Fenway Park With All Its’ Passion

31 Oct

Adding to the Passion of tonight’s World Series Game 6, US Air Force Reservists, in The Harmony of The Barbershop Quartets of Old, sang “God Bless America”.
Now THAT was Spirited.
The Fans are more than alive. It is as lively as an NHL Bruins Game at TD Banknorth Garden up by North Station.
St. Louis at Busch Stadium III, well, it was a Polite Crowd, not unlike Treacle, which I utterly despise.
Give me lively anyday.

M(Near The Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, in Flushing, Queens, NY).

On The Mercy Of God And The Love And Fear Of His Justice, There Is The Sacrament Of Penance

31 Oct

One thing which Many Catholics of The Latin Rite never seem to do is head to a Place of Refreshment, Light & Peace, as well as to avoid offending God deeply enough as to call Judgement on Oneself. The Idea of Everybody Goes To Heaven, which in the Grave Heresy of Secularism, seems to be the bad practice these days, seems to have lessened the need to Confess one’s sins.
Does anyone remember The Sacrament of Reconciliation(Penance)?
Since the Era of Bad Catechisis which began in 1966, where the Transmission of The Authentic Catholic Faith has been interrupted for Modernist Craptitude in the form of Focus Group Therapy, the Sacrament of Reconciliation(Penance) has experienced an IMMENSE Shortfall.
For so many times in The Gospels of Jesus Christ according to The Four Evangelists, The Christ has called for Repentance or for One to face the music of God’s Just Judgement, one should avail oneself for a Confession of one’s Sins(Yes, in case you are wondering), because One would not like to spend Eternity in a very hot place separated from God.
The Sacrament is quite available.
Do it for your Soul. And you will become Pleasing to God and have the feeling that you had a heavy burden lifted from you by God.
It is way better than the Alternative.

M(About a Mile From The Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, here in The Borough of Queens).

“Treacle, Treacle, Little Star, How I Wonder Why You Make Me Barf”

30 Oct

The Reason as to WHY I am writing this is because there are people who are truly repelled by what is attempting passed off as so called “Relevant Liturgical Music”, which is quite banal and Secularistic in nature. It is about as strange as Boston Red Sox or New York Mets Fans singing a Baseball Song by One Terry Cashman, where the Object of Adulation is The NY Yankees(Which Means that it is not happening).
Now for the opening of a Novena for St. John Vianney, The Cure’ Des Ars, there was Liturgical Music which was of the “I, Mine, Me, We, Ours, Us” variety, stuff one would not sing, except mockingly in Parody Form, at a “Post Communion Tailgating Celebration” of The Latin Mass Group Parking & Chowder Society. It was so bad at the opening Mass of that 9 Day Novena, that the music was of “Please Stop, I Am Suffering From Intestinal Distress, which needs Industrial Strength Relief.” It was due to such s poorly sung liturgy, that the Traditional Latin Mass is my Sunday Home. And at the Traditional Latin Liturgy, the Level of Discussion is much higher, whilst at the Ordinary Rite Level, or Modernist City, Banality is the rule of the day.
For my most dear of friends, she goes to Sunday Mass, north of New York City.
She has told me of the Treacle being sung, which is an Insult to One’s Intelligence. She becomes enraged, for as she tells me that this Treacle, utterly repels.¬† This “Self Esteem Secularism” crap in The Mass, so deeply upsets my most dear of friends. It caused her so much upset that she did not go to Mass for two consecutive Sundays, before heading to The Sacrament of Reconciliation(Penance) and return to Sunday Liturgy with a new interest in finding Traditional Latin Mass. The Treacle could have caused¬† her to lose her

Lturgical Music with an emphasis on “I, My, Me, Mine, We, Ours, Us” is of the “Me Generation of The Worldly.” It is a pleasant way of indoctrinating one into The Heresy Called Secularism, where one is lulled into a false sense that it is okay to sing “Consecrated Karaoke Songs” at Mass, becsuse The Church allows this. This is Muzak not of God, but of The World & Oneself. It is better not to sing any of this, because to sing it, one would actually be violating the 1st Of The 10 Commandments, “I am The Lord Thy Good, Thou Shalt Not have any Strange gods before Me .” In The Grave Heresy of Secularism, one holds The Triune Godhead as one of many options.
But, those options are what St. Paul The Apostle would call these False Gods as nothing more than Demons to lead one astray. Can any of these False gods walk on water, change water into wine or rise from The Dead after 3 Days?
If you do sing these songs to Self, it has been said that the one thing you can do is change Wine into Water, namely by urination. WHY would you worship THAT?

M(In Flushing, Queens, NY, near Citi Field)

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