“WHY Are They Celebrating Mass In Honor of Grave Sin?”

7 Jul

My Most Dear Friend asked me the above question after Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Forest Hills, Queens. I did crack about a “Bestiality Mass” in the R C Archdiocese of “D’OhLand”, code for the R C Archdiocese of New York. She wondered aloud about Timothy Michael “We Were Caught Off Guard” Cardinal Dolan, of whom she is NOT a Big Fan of and Neither am I, By The Way.
She asked me if I had watched Michael Voris about the brouhaha over the reported closing plans for Holy Innocents R C Church on West 37th Street. I told that I watched Voris all last week. Voris spoke of WHY are Cardinal Dolan and his Henchmen are looking to close down Parishes with Heavy Emphasis on Orthodoxy. Voris asks why two Parishes which are most noted for being “Gay Friendly”, as well as intensely disloyal to Catholic Church Teaching. These two Parishes have LGBT Groups, namely St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier. From what Voris is saying, not only Holy Innocents but St. Michael’s in Hell’s Kitchen, may be folded into St. Francis of Assisi.
The Redoubtable Father George Rutler, who in the Mother Mary Angelica Days of E W T N, hosted a few shows, back when he was assigned to St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place) & who turned a Parish on Park Avenue and East 38th Street into a thriving centre of Orthodoxy, was sent to St. Michael’s and named Administrator of Holy Innocents. It was said by Voris that Cardinal Dolan dumped Fr Rutler there, with the intent as closing St. Michael’s and Holy Innocents, and folding them into St. Francis of Assisi.
It seems like there is no room for Orthodoxy in the R C Archdiocese of New York. And with Weak Leaders like Cardinal Dolan, The Catholic Church in The United States of America is in deep doggie doo.
A symptom is AWFUL Liturgical Music, but it is the Watering Down of enforcing Doctrine, causing this. Bad Catechises is also a sign. For 50 Years this has been going on.

Pray for the end of this . This is pretty upsetting to My Most Dear Friend.It is also rather upsetting to other Faithful Catholics as well.


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