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Watch “The Best of Imus: Cardinal O’Connor – November, 1…” on YouTube

31 May

The Best of Imus: Cardinal O’Connor – November, 1…:

Bernard Mc Gurk on “The Imus In The Morning” Show, with insane imitation of Cardinal O’Connor(Sure).

Tomorrow Morning On CBC Radio One Montreal At 5:30AM

30 May

Mike Finnerty, Frank Cavallero and Company will do “Daybreak Montreal”, as the Pros they are. This is NOT “Imus In The Morning.” The Show reminds me a bit of WOR 710 AM’s “Rambling With Gambling.” That is how much I enjoy this show. Mellow!

I Like That, Eh.

M, Eh!

20 Years Since The Era Of No Smartphones Nor Stanley Cups-Rangers Return

30 May

Boyle scored.  NY Rangers 1, Montreal Canadiens 0.
Rangers win Eastern Final 4 Games to 2.
Canada’s Public Broadcaster, CBC Television, will carry the Finals without s Canadian Based NHL Club. The last time was 2011, ending with Riots in Vancouver.

CBC will not be the Primary Broadcaster next Season, but will simulcast Rogers Sportsnet on Saturday Nights for 4 Seasons.

Time to sell CBC, eh!

M, Eh!

Top 10 Signs That EWTN Isn’t Like It Used To Be

29 May

From the Home Office in Toronto, ON, Top 10 Signs That EWTN Isn’t The Same As It Used To Be. Heere We Go:
#10: Call In Show where Very Loud Priest keeps answering callers with “What Are You, a Rocket Scientist”and “You’re Wasting my time”, titled “Frank-ly Speaking”;
#9: Carrying the Rants of Saul Alinsky;
#8: New Sister Channel called “EWSN”, for Sports from a “Catholic” Perspective;
#7: In Addition to promoting “Hebrew Catholic”, now promoting “Buddhist Catholic “and “Hindu Catholic”, as well as “Apostate Catholic” , “Gay Catholic”, “Lesbian Catholic” &”Schismatic Catholic” Groupings;
#6: Partnering with scaled down CBC Sports to help CBC Sports pay for the “production costs ” of the Ripped Off Telecast of the K OF C Free Throw Basketball Championship from Forest Hills, Queens;
#5: Sponsoring a “Coming Out As Proud Asexual Presbyterian Day”, from University of Notre Dame;
#4: Telecasting a  Hindu Style “Mass” from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious from Los Angeles”;
#3: Priest in Middle Village, Queens, refers to EWSN and EWTN as “About as Catholic as The Khardashians-NOT”;
#2: Roger Cardinal Mahony heading third EWTN Channel, for Reality Shows, EWRN like “Bernadinville”, where an Archbishop helps a “Community Organizer”, become President of a Nation;
#1: From Timothy Cardinal Dolan, “I didn’t know that EWTN existed. I was caught off guard.”

Good Night from Southeast of Toronto, like Somewhere in Brooklyn, NY.

Top 10 Signs That CBC Sports Has A Low Budget, Eh

29 May

From the Home Office in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Top 10 Signs CBC Sports Is Low Budget, Eh.  Heeere We Go:
#10: “Single Camera Coverage” consists of One guy using his cell phone on Veetle;
#9: “Canadian Commentator” keeps using the expression “Yo”;
#8: Lower Costs televising from Middle Village, Queens instead of Middle Village, New Brunswick;
#7: For Major Championship, “Cherry Picking” Live Veetle Stream from Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship in Forest Hills, Queens;
#6: CBC Resident Curmudgeon Rex Murphy, told to stop using his Million $ Vocabulary, “And tawk wit’ a Brooklyn Accemt ‘cuz it’s cheapah”;
#5: Hockey Games from some pond in Stratford, ON, replacing “Hockey Night In Canada”;
#4:  “Satellite Video” of Bell Centre in Montreal, is actually from Abe Stark Arena in Coney Island, Brooklyn from a Cell Phone;
#3: Don Cherry replaced by “The Don of Todt Hill, Staten Island”, after an “Un-Refusible” Offer was made;
#2: Bob and Doug Mac Kenzie, replaced by Bob and Doug Goldfarb from Flatbush;
#1: “Announcer-Less Curling” From NYC Building in Flushing Meadows Park.

Good Night from Southwest of St. John’s, Newfoundland, like from Forest Hills, Queens, NY.

