Via Gold Plated Spoon, Not In The Hand

30 Jun

Some “Rocket Scientist”, who is a Latin Rite Modernist, once stated how the Ukrainians chafed while receiving Holy Communion, by not receiving it in the hand. Let me, charitably, explain why the Ukrainian Greek Catholics are not chafing over reception of Holy Communion. This should be interesting.
In the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church, Leavened Bread is changed into The Body of Christ and is mingled with The Blood of Christ, under the appearance of Wine. Leavened Bread represents The Risen Lord. One approaches Holy Communion ,”In Fear of The Lord and With Faith.”
As is Byzantine Catholic Practice, as to WHY The Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar is served by the Priest on a Golden Spoon and dropped into one’s mouth, think of this as the Priest, as “Alter Christus”, feeding Christ’s Sheep. As Christ’s Body and Blood is so Sacred, He comes from His Throne, via Golden Communion Spoon, to feed The Faithful, under the Title of “Holy Gifts For Holy People.” One tilts the head back for The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of The Christ to be dropped into one’s mouth, all without the Spoon touching the Communicants Lips.

To those who wonder why not put the Communion in one’s hand, via this Rite, well, one’s hand will be both Wet and Sticky. Also, since the Priests hands are Consecrated, they are able to offer The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass(Divine Liturgy).

The Ukrainians are not suffering because of no Communion In the hand. They have received both Body and Blood for hundreds of years.
As a Roman Catholic, I have received Holy Communion from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I am overjoyed to receive His Body and His Blood.
In the Hand? I am not a Priest.

M, Eh!

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