“Missa Vernaculus”(Send In The Clowns)

31 Jul

It was 1979. “The Tablet”, the Official Newsweekly of the R C Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, did coverage in the Youth Section of the paper, then a local version of a National Periodical called National Catholic Reprobate, I mean Fishwrap, oh, I mean Reporter, with the 1st Two Descriptions more appropriate, of a ” Missa Vernaculus. “

OK, so you THINK that you know what this means. By this time in the Era of “Modernist Bishops”, who looked for Novelty, as what passed for Liturgical Music wasn’t enough(With a Rather Lengthy queue at The Vomitarium, a word of Snark Quality coined by My Most Dear Friend), it was someplace, I believe that it was in my Native Land, which is The Borough of Brooklyn, that at some Parish, a Blasphemous Event called ” Missa Vernaculus” occurred.

I am not speaking of a Reverently Offered Ordinary Form Mass also called Missa Novus Ordo. The Mass at St. Agnes East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan is such an example, especially at the 5:15PM Saturday Vigil Mass, where Entrance, Offertory and Communion Antiphons, and Gloria are sung in Latin with the Kyrie sung in Greek. The remainder is offered in  English. A Closing Hymn is sung in Latin.  This Form of Mass meets the Criterion of Sacrosanctam Concillium. Note that a Stately Opening Hymn is sung. There is No Room for such Treacle as “Table Of Plenty.”

“Verna” is Latin for Slave. “Vernaculus” is Latin for Court Jester. This word also means Buffoon. It primarily means Clown.
So Sadly, when a group of Young Persons are dressed as if this is Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey sponsoring Parish Renovations(Sorry, Wreck-ovations), with the Liturgy being treated as a Sideshow to the Circus Theme, there is an aire of Blasphemy here. The sense of Sacredness is, well, Gone. The Mass now becomes a Sacrilege.

Yet, in The Tablet, this is giving the Young People a sense of Self Expression and Creativity.

For The Organizers of This Action of Sacrilege, how many of these Children are still practicing The Authentic Catholic Faith? Did You Lead Them Astray? Or are a number of these Children who are now Middle Aged Adults, leading other children in Modernist Improvisational Liturgy, which is about SELF and NOT about GOD. This is NOT Entertainment.

And WHY would a Diocesan Newsweekly lend Credence to such Sacrilege?

The Roman Republic fell apart because of “Circus Et Panem Maximus.” It took a Line of Ceasars to fix that Mess. With Masses like that one described, The Company of Angels and Saints who, United with Christ on The Altar at Mass, are mocked by this action of Sacrilege. The Priest in this case, offered a Sacrilege.

During a Video comparing the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, recorded by someone who is Greek Orthodox, with a Circus Themed Mass in a Cathedral in Brazil, complete with a Bishop present, I was shocked and disgusted by the Presentation of the Book of The Gospels being presented by an Acrobatic Act. With Themed Masses like this, it is small wonder why in Brazil, the World’s Most Catholic Nation, as to WHY so many people in Brazil are leaving The Faith. They despise Novelty.

The Modernists call this “Inculturation of The Liturgy.”
With The Tridentine Mass, one could never even attempt this Corruption. It would stick out like a Sore Thumb. The Same would also be said for all the Eastern Catholic Liturgies. It would be like sticking a square peg in a round hole.

But Annibale Bugnini came up with a Liturgy where this could and does occur. And Faith decreased in droves.

Pray Hard, Dear Faithful.

Kyrie Elaison!


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