Theories On Pope Francis I’s Hostility Toward Those Who Want The TLM

30 Aug

In the theory or theories of The Current Pope’s Hostility Towards Traditional Minded Catholics who prefer the Tridentine Latin Mass, I do offer my observations on the subject. Please Note that these are my observations and theories.

My 1st Observation concerns Jotge Mario Bergoglio’s Youth, when he was Altar Server at a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish in Buenos Aires, Capital City of Argentina. There was a Sizeable Ukrainian Diaspora in Argentina. When The Ukrainian Greek Catholics came to Argentina, they were deprived of their Priests on the orders of The Roman Catholic Primate of Argentina, who wanted these Ukrainian Catholics to assimilate into the Roman Rite Church.
Apparently, in the case of The Roman Rite Primate, with the title of Cardinal, perhaps operating according to the Americanist Heresy of Certain Irish Born or Irish Diaspora US Bishops, of which Archbishop John Ireland and James Cardinal Gibbons certainly come to mind, this is probably When the Young Jorge Mario Bergoglio may have developed a certain animus toward the Latin Rite, as if it was “A 40 Stone(800 Pound) Gorilla”, who believes herself to be under attack, accusing any other Rite of The Church of being “Less than Catholic”, despite the Union of Brest-Livotsk in 1596, bringing Ukrainian Orthodox Christians back into Full Communion with The Holy See, with their Customs and Practices.
It is true that, often, the Latin Rite Bishops had trouble recognizing Eastern Catholic Churches, particularly from the Byzantine Rite. Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches, while united to the Holy See, recognizing the Pope as Vicar of Christ in this World, did struggle a lot with the Much Larger Latin or Roman Rite.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was in a Jesuit Seminary in the 1960s, when the Jesuits were becoming “A Fifth Column”, instead of The Defenders of Catholic Doctrine. By the time of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s Ordination to the Priesthood as a Jesuit, the Tridentine Form of The Mass, vernacularized, moved over to the Novus Ordo Missae. He has never offered the Tridentine Latin Mass. But, he gained faculties to offer the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, due to his orientation towards the Byzantine Rite. One could today, say that he is the 1st Ukrainian Pope, despite his Northern Italian Bloodlines.

He is an Ecumenical Vatican II Catholic Primate. What more can I say!

Thus the theories put forth are from my observations.

Kyrie Elaison!



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