Sacrosanctum Concillium Et Musica Sacra et “Periti”

7 Aug

Article 116 Paragraph 1 Mentions that Gregorian Chant is to be given Pride of Place in The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in the Latin Rite Catholic Church. Yet it is in Paragraph 2, which talks of Other Suitable Sacred Music, particularly Polyphony.
It was through this Second Paragraph that a Modernist Archabbot of The Benedictine Monastery named Rembert Weakland, later Archbishop of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI, USA, worked with another Benedictine Priest in Formulating a “Modernistic Nightmare, called “The Hootinanny Mass”, which was tried at an ALL BOYS Catholic High School and Celebrated by Archabbot Weakland. This took place in Latrobe, PA, which is more known as the Birthplace of a Weak but pleasant Beer called “Rolling Rock.”
The Reason for Emphasising “ALL BOYS” is because in Milwaukee, Archbishop Weakland was exposed for bribing a younger male seminarian to keep silent, to the tune of $450, 000. This was done to keep Weakland from bring exposed as a Gay Man. In Weakland’s Memoirs, he came out as a Homosexual.
This Revolutionary Version of The Catholic Mass, became standard practice, worldwide. The Music is SELF rather than GOD Centred. It is the Music which My Most Dear Friend calls “Vomit, Barf and Puke.”
I outgrew this Music by Age 16, which is 43 Years Ago. One wonders WHAT St. John Chrysostom would say about this today? He was No Shrinking Violet.

Article 120 speaks about the Pipe Organ as having Pride of Place in The Mass of The Latin Rite Catholic Church. It, again, in Paragraph 2 is where an “Out” is found for other suitable instruments.
The Periti of Vatican II, were always devising new ways to add to the Liturgy. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops approved the guitar, drums and other instruments for use in the Latin Rite Catholic Liturgy. Tambourines also popped up. It should be so noted that this Modern Music was supposed to get people to participate in the Liturgy.

Actually, this modern pop like music chased away many Faithful. In today’s world, the often Hard to Find Tridentine Latin Mass is now more common and has a Younger Crowd. The Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, whether in the Byzantine Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church or the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, is finding worshippers from the Latin Rite Catholic Ordinary Form of The Mass, commonly called Novus Ordo, who are disgusted with Novelties in the Ordinary Form Mass.
There is ONE Ordinary Form Mass which I highly recommend. It is at St Agnes on East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, with Gregorian Chant being given Pride of Place. It is where the Tridentine Latin Mass finally came out of The Proverbial Catacombs in 1989. Even in the Ordinary Form Mass, there are NO Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. There is an option to Kneel for Holy Communion. There is a Respectful Younger Crowd at the Ordinary Form Mass. THERE IS NO FOLK MUSIC at this Mass.

You can “Thank”(using the verb loosely) the work of the Modernist Vatican II Periti for this Mess. From Bad Catechisis to Bad Music to Watered Down Liturgy, it is THAT Bad.

Time to Return to TRADITIONALIST Practice.

Kytie Elaison!



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