“Scandal? I’ll Show You Scandal.”

11 Aug

Back in the Late 19th Century, there was immigration from Ukraine and Slovakia, and these people brought their Catholic Faith with them. It was Byzantine Catholic, not Latin Rite Catholic. In the Not So Humble Opinion of Archbishop John Ireland, the Monsignor Archibald Bunker of his time, who  despite Papal Encyclicals of that Era, would not, along with his “Americanist” Bishop Colleagues, recognize the Fact that One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, has both an Eastern and Western Wing.
For their was an Assimilationist Mentality amongst the American Latin Rite Catholic Hierarchy, except in The Ecclesiastical Province of New York and Ecclesiastical Province of Boston, both where Bishops opposed this Philosophy and that these Ecclesiastical Provinces had Multiethnic Populations. Both had Bishops of Irish Descent, who wouldn’t go along with the rest of the Irish American Bishops in what turned out to be The Americanist Heresy.
But, the Byzantine Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church, in Full Communion with The Holy See, was targeted by the Ecclesiastical Version of Archie Bunker, Archbishop John Ireland, who was Irish Born and His Colleagues, James Cardinal Gibbons, Et Al.

These people were scandalized that Byzantine Rite Catholic Clergy were permitted to be married before Ordination, except for those in Monastic Life. For in the Latin Rite at that time, there were no married clergy.

In this case, it was as if the Latin Rite Catholic Church in the USA was led by an Irish or Irish Diaspora Clergy, looking to ingratiate themselves with Protestant America, as led by Archbishop John Ireland, who, like Archie Bunker, did not look kindly on ethnics. Neither did his Brother Americanist Bishop Colleagues.

It may have been the German Roman Catholic Archbishop of Milwaukee, WI, who “Blew the Proverbial Whistle” on John Ireland & Company. But, the Byzantine Ruthenians, who were the 1st Eastern Catholics to arrive on these shores, along with the Ukrainian Greek Catholics and others afterwards, due to the actions of Archbishop John Ireland, James Cardinal Gibbons and others outside of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of New York, Boston and Milwaukee.
For the part of Ireland, Gibbons, Et Al, the Rule was passed at the Holy See, that ONLY Celibates were permitted to serve in the Eastern Catholic Churches in the USA. It was renewable every 10 Years. To the Latin Rite Catholic Bishops, a Married Eastern Catholic Clergy is a “Scandal” to the Faithful.

In reality, the Latin Rite Catholic Bishops wanted to force Byzantine Rite Catholics into the Latin Rite Catholic Church, as part of assimilation into America and the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1963, a group of Latin Rite Catholic Bishops approached the Holy See to demand that the Eastern Catholic Churches be closed and that Eastern Catholics be assimilated into the Latin Rite Catholic Parishes in the USA. They were flat out turned down.

And THAT is a Blessing. I say this because, while I grew up Latin Rite Catholic, and witnessed the Liturgical Revolution, it is a Great Honour to worship The Triune Godhead in the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, where the Human Voice is the Only Musical Instrument, without the clanging of “Bad Tambourines From The 99 Cents Store.” It is here where Prayers and Responses are sung. It is a Catholic Divine Liturgy of Ancient Variety, and of Wonder & Awe.

Catholics of The Latin Rite, especially in the Era of The Mass of The Novus Ordo, it is time to experience the Eastern Catholic Churches, especially in the Byzantine Rite. Only then will you fully realise that the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is Truly Universal.

Deo Gratias!



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