Justin.tv Added As Third Network

6 May

As for Ustream.tv, that will be relegated to the status of when something outrageous(Warholian) is done. After all, Veetle has been the Web Telecast Home to the Concerts at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills Queens NY as well as test broadcasts and one quick documentary in Brooklyn. On Veetle, there is more of a tendency to actually watch the programme live. Watching the replay gets few views.  Bambuser got several live views on the Premiere Broadcast and picked up a few replay views, but the next few broadcasts relied on replay viewers. In the case of Ustream.tv, which the tech writers practically declare to be the Next You Tube, views were very few.
Justin.tv was on my iPod Touch 4G, so it has returned.
My “STAGS Gone” Special, for the Alumni from St. Agnes Boys High School, which folded last June, drew good replay #s on Bambuser, but it looks like it may be headed to Veetle, where there is a chance that a # will watch it live and on relay and repeat. Bambuser has served as Backup Network and the views are coming in for “STAGS Gone.” Part II of that show will be live on either Veetle, or may open the new Justin.tv Feed, being fed to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and tumblr, as well as You Tube.
Justin.tv is well known & it is good to have it return to the Lineup.
The Justin.tv Programs will be fed to You Tube.
Over on Veetle.com, having done “The Fiefdom Called St. Sylvester School”, numbers rose all of a sudden, even when not using Facebook, but using Google+ & tumblr. So, I do tend towards Veetle as my #1 Network.
It looks like Veetle as #1.

M, Eh!

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