A Homily Not From ‘The Church Of Nice”

15 Jul

I am moving away from the “Wonderful World Of Rembertland” style of Homily, which is usually a variety where one hardly remembers anything about the lesson taught at Mass, but only snippets of Humour.
Such is the sad case of when the Ordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, is utilised for some theme by whim. Whether The Theme is Entertainment, such as The Circus or The Celebration of Same Sex Attraction Syndrome, it makes one wonder if the Liturgy is actually valid.
So I went to the 4PM English Language Version of Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in Full Communion With The Holy See. There may have been only 10 People at this Mass in the Byzantine Rite, as many more watched the FIFA World Cup 2014 on ABC, but to me, the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is more important(I did watch the lone goal from Mario Goetze of Germany, via ESPN App after Mass).

When the Priest gives a Homily with the Words “What Good is it for a man to own the whole world, yet suffer the loss of his own soul”, one is definitely NOT in “The Church of Nice.”
For the Priest, who is the Father Superior of the Order of St. Basil Martyr and Pastor of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, a Parish under the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Stamford, CT, he preached on how many make foolish and sinful decisions. How the American Indians of Manhattan Island sold the Island to the Dutch for $24 in Shiny Trinkets, not realizing how valuable that island was. Or how Russia sold the USA land called Alaska, with Americans referring to this sale as “Seward’s Folly”, until Gold, Oil and Gas were discovered(Does Vladimir Putin want this State Back).
In the Case of “The Chosen People”, how many Rejected Jesus Christ, Despite the Numerous Miracles Performed by Him. Today The Jewish Faith remains. Abeilt a smaller Faith today.
You will NOT hear Homilies like this one in “The Church of Nice.” Holy Communion is received in the mouth, standing with head tilted back. When One approaches the Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar, one is told “Approach In Fear of The Lord and With Faith.”
One receives both Body and Blood of Christ, by the Body intincted with the Blood via Gold Holy Communion Spoon, which never touches your lips.
The Offertory and Consecration Prayers are substantial, where the Priest prays for his own soul as well as for the Souls of those present and others.
The Readings are Epistle, Chant and Gospel.
When the Epistle is read by the Lector, he or she faces “Liturgical East.” The Priest faces “Liturgical West” or “Versus Populum”, when reading The Holy Gospel and giving his Homily.
During The Liturgy, the Priest Faces East for most of it. Not all prayers are recited aloud.
This Liturgy is over 1600 Years Old. It is actually older than the Latin Mass.
The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, told of Jesus expelling Demons, sending them to a herd of swine.
There is absolutely nothing sung from Oregon Catholic Press here.

Deo Gratias!



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