Knights Of Columbus Deep In Eastern Europe

18 Apr

No, Vladimir Putin is not eligible to join because he is Russian Orthodox.
Three of The New Knights Of Columbus Countries used to be behind “The Iron Curtain.”
Two of these nations used to have “S. S. R.”, at the end of their names.
One of the Nations is Catholic via the Byzantine Rite. The other Two Countries are Latin(Roman)Rite in Practice. One of The Nations actually uses the Cyrillic Alphabet.

If you guessed the Nations are Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania, enjoy a glass of Wine for these Three answers. Poland was 1st in 2006. In 2013, Ukraine joined the Knights Of Columbus with Two Councils formed. Recently, Major Archbishop Svitoslav Sevchuk, took his 1st and 2nd Degrees. The Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church asked for the Knights Of Columbus, at the 123rd Supreme Council Convention in Chicago, in 2005, in the person of Cardinal Husar, Major Archbishop Emeritus.
Latin Rite Lithuania is next. The Knights Of Columbus have truly become International. Enjoy the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage on Dailymotion, a truly Good, European Service.

M, PGK, Eh!

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