Crybaby Sidney Crosby-How Appropo

15 May

Have you been watching too many videos of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez? Do you think that you are named Madonna? Are you a Diva like Lady Gaga? Do you relish the mere thought of being the target of a Rex Murphy Rant on “CBC News-The National”? Are my critiques going to be of a Genteel Sort? Frankly, my rants are along the lines of Mother Angelica, while she is ripping Bubha Clinton “A New One.” Just ask Roger Cardinal Mahony, how she has the ability to lay it on the line.
Whining about a Goaltender’s Water Bottle being too close to You? Are you trying to steal screen space from “Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour?” Why is the NHL going along with a Penalty being called? Is it to rescue what is left of CBC’s Ratings? Why am I ripping you “A New One”, this way? Perhaps, you should ask Rex Murphy about “The New One”, he will rip you on “CBC News-The National.”
To the Guys on FOX News Show, “Red Eye”, I introduce you to the New North American Sports Diva, Sidney Crosby. He puts Jeter and A-Roid to Shame.
“Rip Sidney Crosby ‘A New One’, but good.”

M, Eh!

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