“Welcome To New Pyongyang-No Horse Drawn Cab Rides”

10 Mar

Why am I calling Bill Di Blasio’s New York City, New Pyongyang? Why Not, as he plans to rid the Central Park Roads of any charm, not to mention throwing Legal Immigrants out of Work in Bill’s “Democratic Republic.”
Note the words “Democratic Republic”, as they are mostly used by places like North Korea. The People of NYC have no idea that they have elected a Communist, while he was under the banner of The Democratic Party. New York City will have all the Colourless Charm of East Berlin before the Fall of The Berlin Wall.
But what do I really suspect is that for the West 58th Street home of Carriage Horses, the real fate of the Horse Home is that a Gary Barnett(Read Developer) has his eyes on the property.
And the charm dies and another building rises. It will be another “Ministry of Money, devoid of Charm.”

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