Lent and Eastertide In Common

28 Feb

The Easter Season Will arrive during April. It will begin in The Evening of Holy Saturday at The Easter Vigil.

Lent, in The Roman Catholic Church will begin on Ash Wednesday, which begins a period of Fasting. Ash Wednesday & Good Friday are days of Fast and Abstinence. Meat is to be abstained from on those two days. Fasting means one is to partake of 1 Solid Meal. Ash Wednesday is a Day of Penance. Ashes symbolise that “Man is Dust and to Dust he(she) Shall return”, as one is reminded of one’s own mortality and dependence on God.
In The Anglican and Lutheran Communities, this day is also offered.
This Sunday in the Byzantine Rite, both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, is called Sunday of Cheese Fare, or the Last Day of the eating of Dairy products. Last Sunday was the Sunday of Meat Fare. From Last Monday, no meat products can be consumed. This up and coming Monday is the start of Lent in the Antiochan, Alexandrian, Chaldean, Armenian and Byzantine Rites, both Catholic and Orthodox. Monday is called Clean Monday, the Start of Eastern Orthodox & Eastern Catholic Lent. No Ashes are to be distributed. If Catholics of the 5 Eastern Rites wish to receive Ashes, they will have to go to to their nearest Latin(Roman)Rite Parish for Ashes.

Catholics of both Eastern and Western Traditions are encouraged to go to any available Masses and Devotions in their respective Parish Churches. This is a Holy Season.

In the Tridentine Latin Calendar there are the Sundays of Septuagessima, where the Alleluia is not said nor chanted until the Easter Vigil.
As of Ash Wednesday, the Alleluia is retired until the Easter Vigil in the Ordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
But, in the Byzantine Rite of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and in the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Alleluia is more pronounced in commemoration of The Dead. In the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church, the Divine Liturgy of St Basil Martyr is offered as it has a Penitential Tone to it. This is also the case of the Eastern Orthodox Churches of the Byzantine Rite.

Mc Donald’s in Astoria, will be rather empty during Great Lent, as the Eastern Orthodox Churches forbid the eating of Meat and Dairy. The same goes for the Eastern Catholics in that area, but Roman Catholics will be eating Fish Sandwiches or drinking coffee during fasts from Solid Food. They are permitted Dairy products.

It will be an Interesting Lenten Season. I may even head to a Byzantine Catholic Liturgy of The Presanctified Gifts. In the Latin Rite, this only occurs on Good Friday as there is no Mass that Day.

This rarely occurs but Easter being celebrated by Catholics of all 6 Rites and Protestants and Eastern Orthodox is rare. But, it will be a great celebration.

It is a Sign of Unity.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.



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