The Treacle Which Causes My Most Dear Friend’s Ire + Other Items

15 Aug

My Most Dear Friend is a Convert from Greek Orthodoxy. She seeks the Sense of Beauty in The Worship of The Lord at The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
As She learned from a few people that Sunday Mass Presence is Mandatory, I did advise her, in the form of an Informal Warning, that the Liturgical Music of Today, is NOT The Glorious, Majestic Music of Pre Vatican II Era.
Let me say that what became the “Standard”, came from the Modernist Arch Abbot of The Benedictine Monastery in a place, from whence a certain lighter than average beer was once made, Latrobe, PA.
That Arch Abbot later became the Archbishop of the Fictitious R C Archdiocese of Rembertland( With a Nod of Thanks to That Man in Black, Fr Joseph F Wilson), Weak in Doctrinal Practice, where High Altars are replaced with Pipe Organs. Since WHEN did Music become an Object of Worship?

For Three Hymns this morning at OLQM, they were Marian and Proper and Beautiful. But, come Holy Communion, like near the end of it comes “The Coupe De Gracie”, a phrase spoken by a Member of a Knights of Columbus Council in East Glendale, Queens.
In this case, this Liturgical “Treacle”, which means Syrupy Dreck, spoiled the Marian Theme of The Mass.
If you guessed that it was “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, you get a Cookie.
Strange how Modern Mass Music can ruin a Masterpiece, but then most of the modern Mass Muzak is void of Catholic Eucharistic Theology, is Heretical, or is just Syrupy Dreck.

Since WHEN does The Blessed Virgin Mary Theotokos suddenly not Rank with Jesus who she bore? Then again, it must be Summer in The Time After Pentecost in the Latin Rite, when you will have Musical Filler Played, such as “Come & Take a Drink”(I am waiting for “Come Have a Couple of Beers On Us” to be sung at Mass[Yeah, Right]) at Holy Communion Time.

That was NOT The End of My Most Dear Friend’s Resounding Ire, for such other Topics as Bishops, especially in Texas, receiving Federal Money from the Worst Pro Abortion President of The United States of America ever to occupy the White House, to push the Amnesty Illegal Immigration Agenda. We both agreed that these Bishops are no more than Politicians who have abandoned their Roles of Shepherds. “On Eagles Wings” is “Ghastly”, a description given by The Redoubtable Fr Joseph F Wilson, a description of which She and I, heartily concur(Though a Great Tune for writing Song Parodies about). Then there are Masses of The Ordinary Form, where the Attempts at Artistry are Woeful, especially the “Latin English Half & Half Mix”, which is Confusing to Parishioners. Please, Mass is NOT Entertainment.
To Which I said to My Most Dear Friend, it is no wonder as to WHY I choose to worship God at either the Tridentine Latin Mass of St. John XXIII or the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. I can’t take all this Novelty.
She said & I agreed to meet up after Mass on Monday Morning.

Kyrie Elaison


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