Beyond You Tube-You Can Run Your Own Networks (Live, Of Course & Free)

29 Jan

You Tube is, supposedly,The Place to get noticed. In reality, if you have the cash for purchasing You Tube Views via View Gathering Services, then by all means, go there.

They also have their own Live Service. But, that is for Actual Broadcast Professionals like The Bands and Broadcast Networks, so if you want to do your Local 9/11 Coverage, then You Tube is not really the place for it.

I still have Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage on The World’s 2nd Largest Video Site, Dailymotion. By going there, people are still viewing it. The HD 720p Coverage, which gained a spot on RTL. be in Belgium in 2011, is still being viewed. It stands Alone on that Service.

But, this is a Different Era. Local Events like this NEED to go Live, instead of to You Tube Oblivion. There is coverage which is about 6 Years Old. This is Vintage Stuff. That Contestant may be in secondary school or University. Video can age and Be Forgotten. It is News, which needs to be Fresh.

Live, Like on a Live Web Broadcasting Service is the way to go. And you can do it from your Mobile Phone. And, like You Tube, You can do it for Free.


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