From 3.66 & 4.57 Metres, K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship in Canada Always On You Tube? Why is That, Eh?

13 Apr

For those of you living in the USA, those metric measurements translate to 12 Feet and 15 Feet. Those are the Basketball Foul Lines in the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. Canada is very much a part of these competitions. In fact, I suspect that Canadians produce more Free Throw Basketball Coverage, than Americans do.
Sadly, it all goes to only one source and that is You Tube, just like US Coverage.
One Council Coverage on You Tube, actually was on a Cable News Channel in Ontario, making this the 2nd Council to have event coverage on the website of the Cable TV Service, Cogelco in Ontario. This was in 2012.
But, to those Video Producers of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, there are other options which may be helpful in spreading the digital news about the competition.  There is the World’s 2nd Largest Video Site, Dailymotion, which is international in scope.  Currently on Dailymotion, 4 Rounds of this competition are running after 3 Years. The Coverage was produced and directed by me in 2011. It is a departure from tradition, but Dailymotion Coverage is a nice option. Also, having a Sports Blog on Blogger is a good idea for embedding your coverage.
Here is WHY I did this:
On Dailymotion, one does not get idiotic comment writers. On You Tube, you risk that, but not on Dailymotion. High Definition looks much nicer on Dailymotion. Part of the Round 2 Coverage actually appeared on the Belgian Website of Europe’s largest privately owned Television Network, RTL, which is shorthand for Radio Tele Luxembourg, a company which also owns Fremantle. Fremantle also owns “American Idol”, “X Factor”and “America’s Got Talent”. Because of the Sports Blog called Blogger, coverage via Blogger was linked from Yardbarker is actually a part of FOX Sports Interactive. So I have coverage of the event, once on the website of a major television network in Europe and via the website of a US Television Network. For those of you producing the event in Canada, Blogger is open to you and since most Canadians live within 120 Miles(200 Kilometres)from the US Border, Yardbarker is also a potential view grabber.
Who knows now that CBC Television has lost the NHL Rights to Rogers Sportsnet, maybe CBC may carry your coverage on I wonder what CBC Resident Curmudgeon, Rex Murphy, would say in a Polysyllabic Rant about that, except to call it “Insipid Babble and Trite Tripe”, while ranting about the loss of the NHL and CFL, putting CBC in danger of being as powerful as a Public Access Cable Channel in Calgary Southwest(Home of PM Stephen Harper).
Perhaps, as this is now the beginning of The Era of Live Web Television for the event, might I recommend using any of the following 3 Broadcast Services, namely, or All you need is the app for these services for iPhone, Android Smartphone and Windows Phone.
Veetle is the smallest of The three, but one may actually garner more direct live views. Ustream links with Facebook and Twitter during the live coverage and can be saved to You Tube as well. Bambuser links to more social sites than the other two services. All 3 can be used easily. All are free.
A 4th, is also useful, though the app on Android is for a small fee. So with live coverage, you are free to do something different from just You Tube.

This applies equally in the USA and Canada, so maybe a change of venue for coverage would be a good idea. Something new is needed to give the competition its’ due. Exposure is important. Going to the same network as everyone else, may have your video ignored.

Break Free!

M, Eh!

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