Amazing -Children Receiving “O Sacrament Most Holy” On The Tongue

29 May

It was a Night of Amazement. The children of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, at the 7PM Mass of The Feast of The Ascension, received Holy Communion ON THE TONGUE, even with their hands out to receive in their hand. The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, put The Body of Christ right into the Children’s Mouths. There would be no dirty hands to touch The Body of Christ with.
Good! It is a start. The Body of Christ should never be TOUCHED by anyone except for a Priest or Bishop.
This Past Evening at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, witnessing the children receiving on the tongue, teaches a good lesson that the Body of Christ is SACRED. It is not mere bread, but Christ Himself, not merely “Gift of Finest Wheat”, but The Lord Himself.
The Hymns were Old School, as more people actually picked up the Hymnal and sang. One of these Hymns, “O Jesus We Adore Thee”, was sung with Enthusiasm.
A Lot of us recall great Mass Music.
Another thing, some of The People I spoke to, have questions about Communion In The Hand. They began to find out that THIS is an Indult, which can be revoked. It is Good in that the question is being asked.

To that Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, I say “Thank You” for putting the Communion right in the Children’s Mouths. Holy Communion is Serious Business. Holy Communion is Christ Himself, not a symbol. It is not part of a group meal. It is a Partaking of Him.

M, Eh!

Priests On Dailymotion, Preaching, One Leads In Viewing #s

28 May

One Fair Sunday in Forest Hills, Queens, it was the 12Noon Mass and a Visiting Priest was about to offer the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass at Our Lady of Mercy on Kessel Street. The Priest who was to offer the Mass was rather animated in the way he preached the Homily. He is also the Administrator of The neighboring Parish called Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church at the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard. So I decided to record this appearance of The Priest, recording part of the Homily and the Closing of Mass at Our Lady of Mercy.
His Homily was animated. People paid attention. His closing was animated as well. When my friend Maestro Joseph Martin finished with one hymn, Father quipped “I should’ve put an extra nickel in the Jukebox.”
The videos are on Dailymotion, Vimeo and You Tube. With 660 Views on Dailymotion, he leads all other Priests in total viewership.

For that Visiting Priest, I may just catch him live at 7PM at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church for the Feast of The Ascension Anticipation Mass. But at OLQM, this is his base.

Fr Francis Passenant leads views on Dailymotion. You can catch “The Visiting Priest Part One” & “The Visiting Priest Part Two”, on Dailymotion.

You will like it, trust me.

M, Eh!

Crass Parochialism In East Glendale, Queens, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

28 May

Never Mind Glendale! Never Mind Middle Village! Never Mind Woodhaven! NEVER MIND FOREST HILLS!
For You See, in One Burg called EAST GLENDALE, the rest of the region does NOT really count for anything.  It is a burg where a Knights of Columbus Council resides on Myrtle Avenue. In that Council, there are Factions representing all of the aforementioned neighbourhoods.
It was the 2014 Ridgewood Glendale Memorial Day Parade. I could spot a total of Four Past Grand Knights on Myrtle Avenue, including one Past Faithful Navigator/Past Grand Knight, who as a Permanent Deacon, hence one who has shared in the Reception of The Sacrament of Holy Orders, who would perform the Invocation at the End of The Parade. Three are from East Glendale, while I straddle the Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill Border.
One of the Past Grand Knights is an ardently Crass Parochial Type, only because of the Early Days of the Council, which according to him, occurred EXCLUSIVELY at Sacred Heart Parish at 84th Street and 78th Avenue. This is the usual East Glendale Tale. But in 1996, the Grand Knight of that time, had several conversations with parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, at Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard, on the weekend of 11-16/17-1996.  It was on this weekend that I learned that not everything to do with the Council, was involving East Glendale.
There was an act of being Crassly Parochial, which involved the running of the 2003 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. Now that I was a Past Grand Knight, I made arrangements with Our Lady of Hope Parish in Middle Village, which uses MS 119 on 78th Avenue and 75th Street in East Glendale. The place has 8 Baskets for a big competition. The arrangement was made and January, 2003 was set to go.
I was Deputy Grand Knight, and there was the Chancellor, but the Chancellor went to the Grand Knight, to tell the Crassly Parochial Grand Knight just what he wanted to hear, by making up a bulls–t story that Sacred Heart Parish Officials had come to him to have the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship moved to Sacred Heart.  Two Weeks after booking with Our Lady Of Hope in Middle Village for MS 119 in East Glendale, the Competition was moved to Sacred Heart Parish East Glendale, despite my vehement objections of known lack of cooperation as well as having to give up an 8 basket gymnasium.
But, the Chancellor wasn’t having the Free Throw moved for the sake  of pleasing the Grand Knight, as much as he was doing this on behalf of the ones involved in sabotaging the 1999 Competition at Sacred Heart. He had plans to make a mockery  of the competition, the Competition Coordinator(Me), as well as mocking the Grand Knight. The Chancellor acted on behalf of three Past Grand Knights, who preferred a Status Quo, One which concentrates on Council as Rental property & Clubhouse.
This Past Grand Knight Trio, later to be discovered to be members of an Organization, Proscribed by One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church since 1738, had a Stooge in the form of The Chancellor. The Chancellor would do whatever the Trio wanted. The Chancellor was willing to wreck the 2003 Free Throw, by telling the Crassly Parochial Grand Knight what he wanted to hear in regards to holding events EXCLUSIVELY at Sacred Heart Parish East Glendale.

