Decentralizing The Liturgy Is STILL A Bad Idea

9 Aug

Guitars, Bongos, “Inculturation” of The Sacred Catholic Liturgy, has led to a sense of The Loss of The Sacred.
In the days of The Sacred Catholic Tridentine Latin Mass, All of these decisions were made in The Holy See.
But, thanks to Sacrosanctum Concillium, which set into motion a stripped down Roman Rite Liturgy, minus any real mention of Sacrifice , and since the Document called Sacrosanctum Concillium, ceded control of the Mass to the “Competent Territorial Authorities”(Code for The Various Bishops Conferences).
This Document, the Blueprint for the Current Mass, also called “The Ordinary Form Mass”, also called the “Mass of Paul VI”, which even Paul VI considered to be way less than Inspiring, the “Novus Ordo Missae” and, in snark form “The NO”, actually encouraged Experimentation “For The Needs of The People.” It was designed to make it easier for the Peoples of the World to understand just what was occurring.
I will say THIS:
From The Strange Rendition of The Confiteor, where Saints Names were left out, to the Possibly Deliberate Mistranslation of the Latin into English, plus the “Inculturation”, especially with supposedly Native Music, meaning the playing of Modernistic, Syrupy Dreck, which My Most Dear Friend calls “Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic”, much of American “Culture”(as in 3 Day Old Yogurt Left Out in The Sunshine), was exported in several Translations, making other people just as bored silly as Americans are. You wonder WHY a good number took side trips to The Antioch and Byzantine Rite Liturgies when the “Competent Territorial Authorities”(Competent is used VERY LOOSELY Here), decided to “Blackout” The Tried and True Tridentine Latin Mass of St John XXIII. It was as if The Bishops were acting like The NFL prior to 1973, when the NFL blacked out televising Home Games(Pete Cardinal Rozelle, Anyone).
When the Tridentine Latin Mass was offered, it was the Prayers At The Foot of The Altar which were offered, which began with the Sign of The Cross. Then the Priest offered a Prayer asking God for Forgiveness of his sins and of The Faithful. The Confiteor was prayed by the Priest, with responses by the Server and Congregation. The Congregation then prayed the Confiteor, with the Priest making the responses.
With the Novus Ordo Mass, a Watered Down Confiteor was offered with Saints Names left out, one mention of Mary Mother of God and Two Mentions of Brethren. But it is ONLY an Option. This Mass is one where Silence is not an Option.
Altars as Versus Populum Tables(Facing the People), and a Massive Change in the Offertory Prayer, from asking God for the Expiation of Sins to a Mere Passover Table Prayer, are among the troubling aspects. So is “Me Centred Liturgical Muzak”, most of which is syrupy dreck.
In regards to Inculturation, often other Native Customs are added. Some of them may be Pagan in Practice. It was St. Paul The Apostle who said that when one prays to the False gods, that one is only praying to Demons. One wonders that if this is the case, just how many Masses are even Illicit or Valid.
Now, I know why I head to the Tridentine Latin Mass or the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, in that It is To The Triune God, who shall worship. There is only one Sunday Version of The Novus Ordo Mass which I Highly recommend and that is at St. Agnes on East 43 Street in Midtown Manhattan, where there is Gregorian Chant and Prayers sung in Greek and Latin, as well as Plainchant in English.

Inculturation is just an excuse for a Celebration of SELF. Can You Create a Tree out of NOTHING?

Kyrie Elaison!



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