“Never Refuse The Great Gift”

1 Aug

For I was heading to Midtown Manhattan and Holy Innocents R C Church for their Isaiah Hall Gift Shop. Then, it hit me on the Q60 Queens Blvd Bus, that I needed to go to Confession.
Now, I changed direction and from the Q60 Bus at Queens Plaza by the Edward I Koch Queensborough Bridge to the R Subway Train to West 34th Street and 6th Avenue. There, But For God’s Grace, Go I.

Now I was headed to a Parish which my Parents introduced me to, for the Sacrament of Penance, also called Reconciliation. The Parish, located on West 31st Street near 7th Avenue, was embroiled in the Gay Pride Parade Controversy. I, with a Few Friends, had planned to boycott the Parish, called St. Francis of Assisi, a Franciscan Parish and Landmark.
But, I felt called to confess my Sins there. I do know of Brooklyn Diocesan Priests who go there for Confession. And so I went there and unburdened myself of my Sins.
And there was Mass right afterwards. For the Gospel of St. Matthew wrote of Fishermen who cast their nets and caught loads of Fish. The Good Ones they kept and the bad ones were tossed away.
Trust Me, you don’t want to be the “Bad Fish”, as this is an End of the World Message and be cast into Hell from Which There Is No Escape.
The Being At Mass was my Penance. As I was in Pain in my Neck and Back, I knelt Down anyway. for My Lord and Savior was in much worse pain, as He had been Scourged, Ridiculed and Nailed on The Cross to Die.
So I offered the aches up to Him. And I received Him in His Precious Body and Blood, under Appearance of Bread and Wine.

I headed to Forest Hills via Long Island Railroad from Penn Station, Body still aching to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue and Queens Blvd. It was Eucharistic Devotions which brought me there.

Later, after meeting a few friends for beverages, I went home and rested. I needed the sleep. And today I awakened with fewer Pains and Aches.

Over the last few days, My Most Dear Friend complained of Not feeling well, hence her absence from Eucharistic Devotions.

I pray that she recovers. She was one who survived Cancer. She was there for me in my darkest hours.

For The Lord sends His Gift of Grace. Even if you don’t always agree, politically with that Parish, accept THAT GIFT of GRACE, as The Sacraments are The Source of His Grace. This s what I did Yesterday.

Deo Gratias:



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