But, there was something added to this move. It was to have the Coordinator banned from the building. The Coordinator was barred from being present and the whole night was utter chaos. For in the 1999 5103 Free Throw Basketball Championship, there is a format whereby the Parishes send the Winners of The Ages 9 through 14 , Boys and Girls.  The other Parishes followed this, but Sacred Heart Parish East Glendale followed instructions given behind the Coordinator’s Back by the 3 Past Grand Knights, who were requested by their “Lodge Brother”, the Parish Organizer of Events.

One of the Trio had Video Equipment(Video Camera and Videotape), which he dutifully recorded to commemorate this Evening of Chaos and Mockery.

The fact that the 2003 Competition was practically a replay of 1999, had a new element, namely to ban the Coordinator, via Rumor and Sexual Innuendo. The Chancellor was engaged in what Old Time Catholic Religious Orders would call “Particular Friendships” with a Past Grand Knight, yet because the Chancellor was a Graduate of the High School Seminary of the R C Diocese of Brooklyn, he was trusted despite his “Particular Friendship”, which he kept Secret.
But, by 2005, the Crassly Parochial Now Past Grand Knight was suspicious about that same Chancellor being Grand Knight. The Free Throw being a complete circus in 2003, replete with Noncooperation of Sacred Heart Parish East Glendale, was as the Result of the 2005 Grand Knight’s “Particular Friendship” with access to the 3 Past Grand Knights, who end their prayers with the sinister sounding phrase “So Mote It Be”, used in their “Society Of Secrets Protected by Swearing Blood Oaths.”
The Crassly Parochial One, after asking me a few questions, realized that both the Free Throw Basketball Championship and School Essay Contest, were Sabotaged with the “Blessing” of The Trio, with the 2005 Grand Knight, as their Front Man.

It should be noted that in 2007, the 2005 Grand Knight was now editor of the Council Newsletter, and still passing secrets to the Trio via the “Particular Friendship.” He passed info onto the two remaining members of the Trio, in order to shoot a motion out of the water. I then notified the Grand Knight, something of a Crassly Parochial Type, that the Editor had been heading to “The Hamptons” with his “Particular Friend”, for many years. The Grand Knight then said “He’s Cut Off.”
So in the Game of The Crassly Parochial, there are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. The Metropolitan Theory of Working with more than one Parish, is a more intelligent way of doing things. More gets done. Being Crassly Parochial, means being way too limited in scope. Being Limited by being Crassly Parochial, is a ticket to Oblivion.

M, PGK, Eh!

Perhaps, Why I Am Not A Fan Of

28 May

This is the Video Streaming Network which is said to be the biggest thing since You Tube and the Best Live Streaming Network. But, the Video Quality from a Technical Stand Point, is not the Best in the world. It has a Public Access Cable Channel Feel to it. Yet, People flock to it because it is so big. Just Like You Tube, Bigger is always better.
Well, I don’t think so. I was an iOS user for the longest of time, if only because I had been a user of Mac OS 9.2.2 & Mac OS X(10 .0 through 10.5.8), so iOS fit quite well. was a big app a few years ago. So was and is  I heard of neither nor
But, in June of last year, I went to Android 4.0.4, via Sprint Owned Virgin Mobile USA. And the option of going live came about.  Earlier this year I downloaded, Veetle and Bambuser. is for Documentaries and News. Veetle is a service which can host almost anything and people do tune into your show while one is broadcasting. tends to be for Video Bloggers and CBS News Live Feeds, which means the Pros.
Veetle is my primary network. Bambuser serves as the 2nd network.
As far as is concerned, perhaps some “Warholian Erotica” is the Next Project. Date and Time TBA.
M, EH!

Channel – Veetle mobile 2014 Ridgewood Glendale Memorial Day Parade

27 May