The Church of Nice, Robin Williams and My Most Dear Friend

18 Aug

My Most Dear Friend was at Mass at the Saturday Vigil, where as she put it, the Music was totally awful.
She had to listen to a Homily regarding Robin Williams and Depression. It nauseated her to no end. Apparently, she is getting crumbs instead of Doctrine. No Wonder she bought a St. Joseph Sunday Missal and downloaded both Gregorian Chant and the Tridentine Latin Mass-Homilies like that one, are why People who are Catholic, seek more traditional means in The Church.
But, she did receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity Of Jesus Christ at Holy Communion.
She also befriended a Man with Cerebral Palsy. He also said that the Music was awful.
I remember in June, 2013, when she asked me about the Sunday Obligation, which I informed her, Canonically of that obligation and politely warned her about the Music.
Pretty Soon I received videos of The Very Music which she despises, because None of the Tunes are Sacred. I am not a Fan of any of The Modern Music at Mass. Now I know WHY my Sundays or Saturday Night Vigils are with the Ukrainian Greek Catholics or the Tridentine Latin Mass. I avoid listening to “The Music One Throws Up To.” I do NOT want “Gagorian Chant.” I want to sing Gregorian or Byzantine Chant.
The Church of Nice has No Substance and does not Sustain Faith.

Kyrie Elaison!



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