The Feast of The Assumption(Latin Rite)

14 Aug

In Honour of Mary, Theotokos, which means Christ Bearer, there will be a Mass at 7PM, E D T, at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Memory of Monsignor Joseph A. Funaro.
This is the Vigil Mass for Feast of The Assumption , when The Mother of God The Son, was assumed, Body and Soul into Heaven.
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches offer this Feast on Thursday, August 28th, which according to the Julian Calendar, is August 15th.
No Doubt that there will be Glorious Marian Hymns both Tonight and Tomorrow, but, last year, as Monsignor Funaro lay In State, there was a “Hymn”, which George Weigal recommended that it be banned for 50 Years, called “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, a Hymn of Dubious Eucharistic Theology, as Lutherans, Methodists and Anglicans, whose Eucharistic Theology is different from Catholic Eucharistic Theology, sing this song, interrupted the Flow of The Mass on August 15th 8AM Mass.
My Most Dear Friend was Utterly Incensed at the playing of This Treacle.
Neither One of Us sang it. It is 1970s “Trite Tripe”, a phrase which may be soon uttered by CBC News The National’s Resident Curmudgeon, The Redoubtable Rex Murphy.
“O Sacrament Most Holy”, would be better sung at Holy Communion, as it speaks the Language of Catholic Eucharistic Theology, as well as being Beautiful.

Deo Gratias!



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