Last Evening’s “Triple Play” In MLB

6 Sep

I root for The Boston Red Sox. They were at Fenway Park this past evening, and defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 9-8 in 10 Innings.
I also have an Alternate Team called The NY Mets. They were on the Road at The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, OH. The Mets smacked 5 Homers, something they cannot seem to do at Citi Field in Corona, Queens. Great American Ballpark is a Hitters Dream, while Citi Field looks like Ebbets Field in Brooklyn on the Exterior, and has all the Wideness of The Polo Grounds of Upper Manhattan inside.
The NY Mets smashed the Cincinnati Reds, who celebrated Irish Night, 14-5.

James Shields, now pitching for the Kansas City Royals, has finally proved to me that he doesn’t need Tropicana Field in Tampa, FL, to be effective.
For you see, Shields pitched a 1-0 Shutout of The Ageing and Sputtering NY Yankees at Yankee Stadium III, during the Farewell Tour of 40 Year Old Derek Sanderson Jeter. You see, Yankee Stadium III is like the Heyday of Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium, where balls fly out of the Park. But, the Yankees are getting Old, with Jeter being the Last Player from the 1996 World Champs and one of the Three Remainders of the 2009 World Champs, which include one Alex Roidriguez, who returns next year at Age 40(Biological, not Emotional).
As You can tell, I utterly despise the NY Yankees, a Team which gave us “A-Roid.” His other nickname, simply is “A-H-le”, and in Snark Laced “Tribute”, “Slappy Mc Blue Lips.”
To Paraphrase one John Sterling on WFAN:
“Thaaaaaaaaaah Yankees SUCK!”


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