Why “STAGS Gone” At E33 Street

8 May

As to WHY a Video Streaming Report from East 33rd Street and 2nd Avenue will be done, it is because this is the Period In Transition away from East 44th Street, as well as away from the East Side of Manhattan and Midtown Manhattan.  It is the Last Time the Queens and Brooklyn Agnesians will have access.
For West End Avenue and West 87th Street, represent a complete break from where we were, from a Crossroads to Comparable Isolation. We went from Commercial to Residential. We went from Small, Intimate and Full to Much Larger Facilities and access to Manhattan and Bronx Only, with little chance of ever filling up the Former Cathedral College of The R C Archdiocese of New York. The 555 West End Avenue looked and felt luxurious, but it was NOT our kind of place. Ours was Small and Gritty at East 44 Street.
So, it is appropriate that East 33 Street is the Last Part of The Agnesian Story. The Queens and Brooklyn Contingents, this is their Last Hurrah. For the Freshman Class of 1991-1992 @ East 33rd Street, the Last Presence of Queens and Brooklyn STAGS at 555 West End Avenue and West 87th Street, is The Class of 1995.
I may live in Queens, but I came from Brooklyn and while West End Avenue and West 87th Street carried on the Agnesian Story, from 1893 to 2013, for the “QB Agnesians, it ended in 1995. Hence, The Final Report was 1995.

But, if you are in a STAGS Mood, do go to St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place). The Interior is Breathtakingly Beautiful Inside. Why not indulge yourselves in something Nostalgic there. Mass is in Latin at 11AM on Sunday. The Crowd is awesome and Young. Even the 12:30PM is awesome, as there is Gregorian Chant, which will knock your socks off. Many People head to the Holy Communion Rail and Kneel to Receive the Body of Christ. Why Not Join Them!

You’ll Feel Like a STAG Again.


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