1657 & 2034 Hours ET Are Times

7 May

At 1657 Hours EDT(2157 GMT), an Activation Email arrived.
At 2034 Hours EDT(0134 GMT), I activated a programme from the Email.

Justin.tv is the New “Network II”, of the Live Video Streaming Network Setup. Veetle is “Network I”, with Bambuser being the Backup Network to Veetle & Justin.tv, as “Network III.”
All Three Networks come under “Station Square Studios”, based in Forest Hills, in Central Queens. Bambuser will be used but Networks 1 & 2(Veetle and Justin. tv)are for major events and documentaries. Bambuser will be for documentary and breaking news.

Ustream.tv(Network IV), will be for a certain artistic presentation of a Warholian Style.  It may be plain or simply outrageous, but in the style of Andy Warhol.

Justin.tv is now up.

M, Eh!

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