The RCMP-Nothing Romantic

7 Jun

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, “Mounties”as they are called, do not merely travel around on Horseback, looking to capture the Mustachioed Snidely Whiplash. They are not “Dudley Do Right.”
For within the last 48 Hours, Three R C M P Officers in the City of Moncton, NB, in The Maritime Provinces, were gunned down by someone called Justin Bourque, who planned his hideous attack quite well, save for getting Caught, himself.
For the R C M P, function as anything from C I A, to F B I to Provincial and/or Local Constabulary. The Life of One who is a Member of The Service, is often Lonely and Fraught with Danger.
The R C M P Motto is “We Always Get Our Man.”
Too Sad that Three died getting their man.

Kyrie Elaison!

M(In Memorium)

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