From Westmount, PQ, Eugenie Bouchard Is The Darling Of The Australian Open

21 Jan

A French Canadian Teen Jeune Fille(Lassie. Eh) is the Darling of Tennis Aficionados in the Tennis Grand Slam Event, The Australian Open. Eugenie Bouchard is her name & in her teens. She is the 2nd Canadian to go to the Finals and the First in 30 Years. She is also the 1st French Canadian.

She has a Huge Group of Australian Male Fans. A Spirited Group of Lads are gathered, singing the English Language Version of “O Canada”(The Version which is heard at NHL Games in Canada and The USA). These Guys sound a bit like they’ve had a few Foster’s Lagers In them(Australian for Beer, Mate). From what I have been told by CBC Radio Montreal, the Aussies are enjoying Genie’s Joue(Play).

Eugenie? See You in the US Open in Flushing Meadow. May there be More Renditions of O Canada in your Honour. I will raise a half litre of Molson’s Ale for this.


5 Responses to “From Westmount, PQ, Eugenie Bouchard Is The Darling Of The Australian Open”

  1. gettingfitterallthetime 2014/01/21 at 20:23 #

    Good for you for cheering for our Canadian star! Just one thing, her name is Eugenie and she goes by Genie, as opposed to Jeannine. Go see her at the USOpen if you can. She’s great to watch, and only getting better.

    • microbudgetproductions 2014/01/21 at 20:30 #

      I shall make the appropriate correction. Thank You so much. I was listening to Metro Morning on CBC Montreal. They only used the name Jeannine and Jeannie.

      • gettingfitterallthetime 2014/01/21 at 21:10 #

        Haha, I guess that’s the problem with radio! Montreal (and all of Canada, really) is getting very excited by Mlle. Bouchard

      • microbudgetproductions 2014/01/21 at 21:14 #

        I am just as excited. I hope she is at the US Open to create this kind of excitement.

      • microbudgetproductions 2014/01/21 at 21:15 #

        I live 25 Minutes from Flushing Meadow Park, where the US Open occurs.

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