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Chamber Music From Forest Hills Queens NY

28 Apr

Chamber Music & A Rap Song

28 Apr

“Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus”(My Lord & My God)

27 Apr

When One of The Eleven Apostles, Thomas(His Name Means Twin) finally appeared in the Upper Room, he doubted the Words of the other Apostles, he finally met Jesus. The Christ asked Thomas to probe the marks made in His Hands and the Wound in His Side.
Thomas exclaimed the Words “My Lord & My God”, words often used after the Consecrations of the Bread and Wine into The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.
It is not Fair to sheerly think of St. Thomas The Apostle as “Doubtong Thomas”, for Thomas once said in one of the Gospels, in reference to both Jesus and Martyrdom, “Let us Follow Him so that we may die With Him.”
St. Thomas Apostle went as far east as India, then the furthest East that Christ’s Church has ever travelled. The Syro Malankar and Syro Malabar Eastern Catholic Churches are as the Result of Christ as Vine and Thomas as one of The Branches.
For Today, Two Successors of The Apostles, Popes John XXIII(Angelo Roncalli) & John Paul II(Karol Woytyla)have just been Canonized Saints of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Also, as well, a Spanish Born Jesuit Priest who was a Bishop of Potuguese Speaking Brazil, has also been Canonized as a Saint. Saint John XXIII’s Feast Day will be October 11th, the day when the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council was opened.
I can say that I have seen St. John Paul II in person 4 Times, all in Queens and Manhattan. It sure was A Miraculous Event that on October 4th, 1979, wherever He stopped, so did the Severe Rainstorms. His Comment at Shea Stadium is telling, true and Funny. He spoke these words:
“You Have Very Special Weather Here.”

By the way, I actually knew the Priest, who handled the details at Shea Stadium. Last year, after a bad fall in the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Rectory, where the Priest was Pastor from 2000 to 2012 and Administrator until 2013, Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro passed away on the Morning of August 14th, 2013.

Remember Monsignor Joseph Funaro today in your Prayers, for without his organizational skills, The Papal Visit of 10/4/1979 may not have gone so smoothly.

Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus.
In Nomini Patris Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.



27 Apr

2 Good Innings and no runs. He looks like he shaved off most hair and shaving Home Plate.

6-6 Mets Marlins at Citi Field, 2 Outs, Runner Chris Young at 1st and Hit by Pitch, End of 9th Inning.

M, Eh!

