A-12C, Il fait froid A Queens

28 Feb

OK, so this story sounds like Montreal, but I am in Queens and Grateful that I have Shelter.
For Sunday and Monday, there’s NEIGE due.
In short, it is Beyond Cold. It is the End of the Month. It is rather a time for me to Be Grateful to The Triune God, for things are better than last year.
I am heading to a later Mass in Manhattan. At least there will be slightly warmer temperatures, even if this is a Polar Vortex..
For My Most Dear Friend and I conversed yesterday morning. She was infuriated that the Filioque(The Double Procession of The Holy Spirit From The Father and The Son)is rejected by the Eastern Orthodox Churches, as she used to be Greek Orthodox.
Actually, by 1439AD, that Orthodoxy accepted the the Filioque, but when the Ottoman Turks told the Eastern Orthodox that they must dump the Filioque, the Byzantines did this, in fear of losing their right to practice.
The Eastern Orthodox Churches are Autocephelus Bodies and usually decide Theological Problems by Holy Synod. They don’t recognize Papal Primacy. My Most Dear Friend referred to Greek Orthodox Church Patriarchs as Goat Herders and Farmers with no direction.
She is Catholic To The Core.



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