“Ecumenism & Exorcism In Buenas Aires?”

22 Aug

A Lutheran Pastor? What?
As I read Catholic Family News, it was discovered that Whenever The Vatican turned down the Investigation into a Case Where Exorcism may be needed, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Argentina, would send the Person who The Vatican turned down, to the Local Lutheran Pastor, to perform the Exorcism. It should be noted that Cardinal Bergoglio is an Arch Ecumenist.
But the major problems here are Disobedience of Catholic Church Authority, in Okaying an Exorcism via Dissident Christian Community and the Fact that The Lutherans do not believe in a Sacrificial Priesthood.
Please Note, that in reading The Remnant Newspaper, The Vatican will be honoring Martin Luther later this year. It makes me wonder when they will celebrate the Founders of Freemasonry? Would this surprise me?

“For Our Holy and Ecumenical Pontiff, Francis The Pope of Rome, For Our Major Archbishop, Sviatoslav, For Our Metropolitan Stephen, For Our God Loving Bishop, Paul, For The Clergy, Religious and all orthodox Christians, Let Us Pray To The Lord”:
“Lord Have Mercy.”



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