The Miracle of The Loaves and Fishes Was In Ordinary Form

4 Aug

It was the same Gospel from St. Matthew at Mass in the Ordinary Form, except that it is called the 18th Sunday In Ordinary Time, instead of The 8th Sunday After Pentecost.
But, unlike the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, where there is absolutely no room for the Muzak of Bob Hurd, Marty Haugen, Cat Stevens, David Haas, Bernadette Farrell, Owen Alstott, nor “Bad Tambourines From the 99 Cents Store”, the Ordinary Form Mass in the Latin Rite, tends to attract Music Which seems to have the Imprimatur of Howard “Cardinal” Stern, with the Ecclesiastical Coat of Arms reading in Latinized Form, “Bababui.” (Wow!)
WHY, When it is Holy Communion Time, when which will do is the Chanting of The Communion Antiphon in Latin, followed by Prayerful Silence, does a Music Director play a Song of Dubious Eucharistic Theology, such as what My Most Dear Friend calls “Bread Songs”, which imply the PROTESTANT Belief in the Eucharist?
Now You know WHY I have this Practice of either the Tridentine Latin Mass or Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom on Sunday, unless the Ordinary Form Mass is at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street, where there is either Gregorian Chant or Plainsong, as while realizing that Summer is the Time After Pentecost, referred by me to be “The Silly Season”, Liturgically, when one hears Muzak, which can cause fistfights at Soccer Matches in Europe. It has made me wonder WHY I didn’t seek out the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom sooner. But I am glad that I have done so.

It sure beats singing “Bread Songs.”

Dominus Meus et Deus Meus!



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