On Those Modernized Catholics Who Imposed Post Vatican II Music

27 Aug

Yes, I am speaking of “The Cabal of The Five”, in a Parish in Queens, where a Classicist Music Director, who for his efforts helped “The Faithful of Young Age” to sing to The Lord in Prayer, who subdued the Music Director of Incredible Talent, through Calumny, via the “Weapon of The Whisper”, for the Interest of “The Young”.
One of The Cabal so stated that the people should be satisfied with the Post Vatican II “Music”(To use that word sarcastically). Gee, but “The Cabal of The Five” must love Singing of THEMSELVES, as the Object of Worship and Adulation. When “The Cabal of The Five” say that it is for “The Children” who concern them, “The Cabal of The Five” ARE “The Children”, who NEVER GREW UP.

Kyrie Elaison!



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