“The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”

30 Jun

With a Liturgy which contains “Music”, which should be condemned as Torture by the Geneva Convention, one wonders WHY few people say anything about it. When My Most Dear Friend refers to it as “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke”, you know that “The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, is at Worship, much of The Worship is of SELF.

Two Years Ago, a Young Man brought multiple Musical Talents to a Middle to Upper Middle Class Neighborhood in Central Queens. He even formed a Young Teen Group which plays Classical Music and also sings Gregorian Chant. This helped increase attendance in the  Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

The Mass of The Ordinary Form, took on the Aspect of Sacrifice and Supplication. More people came to Mass. There was an Absence of “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke.” It had an aire of a certain Catholic Church, located on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place in Midtown Manhattan(E43 if you are keeping Score).

“Die Kaffe Klatsch Putsch”:
With The Pastor on Holiday, a Cell of Ecclesiastical Pharisees, with about all of the Musical Talent of “The Spice Girls”(Read NONE), waited for the Pastor, a Very Tall Priest, who could tell people just how many Centimetres the Mole Hill was on the site of what is now Barnes and Noble on Austin Street, to go on Holiday, so that these “Advocates For The Children”, could begin their “Whispering Campaign.”
This was NOT about “The Children”, for this was about certain adults for they wanted their watered down Liturgy to return.

Attendance is DOWN unto the point where the participation at the Easter Vigil found several rows in the Parish Church to be empty. The “Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, have their “Triumph.”

But the trick is filling the pews and keeping them filled. So far, that isn’t happening and, trust me, WON’T.

Who said “The Church of Nice” is Nice? It is all about SELF.

M, Eh!

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