Torture For The Senses Of Faithful, Traditional Catholics

13 Jul

I am of the Belief that since that Collective which calls on us to disregard The Redoubtable Canadian Curmudgeon Rex Murphy, namely the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, called “That Hapless Bench of Bishops”, by the Most Reverend Fabian Bruskiewitz, originally ordained a Priest of the R C Archdiocese of Milwaukee and Ordinary Emeritus of Lincoln, Nebraska, this Collective of Fancy Robed Men have a bad habit of causing the Torture of the Senses of Faithful, Tradition Minded, Latin Rite Catholics.
Senses offended are that of Hearing, Seeing and Touching. But, it is hearing and seeing that offend most often. This may not be a complete list. Feel free to add your own torturous moments.
Note that this usually occurs in regards to the Ordinary Form of The Latin or Roman Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, at Mass. This would never be tolerated in the Tridentine Latin Mass, nor in the Byzantine Rite, two forms of Liturgy which have gone unspoiled by the banging of “Glad Tambourines From the 99 Cent Store.” Note that this “Popular Noise” may only be found in the Ordinary Form Masses in most parishes, except for Holy Innocents and St. Agnes in Midtown Manhattan and St. Agnes in Minneapolis. Gregorian Chant is sung in those three parishes, with certitude. Please note that these three parishes are Latin Mass Facilities.

(1) The Sense of Hearing:
In the Ordinary Form, unless you are at the three churches above and at Assumption Grotto in the R C Archdiocese of Detroit, you will have your sense of hearing assaulted, as in Felony Assault;

Forms of Felony Assault of The Sense of Hearing include being subjected to most hymns from the Publishing Arm of the R C Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, called Oregon Catholic Press. ANY “Hymns”(They Are, as My Most Dear Friend, a Convert, often calls this, “Vomit, Barf and Puke”, requiring a trip to the Nearest Vomitarium), especially music which we sing about OURSELVES, which tells The Triune Godhead, that WE ARE such great people. “Table Of Plenty” is one of these “Camp Songs”, as a certain, Forest Hills, Queens Born and Raised Domestic Prelate would call this Trite Tripe.  “Table of Plenty” is clunky, directed for our Edification & isn’t directed in Thanksgiving to The Almighty. It is Treacle. Treacle is Syrup for Pancakes. Get the Peptic Bismuth Ready, especially for any queasy sensations;
“Anthem” is a “We Are” song, not fit for Camp Fire Girls to sing. It has been said that Old Biddies sing this. It is most likely sung at a Newman Center at UC Berkeley. It sounds like something sung at a “Pride Mass”, insulting One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is any wonder why the Greek Orthodox produce videos pointing out the Awesome Beauty of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, as compared to a “Circus Mass” of the Ordinary Form, derisively called the Novus Ordo, or more derisively, The “NO.”  Music like that is responsible for Outbreaks of “Auricular Diabetic Syndrome.” For treatment, do take patient to Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom or Tridentine Latin Mass of Roman Missal of 1962 or 12:30PM Ordinary Form Mass, complete with Gregorian Chant and Plain Chant at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place), to cure this syndrome.
“Gagorian Chant” is a music form, where Latin and English forms of a Prayer, are split to make things rhyme.
“Agnus Dei, Who Takes Away” is sung to Guitar Music, along with “Glad Tambourines From The 99 Cent Store.”  If you come out of Mass, spitting in a rage, this form will cause you to wonder if you have been to Bad Entertainment. If you feel that you have been to Bad Entertainment, get to your nearest Latin Mass or Divine Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite, Forthwith. Gagorian Chant causes need for trip to Vomitarium. Bring extra Peptic Bismuth in case others feel need to Vomit.
“Come And Take A Drink”;
With a Hymn Title like this, when does “Come and Have A Few Beers” get played? Mass is Worship, not Group Therapy nor Entertainment.
“Gift of Finest Wheat”;
Syrupy hymn of dubious theology, it is not clear in Regards to the Catholic Theology of The Holy Eucharist. Methodists, Lutherans and Anglicans(Except Anglo Catholics), also sing this. My Most Dear Friend heard this at Holy Communion on the Feast of The Assumption and remarked that Silence was greatly more appreciated.

(2) Sight:
Felt Banners.
Please, why do these things hang in Catholic Churches in The Latin Rite? Are people in the pews THAT Stupid? It makes for an atmosphere that one is at a High School Pep Rally. These things are trite attempts at Icons. Me? Give me the Iconostasis Screen of the Byzantine Rite.