On The Tongue, Not In The Hand

25 Apr

The Body Of Christ is so Sacred that the Norm for reception of The Body Of Christ is to receive Him on one’s Tongue. Reception in one’s hand is by Indult in certain nations, including the USA(1977)& Canada(1970).
There have been disputes over the years regarding this situation. When I was residing in the Parish Bounds of St Sylvester on Grant Avenue in Brooklyn, I managed to avoid Seriously Bad Church Music, Standing for Holy Communion and receiving in one’s hand. St. Sylvester Church still had an Active Communion  Rail.  If one received the Blood of Christ, it was from a Priest via Chalice, while kneeling. This was in 1982. No one received Holy Communion in the hand, there.
St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens in 1982, was Culture Shock for me, as a Parish with a High Altar but Tabernacle on a side shrine and no Altar Rail. Altar Boys were called Altar Servers, as if anticipating the arrival of the 1st Girl Servers.
But there was Gregorian Chant and Plainsong at St. Thomas Apostle, Woodhaven. There was a crowd at every Mass & I ran into Brother Knights Of Columbus from Long Island and Woodhaven Councils. So I didn’t feel alone.
There was this Music Director, who was a Maestro who conducted the Queens Symphony Orchestra. His Name? The Incomparable David Close, who I currently is Music Director at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. His Cantor, now deceased, was Bruce Peyton, who when you heard him sing, was at one time, the Voice You heard utter these very words “From Television City In Hollywood”, West Coast Home of CBS.
But the true culture shock was allowing Holy Communion in one’s hand. It was foreign to me. A former Brooklyn Next Door Neighbor called St. Thomas Apostle, Woodhaven, “A Protestant Church.” Things were surely different from Brooklyn. The older folk received on the tongue while the younger people received the Body of Christ in the hand. It was, to me, “A New World.”
From the Middle 1980s until 1996, I received Holy Communion in the hand. It was when I was elected Grand Knight of Monsignor Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus #5103, that I returned to reception on the tongue.
Bad Catholic Catechetics led to the Disbelief that The Eucharist is The Body and Blood of Christ, under the appearances of Bread and Wine.  The Offering of Holy Communion in one’s hand, could not have come at a Worse Time, with Watered Down Catholic Teaching, emphasizing The Eucharist as a Meal. The Watered Down Catholic Teaching has caused a large number of Catholics of the Latin(Roman)Rite, to regard the Body of Christ, under the Appearance of Bread as Symbolic, which is the Zwinglian Heresy.
My Most Dear Friend has taken to receiving The Body of Christ on her tongue. By reception of The Body of Christ on the tongue, one minimizes the risk of Particles falling from the Consecrated Host onto the ground. It also makes it much, much harder to bring Holy Communion to an ILLICIT, perhaps Satanic or Pagan Ceremony where the Body of Christ could and would be Profaned. But, in the Catholic Church RCIA Training in the Latin(Roman)Rite in the USA and Canada, Emphasis is on receiving in the hand without regard to the Practice Norm of The Body of Christ being received on the tongue. So to those receiving in the hand, for those who receive on the tongue, may look strange to you, but the Norm of The Catholic Church in the Latin(Roman)Rite, is on the tongue. Those receiving in the hand do so because of a Vatican Granted Indult to the Bishops Conferences in 17 Countries, mostly English and German Speaking Countries, which include Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, the three which 1st allowed Communion in the hand without Vatican Permission, just after the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council.
In the USA, The US Conference of Catholic Bishops had voted this “In The Hand” Practice down Twice, until 1977, when Archbishop Joseph Bernardin, then Archbishop of Cincinnati, OH and President of the USCCB, managed to get a Two Thirds Majority, reportedly through Spurious Means of allowing those Bishops without a vote, to vote, via Absentee ballots. This was sent to the Vatican for Approval. Bernardin was campaigning for the new method of receiving Holy Communion in the Latin(Roman)Rite Mass in the hand. THIS action by Archbishop Bernadin was unlawful and Schismatic,<strong and could have resulted in The Vatican putting The Roman Rite in America under an Interdict, but did not apply to the Byzantine Rite or other Catholic Rites in the USA.

AND SO IT T GOES! To think that this was as the Result of Trickery doesn’t surprise me in the least.

M, Eh!


A Spitball, The Red Sox, The Yankees and A Suspension

24 Apr

Last week at Toilet III, a way of Boston Red Sox and NY Mets Fans to refer to Yankee Stadium III, Michael Pineda was a Yankees Starter, accused of doctoring baseballs with banned substances. He won that Game at Yankee Stadium III.
Fast forward to last night and Pineda was caught red handed with unlawful substances on him. He got kicked out of the Game in the 2nd Inning at Fenway Park. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox 5-1. He is now suspended for these antics.
Watching “Al Yankeezeera”, a network true to the Traditions of FOX Saturday Baseball, there is constant and annoying chatter employed by Michael Kay and Company. Can’t these guys ever let the Game Breathe a Little Bit without constant chatter? Are YES announcers getting paid by the syllable? Can you say “Buck and Mc Carver?”
To us in Red Sox Nation, New York City Branch, we got stuck with the YES Network Feed. It is a form of Torment. Michael Kay annoys to NO END. The fact that 80% of YES(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS)is owned by 21st Century FOX Inc, located on 6th Avenue in Manhattan, is enough to cause massive lines at the  “Vomitariums”(A Word, Ecclesiastically utilised for Hymns at Ordinary Form Latin(Roman)Rite Masses, by My Most Dear Friend). No one in The New York City Branch of Red Sox Nation, can stand the Ramblings of YES Network Commentators.
With the Red Sox Victory, with John Lackey pitching a Gem for 8 Innings, just listening to YES Network Commentators making excuses at the end was quite satisfying. YES Commentary appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator of Fans, especially Yankees Fans, many of whom became fans in the Last 48 to 72 Hours.
I compare this to the Coverage of Mets Red Sox in 2009, when the NYC Branch of Red Sox Nation were receiving the Mets SNY Coverage. Gary, Keith and Ron were 1st Class all the way. Gary Cohen, Graduate of Dartmouth College and one time Play By Play fior Pawtucket, is originally from Jamaica Estates in Queens. Ron Darling of The 1986 World Series Championship Mets, went to Yale University and grew up in Worcester, MA. Keith Hernandez was the 1st Baseman of the 1986 World Series Championship Mets & grew up on the West Coast. He also appeared Twice on “Seinfeld.”  They kept us entertained and informed. One Red Sox Partisan noticed how well the angles of play were covered. It should be noted that these games were directed by Bill Webb, who is lead director on “MLB On FOX.”
Even when the Mets took 2/3 from the Sox, Gary, Keith and Ron kept us informed and entertained. No complaints here from The Nation in NYC.



“Thahhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!”

M, Eh!

CBC May Pickup The Free Throw?

24 Apr

As Canada’s Public Broadcaster has lost the CFL and now the NHL, they will be desperate for new Sports Programming. CBS was never this desperate, even when they 1st lost the NFL to FOX.
But, CBC for the longest of time, had the NHL and Major League Baseball on the English and French Networks. For many years, CBC took NBC’s Feed on Saturday Afternoons, carrying the NBC Sports Audio and Video Feed for English language, and just the Video Feed for the French Network.

But, this is a New Era for the Public Broadcaster. More people are tuned into the web than the Public Broadcaster. I do have a solution. Since I tune into CBC via You Tube for CBC News-The National, especially for a Rex Murphy Rant or Three, why not utilize for locally produced Sports Coverage.

This has already occurred in 2011. This involves the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. I had produced HD 720p Coverage which appears on Dailymotion. Part of the 2011 Coverage appeared on, via Website. This is a major 1st Time in Competition History, as a major broadcaster carried a feed from a web service. That the competition took place in East Glendale, Queens and was carried by the French Dailymotion, was carried on a Website for Europe’s largest privately owned broadcaster, says that this might be CBC’s Future.
And it might be good for CBC to carry on After all, the majority of viewership of the K of C Free Throw produced by my production company in 2011, the portion of it on You Tube, was a Canadian Group of Viewers. The people in Queens, especially the Families of Two Whiny Brats, both the Brats and Parents, thought of themselves as “New Media Experts”, who Organizations must bow to, forced the You Tube Coverage on my production company, thinking that their little darlings would draw Justin Bieber Like #s, as well as to keep the little darlings from having nervous breakdowns at Continental Avenue and Austin Street at all hours of day and night. Just the thought of appearing on the more sophisticated Vimeo, sent these Darlings into Fits of Fury, despite drawing both Higher #s and a Much Higher Quality of Audience. To this group, especially a Family based in Middle Village, Queens, NY, it is You Tube or NOTHING.

So, CBC in all her desperation, might want to consider this on the Digital Platform. I recall watching 09/11 Coverage on CBC News-The National as Hosted by Peter Mansbridge. I will state that 9/11 on, was the best coverage I had viewed inside of the USA.
The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship has existed since 1972. It has thousands of competitors every year in Canada and the USA. Eventually a Supreme Council Champion per age group is crowned. Ages are 9 to 14, Boys and Girls shooting separately and per age group.
Many You Tube Videos are made, especially in Canada, of this event. Why not scour You Tube and(Maybe)Dailymotion for coverage. Even scour the live streaming networks like Veetle, Ustream and Bambuser, for actual live coverage. It certainly beats having no Sports on, save for the Olympiad every 4 Years. If RTL in Belgium can cherry pick coverage from Dailymotion, why not CBC and Tele-Radio Canada(CBC French Network)doing the same, unless it was Dailymotion which offered the High Definition 720p coverage to Either way, there will be some CBC Sports coverage. And it will be good exposure for all concerned, both Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship and for Canada’s Public Broadcaster. It means fulfillment of The CBC Mandate and for a group of Youngsters, a chance of publicity on the web for their athletic achievements. Even The Redoubtable Rex Murphy wouldn’t mind it, as it would be better than viewing the Toronto Maple Leafs record of Utter Futility since 1967, which Rex blasts to Smithereens at the end of every NHL Season.

It would be better than watching Rob Ford taking a leak in the local petrol station.

The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship on is an idea. Repeats of “The Lang & O’Leary Exchange”, would not pick up the Young Digital Media Market. But, the Young People are important and doing the Digital Media thing with the competitions would keep CBC Sports coverage in the public eye on Digital Devices. THAT is the New Market.

M, PGK, Eh!