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Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Is Stale On You Tube

29 Jan

Amazing! No Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage is being uploaded to You Tube. This is truly Amazing.

It was a Rite Of Passage to upload a Council or District Competition to that Steaming Pile of Goat Custard. But, it looks like there is no interest in going on to You Tube. There is coverage that is 6 Years Old up there.

No Council Coverage has invaded Dailymotion. That tends to be Home to coverage I produced in 2011.  Something tells me that overall coverage peaked when my production of Round 2 appeared on website.3302 Views of Dailymotion Coverage over 3 Years and still growing.

Maybe Live on one of the Live Web Broadcast Services may be the way to go.

You Tube is so “2005.”


Watch “Ninja Catholics” (The Vortex With MichaelVoris)

29 Jan

I Fully Understand WHY Byzantine Rite Catholics & Greek Orthodox Mock The Crap Out Of Badly Done Novus Ordo Catholic Liturgies(& The BAD Muzak That Comes With It)

29 Jan

The Scene was on Brazilian Television. Sadly, even with a Latin Rite Bishop present, it was a Mass with actual circus performers, who presented the Lectionary for reading The Epistle and Gospel. Let me say that this stuff is a Desecration of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. Somebody should be excommunicated for such Desecration of The Mass. As St. John Chrysostom once said “The Road To Hell is paved with The Skulls of Bishops”, that Brazilian Liturgy in The Land of Machismo, was an example of something crying out to Heaven For Vengeance. It was an Utter Disgrace.

This Ordinary Form of The Mass is the Most Liturgically Abused Liturgy in this world. From “Clown Masses(Minus Rob Ford), to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” versions of The Gloria and Agnus Dei(One Line Latin & One Line English), to Folk Masses using Commercial Music, that the Latin Rite Liturgy is ridiculed in this way, via You Tube.

No Wonder The Eastern Orthodox Churches, particularly the Greeks & Russians, have no want of a Return to Unity. They don’t want to be tarred with the same brush.

And with “Vomit, Barf, Puke, Treacle” Style Liturgical Music, which one might hear on an elevator, who can blame them. Gregorian Chant, not “The Anthem”, is the Music of Converts. Sound Liturgy, not Gimmicky Crap, is what The Faithful want.

If I go to a Boxing Match, I don’t want an NBA Game to break out.  Got That?

And in Tribute to Michael Voris, “The Church Of Nice” says NOTHING about Bad Liturgy.


The Epiclesis

29 Jan

The Action of The Holy Spirit to allow for the Offerings of Bread(Latin or Roman Rite is Unleavened, as Matzoh was eaten as The Body of Christ at The Last Supper. Byzantine Rite uses Leavened Bread, as for the Action of The Holy Spirit), to become The Body & Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.
I was reading from The St. Joseph Daily Missal from 1956. The belief in the Latin(Roman)Rite was that the Words of Institution were enough to change the Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. But, at The Closing Prayer of The Roman Canon, this action of The Holy Spirit is in the form of “In The Unity of The Holy Ghost”, which is Implication.
Now in the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, at the end of The Words of Institution, The Words of Institution are Not Enough & The Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) is called upon to complete this action.
In The Ordinary Rite of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, The Holy Spirit is called down 1st.
In The Tridentine Latin Mass, The Holy Spirit’s Action is Implied at the End of The Roman Canon. In both the Ordinary Form of Mass & in the Divine Litugies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil, Martyr, the Action of The Holy Spirit is Explicit. Both Forms for Consecration are Valid.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Watch “Hell Hath No Beauty” on YouTube(MichaelVoris)

28 Jan

Archbp Bugnini Thought About Totally Chucking Out CATHOLIC Elements Of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass

28 Jan

The New Catholic Liturgy, promulgated on Sunday, 11/29/1969, was supposed to be PROTESTANT Friendly. But, while some of these Elements are Lutheran and Anglican in Practice, there are Byzantine Catholic Elements in this Mass.
The Byzantine Rite was into Vernacular in both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. The Prayer of The Faithful is based on Antiphons chanted in The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
Later, with Standing to receive Holy Communion, that is a Byzantine Practice.
Also later was Communion under both Species. Whereas in Byzantine Rite where both The Body & Blood of Christ is served via Communion Spoon, with Communicant tipping head back to receive the Sacrament, in the Latin(Roman)Rite, Latins 1st receive the Body of Christ then go to 2nd Station to receive the Blood of Christ.
There is the 3 Year Cycle of Readings of The Epistles & Gospels. This came from a Protestant Lectionary called The Revised Common Lectionary.

Protestants do not believe in the Total Change of Substance of The Bread & Wine into The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ. Rather, in these two Protestant Practices, especially Lutherans and Broad Church Anglicans who believe in Consubstantiation (Also Methodists and Presbyterians), where The Body and Blood of Christ only co-exist with the Bread and Wine. The Theory of Mere Symbolism is advanced by Ulrich Zwingli.
So Communion in The Hand, which may have been Arian Heresy in Practice, is practiced by Protestants. Arius only believed in One Nature of Jesus.

My Most Dear Friend, as Greek Orthodox, used to receive what is called Antidoron at The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Antidoron(Ahndeethoron) is the Blessed Bread, not Consecrated Bread, from the Same Leavened Bread Loaf used in the Holy Eucharist. That Blessed Bread is distributed from a Basket. That Blessed but Not Consecrated Bread is distributed into one’s hand.

The Nicene Creed is prayed in The Entire Catholic Church throughout The World, as is The Lord’s Prayer.

It should be noted that in what is called the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, We Roman Catholics, like Our Byzantine, Antiochan, Alexandrian, Armenian and Chaldean Catholic Brethren, believe that the Elements of Bread & Wine, become The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. The Eastern Orthodox Churches of Byzantine Rite also believe this.

Gregorian Chant enhances the Current Ordinary Form of The Mass. It may also be offered in Latin, where the Mass Propers may be sung in Latin. This is something which is in the Sacrosanctorum Concillium.

The Catholic Elements stayed. The Latin Rite Elements along with the Byzantine Rite Elements, preserved The Catholicity of The Current, Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

Only The Table Altar and Communion In The Hand are actually Protestant. The Scriptural Readings of Today, with Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle and Gospel follows the Lutheran, Anglican Broad Church System. The Confeitior follows from Lutheran. The Rest of This Mass follows Latin and Byzantine Practice.

Interestingly enough, one of the 6 Protestant Ministers was ordained a Catholic Priest. Fr Max Thurian, who was Sub Prior of The Taize Community of Brothers, called for a “Reform Of The Reform” of the Current Form of Mass, which calls for “Ad Orientem”, from the time of The Offertory to the End of Holy Communion.  Sadly, he was ignored.
But, Pope Benedict XVI did grant by Motu Proprio of 7/7/2007, full permission of any Latin Rite Priest to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 Roman Missal.

Most Roman Catholics have no clue about Byzantine Rite Catholic Liturgy. It is Ancient and Transcendent Liturgy. If Roman Catholics really want to understand their Faith, head to the Byzantine Rite. One will really learn about their Faith and, perhaps, understand the Current Liturgy more so than ever before.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!


Mr Kim In North Korea Kills Uncle and…

28 Jan

Members of that Family have been murdered as well, including the North Korean Ambassador To Cuba.

What a Total Whackjob! You play by the sword, you go down from it.