Altar Girls:
Since Females cannot be ordained as Priests and Deacons in the Catholic Church, why are females being admitted to Acolyte Service on the Altar? Since when did we become the Ministry Training Ground for the Lutherans, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists?
Girls often make good cantors and lectors. I remember when a Girl sang the 11/11/1997 Memorial Mass for Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus. She was feted with an 11 1/2 Minute Thunderous Standing Ovation.
In reality, Boys served on The Altar. Many became Priests.

The Removal of Altar Rails:
What amazed me is the removal of a place where people of the Latin Rite went to receive Holy Communion on the Tongue. But, in the “Spirit of Vatican II”(Whatever that means), Altar Rails were removed so people would have to stand to receive Holy Communion. Latin Rite Practice is kneeling, but, instead the Byzantine System of Standing came to be the standard, minus the words “Approach In Fear of The Lord and With Faith.” Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Lutherans also stand, but because they believe that the Body and Blood of Christ only coexist with the Bread and Wine. Whereas both Latin Rite and Byzantine Catholics believe in Transubstantiation, where Bread and Wine ARE Changed into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, with only the Sensible Qualities appearing. While the Byzantine Rite has the beautiful Iconostasis to separate Sanctuary from The Nave, many Latin Rite Parishes don’t have this separation, having removed the Altar Rail, which gives a Protestant look to certain parish Churches.
In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Church, standing to receive Holy Communion makes sense, as both Body and Blood are served to the Communicant, who has to tip head back, with hands at one side, because the Priest has to put the Body and Blood in one’s mouth by dropping it in via Gold Holy Communion Spoon.  Standing is a reminder, in Eastern Christian Spirituality, that all of us will one day stand before The Lord.

Holy Communion In The Hand;
Because of the Established but Illicit Practice of receiving Holy Communion In The Hand as an option, in The Netherlands, Belgium, a small part of Eastern France and a small part of Western Germany, the Encyclical called “Memoriale Domini” was given by Blessed Pope Paul VI, explaining that reception of Holy Communion is on the tongue and that there are dangers to The Faith in allowing it in the hand, which included those who would profane the Eucharist in Satanic Ceremonies, and allowing particles to drop on the floor. Every Particle is still The Body of Christ.

The Pope sent a letter to the Latin Rite Bishops of The World, explaining this then surveyed the World’s Latin Rite Bishops as to what they thought. The Great Majority said to keep everything as is.
But, as a compromise, there was to be an Indult, a Special Permission granted to allow Holy Communion in the Hand, if 7 Conditions were met.
In the USA, in 1975, 1976 & 1977, a certain Archbishop of Cincinnati, OH named Joseph Bernadin, a known progressive, was President of The US Catholic Bishops Conference. He was DETERMINED to see Holy Communion In The Hand.
Now as per The Holy See, there had to be a Secret Ballot, Absolute 2/3 Majority to pass this motion to submit this to Rome . This failed in 1975, 1976 & 1977.
But, Bernadin, as if he was Mayor Richard Dailey of Chicago in 1960, pulled off a Sleight of Hand Trick, by polling Bishops who were no longer active as Diocesan Ordinaries or Auxiliaries(Retired or Gravely Sick), by Telephone.
Bishop Burnette called for a Show of hands to see if Communion In The Hand was actually in practice in various US Dioceses. The Granting of the Indult stated that there had to be a Widespread Practice in the Nations where this occurred.
Bernadin declared this motion to be Out of Order. Burnette called for Obedience to the Holy Father and Holy See. Bernadin declared victory as his Polling brought the numbers up to a 2/3 Majority. But, according to the Conditions of Memoriale Domini, especially on the part of Widespread Practice. On June 17th, 1977, The Holy See granted the Indult to the United States.
Upon learning about the Act of Disobedience perpetrated by Archbishop Bernadin and Companions, I no longer recognize the Indult as valid. This is a Form of Schism. I resumed receiving on the Tongue in 1996, after a period of 14 Years.
I grew up knowing Tran substantiation. Now there are people who think that Holy Communion is only Symbolic. Belief in The Corporeal and Sanguine Real Presence of Christ is at only 30℅. Bad Catachresis plays a role here, only emphasizing this as a Community Meal.
In effect, by loss of belief in the Real Presence, as belief in The Real Presence is also a Condition of the Indult, the Indult is Null and Void. To continue this practice is SCHISM.

The Armada of EOMOHC;
These Initials stand for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. These are people who up to a # of Years ago, were only supposed to bring Holy Communion to the Sick. But in many Parishes, they outnumber Priests and Deacons when distributing Holy Communion.
Return these people to their original purpose, forthwith.

M, Eh!


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