Perhaps, Why I Am Not A Fan Of

28 May

This is the Video Streaming Network which is said to be the biggest thing since You Tube and the Best Live Streaming Network. But, the Video Quality from a Technical Stand Point, is not the Best in the world. It has a Public Access Cable Channel Feel to it. Yet, People flock to it because it is so big. Just Like You Tube, Bigger is always better.
Well, I don’t think so. I was an iOS user for the longest of time, if only because I had been a user of Mac OS 9.2.2 & Mac OS X(10 .0 through 10.5.8), so iOS fit quite well. was a big app a few years ago. So was and is  I heard of neither nor
But, in June of last year, I went to Android 4.0.4, via Sprint Owned Virgin Mobile USA. And the option of going live came about.  Earlier this year I downloaded, Veetle and Bambuser. is for Documentaries and News. Veetle is a service which can host almost anything and people do tune into your show while one is broadcasting. tends to be for Video Bloggers and CBS News Live Feeds, which means the Pros.
Veetle is my primary network. Bambuser serves as the 2nd network.
As far as is concerned, perhaps some “Warholian Erotica” is the Next Project. Date and Time TBA.
M, EH!

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