There Is Shortwave Radio But The Web Is Better

26 Aug

I remember the Static of Shortwave Radio, as I remember when I owned a Grundig Radio, with AM, FM, Shortwave and Longwave.
It depended but there was Static.

I even recall receiving Cuba on Shortwave. Radio Moscow was there, even the Montreal Expos Radio Outlet called CFCX 6.0005 Mhz, hence MLB on Shortwave Radio.

I recall the American Forced Radio and Television Service on Shortwave Radio. The Voice of America was there. Radio Canada International which is part of CBC, used to come in loud and clear. The BBC was heard on Shortwave. Why, Vatican Radio could be heard.

But, now via the internet, Ireland can be heard with the above. If you’re anywhere in the world, WNYC Radio can be heard via web.

No Static, clearly one can listen to a favorite Radio Station, via Computers and Smartphone.  And instead of lugging around a Radio, one can carry around “The World” in a pocket.

I thought that You might like that.

M, Eh!


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